10-18-2019 Antique Auction 1:00 PM

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Auction: Friday, October 18th, 2019 at 1:00 PM
Preview: Thursday, October 17th, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM, 9:00 AM Day of Sale


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Fine Art:

Print McPherson Grey squirrels, Richard Bishop calendar Tri-State 1947, still in rolls, Quail Unlimited prints to include: Guard duty, Bobwhite pair, Sundown Covey, Steady, A Close Call, Bob Whites and Prickly Pear, Looking for the right one, 1945 Mutual Benefit calendar, Pencil signed portraits by Ted Brantley to include: Boys portrait and girls portrait, Framed print woman in shawl, Framed rabbit art, OOB Dining room scene signed Molnar, OOC Fall scene by Kern, OOC Flowers, OOC Village house in field scene, Framed prints, Framed butterfly shadowbox collection, Robert Christy bird dogs, Walsh framed print The Last Change In “a horse drawn carriage,” (5) framed prints of equestrians, J. Gould Framed bird scene, J. Gould framed shorebird scene ,(2) prints by Thompson showing forest/lake scenes and much more, Oil on Canvas portrait of man in military dress, fox hunting scene, OOC Sheep, Pencil signed Reflection 14/50 signed by artist Henri Plisson, Oval framed photograph of child, framed photograph of a trip to Mt. Vernon, early framed photographs of women, framed landscapes scenes, Military Discharge from 1860’s, Framed print of the high bridge at portage B&R railroad, 1979 a Guy Coheleach early warning foxes and skunk, 1985 Quail unlimited, prints of ducks, print of owl, Print of flying geese, pencil signed Davidson College Scene, Print of lighthouse, Guy Coheleach Canadian Geese, Southern Wildlife Exposition picture, Pencil signed Holly field quails, Robert Christy birddogs “A Point well taken”, taped on box is button stating “Sponsor Quail Unlimited”,

Fine Dinnerware, China & Crystal:

(74) pieces Minton Ancestral pattern to include: Dinner plates, salad plates, B&B plates, soup bowls, cream soup, and saucer sets, cup and saucer sets, (24) pieces Flow blue to include: Tureen, soup bowls, cream and sugar, platter, demitasse cups and saucers and various floral patterns, (16) pieces International Bob Timberlake River wood pattern to include: Dinner plates, Platter, bowls, and cups, (35) pieces Steubenville Adam antique pattern to include: Dinner plates, Salad plates, Soup bowls, cereal bowls, cup and saucer sets, serving bowls,(16) pieces Spode Floral and fruit pattern, Dinner plates, and cups, (62) pieces Royal Doulton Burgundy pattern to include: dinner plates, salad plates, B&B plates, cup and saucer sets, platter, (44) pieces Wedgwood Star Dust pattern to include: dinner plates, salad plates, B&B plates, cup and saucer sets, (61) pieces Royal Doulton Chatsworth to include: Dinner plates, salad plates, B&B plates, cup and saucer sets, cream and sugar, platter, bowls, (43) pieces Independence Ironstone 1776 White to include: Dinner plates, bread and butter plates, cup and saucer sets, covered vegetable, bowls, butter dish, candlesticks, (11) pieces J&G Meakin Sterling white to include: gravy boat, cup and saucer sets, (36) pieces English W& Sons floral decorations to include: Cup and saucer sets, desert plates, salad plates, and bowl, (6) German Floral pattern mugs, Hand painted chocolate pot, Pink luster tea pot, (2) Antique English brown transferware sugar bowls, (11) Frankoma Green dinner plates, pair British Heritage Collection bisque pitchers, (12) pieces English flow blue including: platters, covered vegetable, dinner plates, (18) pieces woodsware woods and sons Patricia blue and white pattern to include: dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, platters, covered vegetable, Early English T&R Boote La Hore platter, (19) pieces English flow blue Argyle to include: plates, cup and saucer sets and pitcher, (10) English Royal Cauldon floral pattern to include: Dinner plates, (2) Arrow China game birds, (1) Wedgwood Dog handle hunt scene pitcher, (11) pieces Vietri to include: bowls and Kleenex holder, Zwiebelmuster blue onion platter, Jane Hallieford Virginia corgi running through glass platter, Several pieces English transferware in pink, green, and blue, (36) pieces Grape pattern glassware to include: Champagnes, goblets, tumblers, (8) pieces Heisey Colony pattern to include: champagnes, (24) pieces Kosa Boda to include: goblets, Champagnes and salts, other crystal to include: Elegant, & Etched Fine crystal, (3) piece Wedgwood tea set, (12) Pikard by Lynd Ward, Pair of Crystal candlesticks, Wedgwood crystal, to include: salts, bowls and other.., (14) pieces Heisey Colony to include: goblets and Champagnes,


