11-22-2019 Antique Auction 1:00 PM

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Auction: Friday, November 22nd, 2019 at 1:00 PM
Preview: Thursday, November 21st, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM, 9:00 AM Day of Sale


  • 12:55 Opening Announcements
  • 1:00 General Antiques, Roseville Pottery, Glass, Some Jewelry
  • 1:15 Department 56, Christmas, Dolls, and Related
  • 1:30 Formal Silver Plate and Sterling Silver, Household and Related
  • 1:45 Fine Dinnerware China
  • 2:00 Modern Toy Collection
  • 2:15 Fine Waterford Crystal, Depression Glass and Related
  • 2:30 Antique Leather Bound Book Collection
  • 2:45 Walking Cane Collection
  • 2:55 Stamp and Coin Collection
  • 3:00 Fine Jewelry Catalog Session
  • 3:45 Fruit Jar Collection
  • 4:00 Featured NC Art Pottery Collection
  • 4:15 Featured Country Antiques & Accessories (Gibson Collection)
  • 4:30 General Antiques, Country Store and Related
  • 4:45 Statuary Collection, General Antiques, Fur Coats, and Related
  • 5:00 Griswold, Leather Saddles, Cast Iron, and Related
  • 5:15 Vintage Vinyl, Pedal Car, and Featured Toys
  • 5:30 Featured Fine Antiques, Furniture, Fine Art, Lighting, and Related
  • 6:00 Featured North Carolina Quilt Catalog Session
  • 6:30 All Remaining Categories


Nice selection to include; 19th century chestnut country dry sink with 3 drawers and 2 doors, early 20th century meat lock, early pegged blanket chest, early 19th century English corner wash stand, Antique Chinese carved marble top fern stand, Formal mahogany inlay book holder, Queen Anne style candle stand, formal mahogany half table, formal mahogany Queen Anne style inlay tilt top table, Formal mahogany Hepplewhite flip top card table, Country Sheraton 1 drawer stand, French carved dressing bench, Early Piedmont NC pine dovetail open bookcase, Mahogany small 1 drawer stand, Formal spider leg candle stand, Formal mahogany Pembroke 1 drawer stand, Mid 19th century empire flip top game table, tri corner dropleaf table, 18th century English Queen Anne tilt top tea table, Oak press back youth rocker, Formal Chippendale style foot stool, Formal mahogany dressing bench, Mid 19th century Oxford NC ladder back rocker, Victorian youth arm chair rocker, Mid century bamboo open curio stand, Formal mahogany open bookcase, Fine English tiger oak breakfast table with 4 matching chairs, Duncan Phyfe mahogany flip top table, Formal mahogany Hepplewhite style inlay half table, Formal federal style Chelsea House decorated console table, Formal mahogany butlers serving cart, 19th century pegged Hepplewhite chair, Pair of outstanding country French carved arm chairs, Formal mahogany inlay dining room server, 8 sided inlay lamp table, Duncan Phyfe library sofa table, Victorian Eastlake window bench, matching set of 5 porch rockers painted green, Matching set of 6 mid century French slipper chairs, Formal mahogany chest top game table, Victorian ladies writing desk, William & Mary style small 3 drawer chest, Spool leg dressing bench, Solid cherry dropleaf table, 19th century pegged 1 drawer stand, Formal mahogany ribbon back captain arm chair, Formal mahogany Queen Anne style shepherds hook arm chair, Formal mahogany coffee table, Ball and Claw organ stool, Pair of early 20th century Sheraton style radius back arm chairs, 2 drawer business size file cabinet, wicker porch rocker, cherry Queen Anne dining table, Solid cedar blanket chest, Rattan round patio glass top table, 1930s smoking stand, Child’s dropleaf table, Walnut Victorian Eastlake sofa and matching chair, country 6 gate leg dropleaf table, oak center table, Pedestal, Office chair, wrought iron and brass glass top coffee table, country 1 drawer server, child’s Morris chair, Formal Chippendale style 4 drawer chest with slide tray, Pair of formal Craftique of Mebane Pembroke tables, Mid 19th century black papier-mache tilt top table with mother of pearl inlay throughout, 19th century walnut tilt top table, walnut Victorian platform rocker, Modern painted half table, Industrial design desk, 3 piece garden table and chair set, walnut 1 drawer stand oak center table, and other, Watch For Updates…

