1-19-2018 Antique Auction 1:00 PM

Auction: Friday, January 19th, 2018 at 1:00 PM
Preview: Thursday January 18th, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM, 9:00 AM Day of Sale


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Fine art:

pencil signed Roger Epply 400/500 The Second Tee at Finwick; 1960s reproduction map of John Smiths map of Virginia; Gibson girl print of man and woman playing chest; OOC portrait of young couple signed MJ Anderson; 18th century scene print from Provincial grouping; Scottish portrait prints; OOC plantation scene with man on horseback; OOC still life fiddle signed Hollandsworth; OOB portrait of young boy signed Neese; pastel portrait of Little Lord Fontleroy signed Katherine White; OOC dog with lamp signed Jane Swain Leonard; OOC still life study of flower arrangement; Chinese painting on silk young woman; Chinese embroidery; Spanish Steps polymer; portrait of Dutch Beauty signed Daniel D.; pastel Persian scene; pencil drawing German landscape 1950; pencil signed etching lighthouse; Eduardo Guzman San Fran. scene; watercolor and pencil drawing; pencil signed litho titled The Light by Helen Linbury; OOC European harbor signed Parker; pair of antique chinese paintings on silk; 19th century OOC landscape; watercolor American home M. Fickett; OOC landscape signed Warren; selection of Chinese embroidered panels; OOC autumn landscape; pencil signed lithograph black Americana scene by Maurice Cook; mid century woodblock pencil signed; pair of Chinese embroidered painted silk scrolls; pencil signed Radford high school by Ann Sayers; watercolor Nancy Oldham Mebane NC; hand color etching Zebra from natural history 1874; folk art portrait of girl on cardboard; hand colored etching portrait of young girl signed proof of progress 1915; pencil signed etching Nude infant signed Mikio; (3) 19th Century botanical prints;


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Fine Jewelry Catalog Session:

  • Lot 1. 14K Gold Diamond Sapphire Bracelet; 7.25 inches length; 10.5 grams;
  • Lot 2. 10K Gold Rope Necklace; 20 inches length; 11.4 grams;
  • Lot 3. 14K Gold Mesh Bracelet; 7 inches length; 3 grams;
  • Lot 4. 18K Gold Necklace and Amethyst Pendant; 17.5 inches length; total weight with pendant 7 grams;
  • Lot 5. 10K Gold Synthetic Sapphire Ring; size 7; synthetic blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds; weight 4.8 grams;
  • Lot 6. 14K Gold Amethyst Ring; size 7; 2.7 grams;
  • Lot 7. 10K Diamond and Synthetic Emerald; size 6.75; 3.3 grams;
  • Lot 8. 14K Gold Pearl Earrings; matching pair; weight 3 grams;
  • Lot 9. 14K Gold Pearl Tie Tack; weight without back 1.4 grams;
  • Lot 10.14K Gold Box Chain and Dolphin Pedant; 18 inches length; with 14K gold dolphin pendant;
  • Lot 11.14K Gold Diamond Cluster Ring; size 5.5; 3.2 grams;
  • Lot 12.14K Gold Peridot Style Stick Pin and 10K Gold Stick Pin; total weight 2.8 grams;
  • Lot 13.14K Gold Ring with Coral Flower; size 7; 3.3 grams;
  • Lot 14.(2) 10K Gold Diamond Service Pins; weight without back 2.7 grams
  • Lot 15.14K Gold Pearl Cluster Earrings; matching pair;
  • Lot 16.14K Gold Abacus Cuff Links; total weight 2.7 grams;
  • Lot 17.14K Gold Necklace; 17 inches length; 6.8 grams;
  • Lot 18.14K Gold CZ Ring; size 7; 3.6 grams;
  • Lot 19.14K Gold Necklace and Grandma Pin Pendant; 17.75 inches length; 5.1 grams;
  • Lot 20.Victorian Gold Diamond Earrings; weight 2.3 grams;
  • Lot 21. Sterling Silver Necklace Lot; (3) necklaces; various designs and lengths; total weight 47 grams;
  • Lot 22. Sterling Silver Ring Lot; (28) sterling rings; various sizes and designs; total weight 120 grams;
  • Lot 23. Sterling Silver Earring Lot; (16) pairs of earrings; various sizes and designs; total weight 82 grams;
  • Lot 24. Sterling Silver Jewelry Lot; (33) pieces; to include: necklaces, earrings, pins, pendants, and other; total weight 108 grams;
  • Lot 25.14K Gold Dangle Earrings; matching pair; 1.2 grams
  • Lot 26. Sterling Silver Choker Necklace; marked Mexico 925; 58 grams
  • Lot 27. Sterling Silver Pendant & Broach Lot; pendant in shape of grape cluster; pin in shape of flower and leaf; total weight 50 grams
  • Lot 28.Sterling Silver Airplane Earrings & Broach; (3) pcs matching set; marked Mexico 925; total weight 28 grams
  • Lot 29. Whiting & Davis Floral Bracelet; has floral design throughout; marked Whiting & Davis
  • Lot 30. Wrist Watch Lot; (7) pcs to include: Xavier, Geneva, Lord Elgin, Bulova, Rolex and other; please inspect this lot;
  • Lot 31.Wrist Watch Lot; (7) pcs to include: Timex Expedition, Elgin, (2) Seiko, Evans, Casio, Coca Cola; please inspect this lot;
  • Lot 32. Sterling Silver Earrings & Bracelet; matching pair of earrings; hoop design opal bracelet; 27 grams
  • Lot 33. Wrist Watch Lot; (11) pcs to include: Timex, Seiko, Pulsar, Waltham, Gruen, Bulova, and others; please inspect this lot;
  • Lot 34. Wrist Watch Lot; (13) pcs to include: Gruen, Waltham, Timex, Hamilton, Pulsar, Caravelle, Benrus, and others; please inspect this lot;
  • Lot 35. Wrist Watch Lot; (8) pcs to include: Seikos, various designs; please inspect this lot;
  • Lot 36. Wrist Watch Lot; (16) pcs to include: Disney, Timex, Delma, Fossil, Elgin, Tag, and others; please inspect this lot;
  • Lot 37.Pocket Watch Lot; (6) pcs to include: Lucerne, Sheraton, (2) Elgin, Kronoiron, Waltham; please inspect this lot;
  • Lot 38. Costume Jewelry Lot; to include; earrings, Christmas pins, Asian, necklaces, broaches; please inspect this lot;
  • Lot 39. Costume Jewelry Lot; to include: beaded pearl necklaces; please inspect this lot;
  • Lot 40. Costume Jewelry Lot; to include: broaches, pins, cuff bracelets, Coca-Cola pocket knife, necklaces; please inspect this lot;
  • Lot 41. Sterling Silver Lot; (4) pcs to include; donkey toothpick holder, matchbox holder, napkin ring, picture frame;
  • Lot 42. Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Tray; Francis 1 pattern; 43 grams
  • Lot 43. Sterling Silver Corn Cob Holders; (8) pcs set; displayed in original box; marked sterling; 94 grams;
  • Lot 44. 10K Gold Mens Diamond Ring; size 11.75; weight 6.8 grams;
  • Lot 45. 10K Gold Roman Soldier Ring; size 8.5; weight 6.5 grams;
  • Lot 46. 14K Gold Wittnauer Lady’s Wrist Watch; please inspect this lot;
  • Lot 47. 14K Gold Benrus Lady’s Wrist Watch; please inspect this lot;

North Carolina Pottery Collection:

Sid Luck one handle jug; CB Craven one handle jug; Ken Poole decorated vase; Sid Luck one handle redware jug; EJ King birdhouse; ML Owens small turquoise one handle jug; small GT Cole vase; modern slip decorated Terrell Maker milk pitcher; miniature Seagrove face jug; multiple Quim pottery birdhouses; multiple Jugtown miniature vases; Jugtown salt glaze one handle miniature jug; selection of Seagrove pottery mugs; (2) pairs of multi color N. Owens oil and vinegar cruets; Hickory Hill pitcher, tea pot, and mugs; Browns Pottery candlestick; Neil Cole candlestick; Browns Pottery juicer; Owens pottery decorated tall mug; (2) N. Owens ruffled edge bowls;


pair of 3 x 5 ft. Chinese wool hand tuffed; 2 ft. 6 in round machine made wool; 1 x 2 ft. Chinese Wool hand tuffed; 2 x 3 ft. Karastan Serap New Zealand wool; 1 ft. 3 in x 2 ft. Karastan Serap New Zealand wool; 1 ft. 6 x 2 ft. India Mir handmade wool; 1 ft. 6 in. x 2 ft. India Mir handmade wool; 1 ft. 6 in. x 2 ft. Bidjar handmade wool; 6 x 9 ft. Chinese tuffed wool;