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Toy Train Collection:

Vintage Toys and Dolls:

Buddy L Farms pull toy (horse pulling wagon), Tonka Cement Mixer, Buddy L Merry Go Round Truck, Strutco Truck/Log Hauler, Reat Flying boat with box friction toy, 1953 Corvette Model in box un built, 1971 Chevy camero by Jada, Tin litho windup tractor by Marx, Made in Japan Jolly Jalopies, Tootsie Toy fire truck, Matchbox Vehicles, Tomica RV, Midge toy car, Chicago Toy vehicle, Marx Jeep, Tootsie Toy Race car, Ford Zephyr, Matchbox Shovel, Lesney Vehicle, Hovering Ham Tipper, Matchbox dump truck, Matchbox Refuse truck, Hot wheels station wagon, Princess Puppet Doll, Early blonde teddy bear wearing dress, Stuffed Kangaroo with Joey, Misc. Dolls of the world, Japanese doll in box with interchangeable head dresses, Jamaican Dolls, PPS Key wound tin litho clown, canto wind up butterfly, TM tin litho locomotive and passenger car, Betsy Bug tin litho windup, Fishing boy tin litho windup with box, Key wind bear, Adjustable roller skates, metal wheels, Monopoly board game, Clue, Bingo, Chinese Checkers, Miniature Castle with wooden toy soldiers and wooden accessories, doll house furniture to include: dining room, cradles, bedrooms, vanity, piano, dinning room tables and chairs, and other…, Miniature Ceramic dolls and kewpie dolls, Toy guns, Lead Soldiers to include: Tin litho armored vehicle, Man oil soldier pulling artillery piece with rocket, on crutches, Firing Machine gun, Gas mask with gun, Arm in sling, Cask mask throwing Grenade, Marching with rifle with binoculars, Firing artillery piece, Gasoline container, Man oil No. 51 Firing weapon prone position, multiple barrel artillery pieces, Over (25) soldiers, (1) in white uniform, Middle eastern stylized Man and woman on mahogany platform, Watch For Updates…

Early American Wood Working Tools:

Early scribes, molding plane no makers mark, Molding plane no makers mark, Molding plane stamped Maddox & G. Beaumont, molding plane marked Griffiths Norwich No. 8, Molding Plane titled Varley Boatwright, Molding plane marked A. Wheaton, Molding plane marked G. Beaumont Wheeler, (2) Unmarked Molding planes, Molding plane AE fisher, Molding plane marked G. Beaumont, Molding plane Hobson? 7/8ths, No. 16 Molding plane, Fisher No. 16, Ohio Tool molding plane, molding plane hames manufacturing co. Mass. 6/8ths, A Howland & Co. New York, Griffiths Norwich England No. 1 molding plane, Molding plane marked G Dairy, Hopkinson marked 1/8th, Griffiths No. 2, Griffins No. 4, Griffins No. 8, Molding plane marked “Made for Wordingson”?, Union factory H. Chapin No. 149, Molding planes to include: Molding Plane Infield Co. No. 546, metal hand planes, No. 192 Stanley, No. 181 Stanley, Sandusky ohio Molding plane, Ohio tool co. 3 quarter inch, Sandusky Co. marked Special, Ohio Tool Co. 1/2 , JB rail co. Detroit No. 51 Sandusky Co, Made in Auburn NY 3 quarter inch, Molding plane Wooden Mallet, scribe, Watch For Updates…

Clock Collection:

Vintage Vinyl, Electronics and Related:

LP Albums to include: Nice selection of good condition Rock and Roll, Country, and Some Jazz, Artist names to include: The Carpenters, Kris Kristofferson, Multiple Harry Chapin’s, Fifth Dimension, Don Mclean, Glenn Yarbrough, The Four Seasons, Jonah Jones, Earl Grant, Bob James, Billy Holiday box set, Richie Havens, Ella & Louis, Aretha Franklin, Traditional Black Music of North Carolina, Conceived by the NC Museum of History, New Port Jazz, Elton John, Billy Idol, Steppenwolf, Doobie brothers, The Mama’s and The Papas, CCR, Cher, Flatt & Scruggs, Don Williams, Charlie Rich, John Denver, Madonna First LP, Alabama, The Doors, Mountain, Queen, Duran Duran, The Brothers Johnson, Jim Croce, Eric Clapton, and other albums to be sold in tray lots, Small selection of 45 RPMS in tray lot to include: 45RPM Square dance record collection to include: black mountain, Grenn, Talk, Windsor, Lightning, Blue star, Sets in order, and other.., 1960 Stylized Record holder, On Colonial label- “What it Was, was Football” by Andy Griffin, 78 RPMS; to include: 78RPM Square dance records on the Balance label, Longhorn, and other.., Corn Liquor Still in Georgia, Grandpa Jones and his grandchildren, Beer Drink and Blues Mississippi Slim, Bull Moose Jackson, Little Richard, Ella Mae Morse, Picture Sleeve original Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer by Gene Autry, Electronics to include: Crosley Modern turn table in wood cabinet working, Encore turn table CD player and radio working and cassette, Pro Audio to include: Ross 8X2 Mixing console, Radio Shack SSM1000 Mixer, Galaxy Audio hot spot PA3, American Vocal Model AV2400 power Amplifier, Pair of Technics Speakers model SV2765, Fisher System components, Radio Shack turn table, other misc. turn tables and cassette decks, Road Master car speaker system in box, other misc. electronic items to include: VHS players and DVD Players, Radio: 1950’s Guild The Country Belle AM Radio (looks like crank telephone), and other… Bogen 4 speed turn table amplifier in case has blue label Jensen speaker, Fender practice Amplifier, Teac Model A2300S reel to reel, Watch for updates…


Ricemore Ladies Cloth coat with Mink collar, Woman’s (3) piece outfit, Womans winter (2) piece outfit, Blouse and Sweater Ship in shore, Pink vest, Floral vest over pink dress, wool skirt, Wool lined womens coat, and other…, Watch For Updates…

Country Store and Advertising:

Gas or oil Dispensing cans, Pratts container, Dr. Cauldwells Laxative in box, Prince Albert pocket tins, Dobbs Miniature hat box, Mule Kick Waste pipe cleaner tin with contents, Churchman English Cigarette tin, Surbrug’s golden scepter tin, Garcia Grande Cigar tin, Whitman’s buttercups container, Lane Limited Tobacco tin, Winston Salem Dairy one pint container, Superior Dairy Hagerstown MD. Safe milk for baby’s one pint container, Sunset farm milk bottle caps, Horsehead shaped bottle opener from Scott products, Cotton combs or brushes, American family spring scales, B Smoker, Eagle oil dispenser, Southern coal and Ice Company pick, Winston lighters, Camel Lighters, Salem lighters, Camel flat pack fifty, Cavalier Ash tray, Tobacco leaf cutters, Red Cross pharmacy knife, Glens and banner warehouse mechanical pencil, Tender box cigar trimmer, Egyptian Revival style lid for humidor, Various tobacco pamphlets, Tobacco humidor with pipes, Pipes to include: Dr. Grabow Discount, Clay pipes, Long-champ France, French pipe, Peretti Briar, Trapwell, Other Dr. Grabows’s, EA Cary Type box, Epsom Salt container, Boraxo container, Burnham’s Candy container, Oil containers, Carters Ink eradicator, Yardleys Talc, Coca Cola ruler, Dutch boy paints tin, Singer Sewing machines, stain glass style Advertising, Cider Container, Lipton Tea Display tea pot on stand, Ceramic Mortar and Pedestal graduated set, Dazey churn large, Carr Biscuit tin English, Esquire Polish container dispenser, Carter Marker display rack, C. Palmer Lead molds for fishing lures, Torrison Balance scales, Miners Lamps, Sunbeam Sad Iron container, Scott Cherry pitter, Small Dazy churns, Misc. tins and containers, Stone haven wines from Australia Sailing ship, Pyrex Large Round sphere with four connection, Post Card R.J Reynolds 1913, Antikamnia Tablets, 1904 Calendar on back & Red Cross Nurse image on front, Copacabana New York City, Rentz Oil company thermometer, NOS lighters Nitrex, US Government First aid container, Trewax boat wax tin, Never dull tin, Spray enamel container, Whitners medicine bottle, Jumbo Peanut butter with lid, Muffler weld tin, Sherwin Williams tin, Texaco Oiler, Misc. fruit jars, Pickle Jar, amber apothecary jars, Clear glass apothecary jar, Collection of road maps, Lance Container, Display Teeth model Dr. Linek S964 Columbia Dentaform, Hill pattern hog rings, Watch For Updates…