Fine Art:

Framed print by Delacroix 17th century scene, Oil on board interior home scene signed by artist, framed print “The Old Mill Stream”, Oil on board or canvas women’s portrait by fowler, print of the Argosy of Geography Sailing ship, Framed poster “Wild in the North” showing wolf, Mangum Winter Shadows Pencil signed 117/850, Greek or roman style reliefs showing soldiers, women, and wrestlers, Framed textile woman burying water with child, Framed autobahn yellow bird or American Gold Finch, (2) Framed Forums, Framed map of the United States 1833 published for Darby & Dwight’s Gazetteer, Watercolor on board child examining his foot, Watch For Updates


Nice selection to include; Pair of 21.5″ height Christofle signed hurricane lamps with decorated glass shades, Rare Murano mushroom art glass, pair of polished brass tall candle lamps, Tiffany type stain glass dome, Collection of Antique lamp chimneys, Collection of early brass candlesticks, Electric Aladdin Victorian pattern glass, Pair of polished brass candle wall sconce, Fine French porcelain hand painted converted, Chinese green quartz converted, pair of 8 light bronze candelabras, Pair of French bronze candle wall sconce with arrows, Early Chinese porcelain vase converted, Antique Japanese porcelain vase converted, pair of 4′ polished brass candle holders, Cast iron water pump converted, and other, Watch For Updates…

Fine Dinnerware, China, & Crystal:

(80) pieces Corning Centura White to include: dinner plates, salad plates, cereal bowls, soup bowls, cup and saucer sets, (43) pieces Royal Doulton Baronet to include: dinner plates, salad plates, B&B plates, coffee pots, cream, sugar, platter, (27) pieces Royal Doulton Shakespeare Series ware, (8) Royal Doulton Cinnabar dinner plates, (34) pieces Oxford Bryn Mawr to include: dinner plates, salad plates, B&B plates, cup and saucer sets, (10) Haviland Floral pattern salad plates, Aynsley Cream and sugar, cup and saucer sets including: Shelly, Crown Staffordshire, royal Albert, Windsor, Royal Carlton box, Towne house chop plate, (4) Royal Doulton Shakespeare blue and white, including flow blue, Lennox pieces, Wedgewood pieces, Nippon, Spode Archive dinner plates, Noritake, Royal Worchester, Crown Ducal demitasse cups and saucers, Noritake Violet coffee set, Crystal: (10) pieces Waterford Crystal mostly Lismore including decanter, (12) pieces Westward Ho Pattern glass to include: Sherbets and compotes, Several pieces of Fostoria American pattern, American Flower period cut glass, Watch For Updates…

Antique Oak Split Basket Collection:

Outstanding selection to include; 10″ height very fine oak split woven double weave top, 11″ height, Walnut and Oak split Cherokee Indian, 10″ diameter antique oak split woven egg basket, 13″ height, oak split round, rare 11″ height oak split woven ladies purse basket, 12″ diameter oak split woven egg basket, 8″ height oak split woven swing handle, 10.5″ height multicolor Cherokee Indian, 17″ x 13″ oak split gathering basket, 10″ diameter oak split buttock egg basket, 7″ diameter oak split egg basket, 7″ oak split woven egg basket, 4″ antique oak split woven miniature basket, 5″ diameter woven berry basket, other, Watch For Updates…

North Carolina Pottery Collection:

Nice selection to include; 7″ height Stacy Lambert face jug with beautiful cobalt blue glaze with red lips and blue and green eyes smiling with teeth, Jugtown figural rabbit, King pottery figural pig, Miniature Stacy lambert face jug with jewel eyes bone in nose biting snake, Figural chicken, 15.5″ height chrome red floor vase, 13″ chrome red vase, 9″ height, apothecary jar with split applied handles, 7.5″ height red glaze 2 handle vase, 5.75″ height chrome red 2 handle vase, 6.5″ height Ben Owen Chinese white egg vase, 4″ Ben Owen Chinese white angular vase, 4.25″ height Jugtown Chinese white egg vase, 4″ height Jugtown Chinese blue egg vase, 4.5″ diameter Jugtown beautiful Chinese blue and red rice bowl, 4.5″ height Ben Owen frog skin egg vase, 4.5″ height Ben Owen frog skin candle jug, 6″ height Jugtown frog skin egg vase, Western NC Hilton pottery jar, Auman orange and green glaze crimped bowl, and other, Watch For Updates…

Statuary Collection:

Nice selection to include; Fredric Remington bronze statue coming out of the rye 12.5″ height 14″ wide 9″ depth, Fredric Remington 15″ height Indian on horse back, 22″ height Art Union of London 1858 statue of Venice kissing cupid, Pair of 16″ height gladiators, 13″ height statue of Trojan soldier holding trumpet, 24″ height titled The Kiss by Austin productions 1962, 17″ pottery decorated turkey, 34″ height hand carved crane decoy, Watch For Updates…

Early North Carolina Photographs:

Photographed by Watsons in Raleigh NC Shows Fraternal order picture late 1800’s, Navy Lieutenant with child holding kewpie doll, Photograph woman stylish pose, Woman in hat and coat, Child standing in front of car, (2) oval portraits of men, Watch For Updates…

Antique Newspapers:

Louisville “The Morning Currier” Oct. 16th 1846, Wilmington NC “The Daily Journal Oct. 6th 1860, New York City “The Churchman” Sept. 30th 1854, The Scottish American Journal New York May 13th 1865, Richmond Va. “The Daily Dispatch” March 10th 1865, Boston “Daily Advertiser” March 19th 1863, New York “The New Tribune” April 28th 1863, Wilmington NC “The Daily Journal” July 27th 1859, The New York Times August 31st 1861 & Oct. 30th 1861, The London Times Nov. 30th 1865, The Charleston Daily Currier Nov. 1st 1865, The Charleston Daily Nov. 2nd 1865, The Charleston Daily December 5th 1865, The New England Farmer August 22nd 1863 & May 23rd 1863, May 2nd 1863, The Campaign in Choir July 2nd 1856, The Indiana Daily State sentinel Dec. 19th 1860, Army Navy Journal March 5th 1865, Various Harper Weekly’s Partial papers from the 1860’s, Frank Leslies illustrations from the 1860’s, Wisconsin News August 3rd 1926 headline states “Valentino Is Dead!!”, 1850’s Century Polka’s for Piano sheet music, Watch For Updates…

Books & Magazines; Books to include:

1895 Tales of a Traveler by Washington Irving, (8) Volumes Leather bound The Edition Deluxe of George Elliot’s Works, (3) 1883 Volumes History of English Literature, (2) Volumes Philip McDonald Novels 1938, Modern Leather Bound 1977 The Rector of Justin by Louis Auchincloss signed by author, Volume 1 Waverley Novels from 1852, Scotts Poetical Works 1847, 1999 Works Of Art From the Collection of The Barons Nathaniel And Albert Von Rothschild Christies London Auction book, Travel book of Rouen, Leather bound 1829 The History of Philips War The Great Indian war of 1675-1676 and more, Early Leather bound God in the Mount or a Parliament Chronicle 1700’s, Large Leather bound The True Hiftory of The Church of Scotland 1700’s possibly printed in the 1600’s, (2) 1817 volumes Scotts Bible, The History of The Civil War In The United States by Schmucker 1865, 1842 Cyclopedia of History, 1882 Roster of North Carolina Troops Volume 3 printed in Raleigh, 1857 History of North Carolina by Hawks Volume 1, 1897 History of the Christian Church, 1829 The Philosophy of Natural History by Smellie, Leather bound with clasp 1811 in German Religious book, 1866 Life in Campaigns of Lt. Thomas J Jackson Aka Stonewall Jackson missing front and back covers, 1805 The Justices and Constables Assistant, 1818 in German Pharmaceutical theory?, 1918 Pioneers of the Old South, 1901 Leather bound Elizabeth and her German garden, 1880’s Early school notebook, 1846 First Latin Lessons, 1876 15 Decisive battles of the World Leather bound, 1858 The Language and Poetry of Flowers, 1886 painters and builders handbook Wetherill Co., Early 1800’s Copy of The New Testament, Late 1800’s The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the US, 1849 German Religious book in German, 1826 printed in Ettonburg Scotland T-Seann Tiomnaidh in Gaelic, 1797 A Call To the Unconverted printed in New Brunswick, Leather bound 19th century Hymn book printed in 1821, The Magazine of Whitt, 1831 Parleys Geography book, 1930 Improved Pocket guide human anatomy fully illustrated, 1847 German Religious book, 1854 What is Calvinism, Leather bound 19th century common prayer book, 1815 Leather bound works of Robert Burns vol. 3, 1890’s Religious book in foreign language, with crucifix on title page, 1857 The Forget Me Not Songster “Songs sung by our Grandmothers”, 1834 Reform Church Hymn book, 19th Century Songs of The Ocean, 1837 The Works of Dr. Benjamin Franklin written by himself, 1856 The Holy Bible, 1827 Volume 1 & 2 The Holy Bible, (2) Volumes 19th Century Magils Children’s Companion in Hebrew, 1844 The Virginia selection Hymn book, 1835 Village Hymns for social worship, 1887 Steps to the Alter, 1835 German Religious book, 1888 The Doctrines and the Discipline of the Methodist and Episcopal Church, 1849 The Journal of the House of Burgesses reprint, 19th Century Accordion fold out book some works of Fra Angelico, 19th Century the Song of David by Martin Luther, 1881 New Testament, Various Religious books, Box of Misc. Paper backs, Selection of cookbooks including: Betty Crocker, Southern Living and other, Travel books including: France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Various Foreign locations and other, Magazines to include: Collection of Home Magazines to include: January 1893, April 1893, Sept. 1900 February 1900, April 1901, February 1901, Nov. 104, May 1905, February 1920, August 1917, April 1917, July 1917, July 1918 Military, December 1918 Military, Oct. 1918 Military, January 1919 Military, Nov. 1918 Military, August 1918, Oct. 1917, December 1919, Fortune Magazines to include: February, May & June 1931, September 1935, May 1936, March, June, August & October 1940, Watch For Updates…

US And World Stamp Collection:

Large Mostly US Stamp Collection to include: (6) Binders of Commemorative Stamps, Scott Minute Man Album with stamps from around the world, 1980 Olympic Games USPS books, 1992 Commemorative stamp book, Wildlife America Commemorative book, 1993 Commemorative book Elvis on cover, 1994 Commemorative Stamp book, 1984 Olympic Commemorative book, 1975 Set book, 1976 book, 1983-1984 book, 1974 commemorative stamp book, 1985 book, 1980, 1978, 79,72 , 89′, 91′, 90′, 88′, 86 Commemorative books, and many more stamps, some are loose, Modern postage stamp album with American and some foreign stamps, The Imperial postage stamp album with mostly foreign stamps, The Explorer Stamp album international with some stamps, Watch For Updates…

Coin Collection:

1976 The National Bicentennial Medal in case bronze, 1943 Zinc Pennies, 1912 V Nickel, 1899 V Nickel, 1937 Buffalo Nickel, 1912 V Nickel, 1920 Buffalo Nickel, 1935 Buffalo Nickel, 1936 Buffalo, 1917 Buffalo, 1911 V Nickel, 1906 V Nickel, 1907 V Nickel, 1837 Large Cent, Misc. Foreign coins, Lincoln Memorial Set album 1959-1983 mostly complete, Blue book binder with modern pennies and other, Framed The Way West (14) buffalo nickels, The Jet Presidential coin collection with (45) different presidents, Over (100) Collection of Jefferson Nickels, (11) 1970’s- 1990’s Proof sets, Blue Whitman Album Jefferson Nickel No. 2 Over (50) nickels contains Jefferson’s and nickels, (25) Dimes, Whitman Blue book Mercury Head dimes, Lincoln Head Cent Binder 1 and 2 filled with general pennies, Watch For pdates…

Folk Art Cane Collection:

Nice selection to include; Julius E Lambeth carved examples of figural snakes, people, cartoon characters and fantasy, other canes silver mounted, German souvenir shield, brass handle, African tribal carved head, horn handle with Mother of Pearl inlay, art glass twist and other; Watch For Updates...

Country Antiques and Accessories:

Nice selection from the estate of the late Charles Gibson Greensboro NC; Outstanding wooden 19th century dough bowl, beautiful rectangular carved dough tray, wooden carved dough paddles, wooden rolling pins, candle molds, tinware chamber stick, primitive countertop vegetable cutter, wooden carved cup, early 19th century handmade wooden masonic compass, wood and leather corn husk tool, candle snuffer, hand forged fireplace spatula, hand forged fireplace trivet, hand forged wall hook, bone and wood handle forks, stoneware mixing bowls, straight razors, bull head can opener, early 19th century eye glasses, pottery whistle, handmade wooden canoe, hand forged blacksmith fireplace tools, early 19th century brass andirons, enamelware kitchen collection, wooden churn, Watch For Updates…

Musical Instruments:

Primitive style 4 string Dulcimer modern, Vintage 6 string guitar 4259 S-37, Watch For Updates…


Eight day time and strike China case, New Haven Rosewood eight day time and strike steeple,Ingraham Oak eight day time and strike kitchen, Mission Oak wall clock, Waterford crystal desk, and other, Watch For Updates…

Modern Household Appliances and Related:

Sharp Carousel Microwave, General Electric Miniature Fridge, Cool-mate 40 igloo electrified cooler, Watch For Updates…


Nice selection to include; 8′ x 10′ 9″ Belgium Shirvan machine made cotton, condition is good; 4′ 2″ x 6′ 1″ Pakistan Tabriz handmade wool, condition is good;5′ 7″ x 7′ 9″ Turkish Kars, handmade wool, good condition; 4′ x 6′ India Feraghan, handmade wool in good condition, Watch For Updates…


Nikkormat SLR by Nikon with 50mm lens with owners manual and case, Vivitar 20mm in case, Lentar 135 mm lens in case, and accessories, Bell and Howell Filmo 8mm movie camera, Bell & Howell 8 mm Filmo-Master Profector in case with manual, Asahi Pentax 135mm lens in case, Watch For Updates…

Fruit Jar and Bottle Collection:

Important Fruit Jar collection to include; Half gallon apple green ball mason, Half gallon Mason 1858 with reverse embossed shield, Half gallon ball Mason with ghost, Half gallon The Ideal with glass lid, Half gallon Mason’s 1858 with wide date, half gallon Mason’s crystal, rare half gallon Mason heavy embossed monogram 1858, Half gallon Mason’s improved with iron cross and matching glass lid, half gallon Ball Mason rare blue green, Half Gallon Ball improved crystal with lid, rare half gallon unmarked olive green, Half gallon ball Sure Seal with glass lid, Qt to include; Hazel preserved jar, Jeannette, rare Mason’s 1858 with embossed shield, Bill Hannah ball 34 years, ball Mason, Sterling Mason, Ball Mason 1858 with glass lid, Rare pink lightning 227, Mason’s 1858 glass lid, Rare apple green ball Mason 1858, The Ball Mason 1858, Heavy embossed and light, The Ball, The Ideal, Crown, Ball Freezer jar, Ovomaltine with original lid, 1 pint to include; Mason’s 1858 P-2, ball Ideal crystal, Mason jar with lid, Mason improved wax seal, half pint Ball ideal, Watch For Updates…

Toys And Dolls:

(4) Buddy L Tool chest wooden, red and black, Buddy Wood toy fire truck, Buddy L Wooden Dump truck, Buddy L Wooden wrecking truck, Pull toy No. 804 on tricycle, (2) The New Book of Buddy L Toys, and Misc. toy accessories, Christmas village train set North Pole Christmas express,(4) Disney Princess Dolls in Box, Mattel Strum fun Getar, Simpson Toys in box to include: Itchy and Scratchy, Marge & Homer, Gramp & Crusty, Over (10) Sealed in Blister packs Fanatics or Weird-Ohs by Hawk, Silly Surfers in blister packs and boxes, Voodooz in box, Revel Ed Big Daddy Roth Model in box Robbin Hood Fink, Lindberg Science kit French and English Nose/Mouth, Kiss Collectables in box to include: Peter Criss, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Paul Stanley, Peter Criss in blister pack with accessories, Ace Freely with accessories, Gene Simmons with accessories, and Paul Stanley with accessories, Psycho Circus in blister packs, Loose Kiss band accessories, All are in blister packs or boxes, Hot wheels pavement pounders, Long Haulers, (7) Hot wheels cast metal motorcycles, Hot wheels gift packs, ten car party pack, (6) Motorcycles in blister packs, (2) E-Z Stack Caddy for toy cars, each caddy contains (24) different vehicles, The Hot Wheels racing scorching scooter collection in plastic container, it contains (16) Nascar related vehicles, (3) hot wheels motorcycles in box, Large Collection of Hot wheels and Harley Davidson Vehicles in boxes or blister packs to include: Motorcycles in various sizes, Special edition Harley Davidson vehicles, (6) Maisto Motorcycle sets each set contains different motorcycles, Von Dutch Custom cycles various sizes in box, (4) Collection of West Coast Shoppers in original box, Orange county chopper in original box, Harley Davidson Metal max motorcycles in box, Large G I Joe Harley Davidson Electro-glide in box, Ghost rider motorcycle in box, Penny Save West Coast choppers Large Motorcycle in box, Harley Davidson Engine Collection in box, Hot wheels Harley Davidsons in box, Over (50) Maisto Die Cast Metal Harley Davidsons in box, Outlaw steel motorcycles in box, (6) tray lots of many different vehicles, some are in tray lots, some are in blister packs, and some are in bags, Wooden Toy plug car, Sheep wooden toy, Porcelain head doll on stand in European uniform Madam Alexander Dolls including; Gone with the Wind related dolls, Ragtt No. 1380, Starlet No. 425, Starlet No. 426, Starlet No. 1100, Green gables, Sarah Holt in box, Miniature dolls from around the world, Model airplanes Radio controlled No motor, Army Radio Controlled model plane, Boxes of Airplane models, some for radio control, Odyssey 300 video game in box, Buddy L Tractor Car Haul, Tonka Car Haul, Cat bulldozers NOS, 2002 Robot made in Hong Kong, Tin litho fire truck friction, Tin litho Jalopies, Tin Litho model T, Match box Amulets, Tin litho amulets, Fire chief vehicle and other…, Childs microscope in box, and other.., Peddle car Engine No. 7 fire and rescue, Misc. Marbles, Radio Flyer Wagon, Watch For Updates…