Farm Bell:

No. 4 The Bell Co. Hillsboro Ohio 16.5 inches with yoke; 14 in. height illegible with yoke; Hardy and Newsome LaGrange NC 14.75 inches height without yoke;


Large Selection of Civil War, WWII, General History, & many others to include: History of The Spanish American War, printed in 1898; The Story of The Philippines, copyright 1898; My Experiences in The World War 1, By: General Pershing, Vol. 1 & 2, printed in 1931; The First Battle, By: William J. Bryant; The Gulag Archipelago, (3) 1st editions volumes; W.S.C. A Cartoon Biography, By: Nicolson; The Real Way, By: Richard Nixon, copyright 1980 1st edition; They Call Me Sparky, autographed by Sparky Anderson; The Golden Orange, By: Wambaugh, printed in 1990, 1st edition; Box Set of Pax Britannica By: James Morris; The Trial of The Germans, By: Eugend Davidson, 1966 1st edition; Dieppe The Shame and The Glory, 1962 1st edition; Born to Fight, By: Jordan, the Life of Admiral Halsey; Civil War: over 100 books, to include: Witness To Gettysburg; Braxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat, 2 Volumes; Lee & His Generals; Papers of McClellan; Favor the Bold Custer; Jubal; Shiloh Little Big Horn; Forrest; Lincolns Men; A.P. Hill; Bemberton; Inside War; The Confederate Reader; Many books relating to The Battle of Gettysburg; Fitzhegh Lee; Stonewall Jackson; Johnny Reb; Army of The Potomac; Many books about Jefferson Davis; Jeb Stewart; Generals in Blue; Many book about General Sherman & his March to The Sea; Why The South Lost The Civil War; Shrouds of Glory; many books about Robert E. Lee and U.S. Grant; many books on Abraham Lincoln; and others, many tray lot in this category; WWII Japan: Death of A Navy; Japans War; Thunder Gods; Requiem For Battleship Yamato; And I Was There; Target Tokyo; Solders of The Sun; War Without Mercy; Some Survived; A Glorious Way To Die; A Dawn we Slept; Blankets of Fire; The Road to Pearl Harbor 1941; The Invasion of Japan; We Shall Return!, General McArthur’s; The Glory of The Solomon’s; and other Japanese WWII related books; German: Over 100 German related books: The Face of The Third Reich; A Time For Trumpets; Hitler’s Private Library; Nazi War Machine; War on The Eastern Front; Das Reich; Hitler’s Mistakes; Blitzkreig; Krueger’s Men; Hitler’s Command; History of The Gestapo; Reinhard Heydrich, and other books about the same; Hitler’s Empire; and many many many other books related to Hitler; Justice at Nuremberg; Frontsoloaten; WWII Through German Eyes; U-Boat War; Panzer Battles; Luftwaffe, and other books on the same subjects; Stuka Pilot; Hitler Victorious; Berlin at War; Resisting Hitler; Speer; Why The Germans Lose at War; Infantry Aces of The Reich; The Battle of The Ruhr Pocket; Knights of The Iron Cross; What If; Battles Lost and Won; Nazi Germany and The Jews; Rising 44; The Memoirs of Field-Marshal; Guderian Creator of The Blitzkrieg; Operation Citadel; The Leibstandarte I, Panzer; The Nightmare Years; Life and Death in The Third Reich; Bounce The Rhine; A Bloody War; Kursk The German View; My Father’s Country; and many others; Other Historical Related: (31) Vol. Of The Quarterly Journal of Military History; (20)+ Vol. Time-Life Library of Art; many books covering other Military Histories and World Histories; Other WWII Related Books: books on General Patton, Russian Imperial Navy; Ridgeway; The Day of Battle; Bitter Victory; many books covering The Soviet Union WWII; The Story of The WWII; London at War; Patton’s Third Army; The Halder War Diary; Company Commander; The Path to Victory; Various books about Mussolini; A Dawn Like Thunder; Five Days that Shocked The World; The Road to Stalingrad; Over 20 tray lots of modern novels, biography’s and others, (21 volumes) Landmark Series; (5 volumes) WWI by Simons; (7) English Monarchs; (2) Memories De Marbot 1892; Lives of Indian Officers by Kaye printed 1869 London; Lives of Indian Officers by Kay different cover; The Bengal Mutiny by Dangerfield printed NY 1933; …. Watch for updates…