Boy Scout Collection:

Boy scout collection to include: Order of The Arrow, Eagle Scout Cert. From 1947, Boy scout lifeguard, handbook for boys, Artic Emergency, Jungle & Desert Emergencies, Boy scout patches, Boy scout patch covers, Boy scout uniform, Sash with many patches, Hankerchief and other, Boy scout first aid kit, Compass, Diary from 1946, Belt buckle, Junior Red Cross Patch, Winston Salem Camporee Patch, Bookends, and other…, Watch For Updates…

Military and Related:

Brass Submarine Seat,Vietnam Era Military Jacket, Pants, Shirt, Belt, duffle bag and other.., Misc. Duffle bags & backpacks, Watch For Updates…

Books and Related:

First Edition Trump How to Get Rich by Donald J. Trump with Meredith McIver, Childrens books from the Turn of the Century to include: The Great 4 Paw Show, Early 20th Century The Real Mother Goose Book, The Rooster, The Mouse, and the Little Red Hen, Tray lots of Misc. books to include year books, leather bound books, art books, and other, Watch For Updates…


Railroad and Related:

Victorian Ladies Hair Comb Collection:

Victorian Hat Pin Collection:

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General Antiques:

Collection of Stamped envelopes, some WWII related Envelopes are marked Free, (2) Albums postcard collection to include: Mid western scenes, South Carolina scenes, Myrtle beach scenes, Kentucky Tennessee scenes, and many others, Military Archives Collection, Framed Archives from Sergeant Farlow POW pictured with him and his wife and correspondence, POW NC License tag, Highpoint Men and Air Service Group collection, (7) Frames with material from Sergeant Farlow including: Medals, Patches, Telegrams and Ephemera, Military buttons, (6) Four Shelves per container Shell collection including Shell Reference book titled “Standard Catalog of Shells”, collection is organized by Genus to include: Pelecypods & Gastropods and many more, Atlantic No. 510 Glass washboard, Hat boxes, Gentleman’s hats, Large lot of silver plate to include: Coffee tea service, under plates, various sized bowls and flat plates, salt and pepper, butter, brides basket and other…, Misc. brass items, Columbia Graphophone in mahogany cabinet, Victrola tabletop inside horn, Kent Carmencita 6 string acoustic guitar, Gibson Guitar Case, cross cut saw, Ku Klux Klan Case XX Special Limited Edition in box, Case XX Stainless type 6296K two blade red bone handle, (2) Gentleman’s knives, George W. Crone knife, Twin city warehouse knife, miniature key chain knife, Case kitchen knife, Middle eastern sword, Middle Eastern Saber, Misc. Office Supplies including staplers, paper punches, and other…, Air raid instruction folder from the Container Corp. Of America has bomb shelter designs, and what to do when they drop the big one, Davidson College Stick ems, Joseph Golcper? Long rifle percussion brass trigger guard, brass butt plate, Misc. Luggage, Coocoo Clock, Primitive Rabbit trap made from log, (1) primitive Rabbit trap made of pine, Small Seth Thomas Banjo clock, Larger Seth Thomas Banjo Clock, 8 Day OG Clock, Griswold No. 8 Waffle pan, Wagner No. 0 Waffle Pan, cast iron trivets, Misc. wood working tools to include: Screwdriver, Brace and Bits, Wrenches and other, Misc. women hats, Box of Enamel cookware, Vintage clothing, Collection of Ladies scarves, Miniature ceramic animals, (2) tin litho turtle containers, Duck Decoys, Full sized and miniature, Walker Stevens resin statue hunter with dog, Bird dog pointer, carved wood shorebirds, Snipe by Ellen dated 12/94, Sand piper made by Hooper it has a damaged bill, Plastic duck decoy signed on bottom 1983, state magazines, Children’s miniature tea sets to include: flow blue, made in japan floral decorated, gold colored miniature sets and other…, Misc. photos, Early 16mm movies, Felix the cat movie, Mickey mouse movie, Tom Mix movie celebrating the fourth, Kodak 8mm movie camera, Excel 16 mm projector, and other film related items, Misc. baskets, Misc. kitchen utensils to include: Knives, forks, spoons, and other, Copper jelly molds, (17) pieces international sterling wild rose, Sterling Shell shaped spoon, English copper tea pot, Large Green glass blown vessel, Tray lots of Misc. Textiles, Tray lots of Misc. books, Tray lots of kitchen utensils, Tray lots of Glassware, and silverplate, Tray lot of Misc. toys, Watch For Updates…