Coin and Currency:

INB slabbed 1999D quarter NJ; INB slabbed 2003D MO quarter; 1962 seated Liberty quarter; 1900 Barber quarter; 1946 Booker T. Washington commemorative half dollar; 1925 peace dollar; 1900D Morgan dollar; 1827 bust dime; 1842 seated liberty dime small date; 1899 barber dime; 1857; seated liberty half dime; 1874 3 cent nickel; 1868 two cent; 1913S Lincoln penny; 1862 Indian cent; 1857 flying eagle penny; 1818 coronate large cent; 1918 buffalo nickel; 1919 buffalo nickel; 1927S buffalo nickel; 1988D mint set; 1982 pennies; first man on the moon 5 dollar commemorative coin; British Virgin Islands first day cover with coin; 1953A two dollar bill red seal; 1957 one dollar silver certificate; 16 buffalo nickels; (2) copper American .999 coins; 1944S penny; 1971D penny; 1971S penny; 1969S penny; 1965 penny; 1961D penny

Lady’s Fashion:

Oscar Delarente size 8 wool coat; Jofeld wool coat; rabbit fur coat; Kreigsman mink coat; Kreigsman fur/wool coat; George David Fashions wool coat size 6; gallery rain coat size 4; short wool shell jacket; mink wrap; On Your Feet cowboy style leather boots size 7.5; Italian leather knee high boots; office girl leather shoes size 37; 9 West leather knee high boots size 7.5; French Sole slippers size 40; Pendleton skirt; Just Fab platform shoes; Andre high heels size 38; selection of clutches; misc. silk tops; misc. Midi skirts; Simone Hooper Zara Dorothy Bis and other skirts; Lyle and Scott sweater; men’s army jacket; vintage tuxedo jackets; Italian Benneton skirt; Bowen and Wright; misc. slips and undergarments; Hugo Piscati pants; Mossant French; Seize Our Vingte shirts and pants; Ralph Lauren top; cocktail dress;

General Antiques:

collection of mid century modern ashtrays; (2) concrete gnomes; collection of mid century modern lamps; Melville Chevrolet key holder; lighter compliments of Mebane Shubbery; Bali Hai shelter island ashtray; Harolds club ashtray; Auto Spring and Baring Co. ashtray; CNC tool loop; Barker Air and Hydraulics tape measurer; Graham Savings and Loan tape measures; North American Van Lines folding ruler; advertising screw drivers; McCoy Have a Happy Day cookie jar; selection of pocket knives to include: French Opinel folding knife, Hamlet Used Car Part, Gentlemen’s pocket knife, Sherade three blade, (2) Puma lock back; Nostalgia GS600 nostalgic style record CD tape am/fm radio; pair of audio research speakers; 1950s GE radio; flat screen Model LN268450C approx. 25 inches; HP photo smart printer/scanner; miniature famous firearms toy set; battery operated six shooter sheriff; battery operated police man; battery operated burger chef; Richard Petty car set; tray of 1980s baseball cards; Disney novelty am/fm radio; 1944 pin up calendar Taking a Lacing; 1945 pin up double exposure; framed collection of (12) miniature 1949 monthly pin up calendars; collection of stamps to include: first day covers, binders filled with stamps, stamped envelopes, and other; misc. collection of pocket watches, watch parts and other; Reed and Barton 76 pc. flatware set; golf club set with Brother irons, Viper golf bag, titan wood, and other;

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