Fine Antique Pocket Watch Cataloged Session:

  • Lot 1. Burlington Special Hunter Case; size 16, 19 jewels, SN 2051248, has beautiful engraved case, overall condition is excellent and working condition
  • Lot 2. Waltham; size 14, SN 20517527, displayed in Ramona case, overall condition is excellent and in working condition
  • Lot 3. Elgin; size 16, SN 21393359, outer case has engraved locomotive, overall condition is excellent and in working condition
  • Lot 4. Elgin Hunter Case; size 18, movement marked GM Wheeler, SN 3696403, displayed in Granger case, overall condition is excellent and in working condition
  • Lot 5. Illinois Special; size 14, 17 jewel, made for J. H. Ehrlich, SN 3944125, overall condition is good, not working condition
  • Lot 6. Elgin; size 18, swing out movement, 15 jewels, SN 2687596, displayed in Silverine case, overall condition is good, not working,
  • Lot 7. Hamilton; Size 16, 21 jewels, SN 71215, displayed in referee case, overall condition is excellent and in working condition,
  • Lot 8. Hamilton; size 12, 21 jewels, model 921, SN H10484, displayed in Wadsworth 14K gold filled case, overall condition is excellent and not working
  • Lot 9. Elgin; size 18, SN 7264483, displayed in Fahys case, overall condition is good, not running,
  • Lot 10. Rockford; size 18, SN 347413, has visible back, overall condition is excellent and in working condition,
  • Lot 11. Howard; Size 16, 17 jewels, 1905, SN 941915, displayed in J. Boss case, overall condition is excellent and in working condition
  • Lot 12. Illinois; size 16, 17 jewels, SN 3191517, displayed in J. Boss 10K gold filled case, overall condition is excellent and in working condition,

Fine Sterling Silver Catalog Session:

  • Lot 1. Pair of 13.25″ height Gorham 808 weighted candelabras,
  • Lot 2. 7″ height 813 Posy basket, weight is 71 grams
  • Lot 3. 4.5″ diameter Gorham 700 porringer, weight is 111 grams
  • Lot 4. 3.75″ height waste bowl, by Whiting, weight is 80 grams
  • Lot 5. 7″ tray by Gorham, A4051 with Zeppelin hallmark, weight is 109 grams
  • Lot 6. 5″ height sterling mounted syrup pitcher, overall condition is excellent,
  • Lot 7. (2) 3.25″ diameter butter pats, total weight is 34 grams
  • Lot 8. (2) 3.5″ diameter butter pats, by S. Kirk and Son, 606, weight is 89 grams
  • Lot 9. (7) 6″ bread and butter plates, marked sterling G-6, total weight is 492 grams
  • Lot 10. Gorham 4780/3 Frame and 2 national princess Elizabeth spoons, total weight is 55 grams,
  • Lot 11. 10″ diameter serving plate By Gorham 1054, weight is 285 grams
  • Lot 12. 11.25″ oval tray by Whiting, weight is 170 grams
  • Lot 13. 10.75″ diameter serving plate, royal rose pattern 783, 379 grams
  • Lot 14. Salt and Pepper collection to include; S. Kirk and Son, 4105, 4 matching individual salts, total weight is 61 grams
  • Lot 15.

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