Griswold Collection:

Rare 20″ round hotel fryer with handles, marked cast iron skillet 20 Griswold in center and 20 inch, overall condition is excellent and original; Watch For Updates…

Shop Tool Collection:

Makita Model 9820-2 electric sharpener in factory box with manual, Campbell Hausfeld Compressor 80 gallons, 1985, Marathon Electric Motor, The Voltage Listed is 208-230, Serial no. TFO399OOJY looks to be original and complete, Dewalt Model No. DW682 Plate Jointer with accessories, Delta 17-905 Mortising Attachment in box, tray of 4″ x 12″ vents, Watch For Updates…

Figurine Collection:

(8) Lennox Bird figures, Swarovski Swan, elephant, and rose with original boxes, (8) Hummel/ Gobel figurines to include: Mary on donkey, Joseph, Christ child with holly, Close harmony, Angel Duet, angel with blue coat, Angel with Jesus, 1978 Bell, Daum Crystal Teddy bear, (14) Royal Doulton figurines and character jugs to include: Victoria figurine of the year 2005, Jacqueline International collectors club lady, Star Struck Lovers Jug Romeo and Juliet, Mad Hatter, Groucho Marks, Annie Oakley, (8) small character jugs, Barrington Ike Character jug, Lennox swan, Watch For Updates…

Sterling Silver & Silver Plate:

(27) pieces Christofle Flatware set, Pair Christofle hurricane lamps, Barbour #6732 art deco cocktail shaker, Gorham #669 sterling candlestick, sterling rim coasters, sterling weighted budvase, Duchin sterling weighted budvase, KMK sterling weighted candlestick, nice selection of formal silver plate to include, teapots, water pitchers, large serving trays, oval platters, punch ladle, gravy boats, cream and sugar sets, Reed & Barton Dresden rose flatware set, Watch For Updtaes…

Christmas & Related:

(1) 45″ diameter Large Wreath, (2) Approx. 26″ Diameter smaller wreaths- smaller wreaths has harps, Village Heritage Collection to include: The North Pole Series, Village Street car, Load up the Wagon, animated skating pond, park bench, Kings road cab, Carolers on the door step, Holiday travelers, Mill creak park bench, the toy peddler, Pine trees with cones, Room center, Tray full of electric candles some NIB, Watch For Updates…

Vintage Vinyl & Electronics:

Nice Selection of Mostly Rock and Roll LP’s to include: Rush, various albums, Joan Jet , Leon Russell, 38 special, Bandit, The Isley, Led Zeppelin Various albums, Robert plant, Sting, LA Guns, Black Sabbath, The Firm, Tin Lizzy, Poco, The Secret Policemen’s other ball, Joe Cocker, The Who various albums, Allen Parsons Project various albums, Foreigner, ACDC, Ted Nugent, Genesis, Jenny Buffet, Fellini, Triumph, Aerosmith, Jackson Browne, ELO, Def Leppard, Wet Willy, Styx, Linda Ronstad, Lover boy, Bag Company, Marshall tucker band, Loggins Messina, Dan Fogelberg, Rainbow, Bob hat, Ritchie Vallens first LP reissued, The Trogg tapes, The tubes, The Moody Blues, Eagles, King Curtis, All Stewart, Duane & Greg Allman on bold records, Grand Funk We’re an American Band on Yellow Vinyl, Endless beach, The Chilites Pure Prairie League, 3 dog night, Frampton Comes alive, Whitney Houston, Twisted Sister, Ringo, The Beatles Hey Jude, and a box lot of other LP’s including: Kiss, Judice Priest, Queen, Rush, Hank Williams Jr. and other, and other LP’s to include: Sandy Nelson various albums, Little Stevie Wonder on Tamla No. 240, Chet Atkins Hi-Fi in focus, Phil Upchurch, The Kingsmen Louie Louie, Jr. Walker, James Brown’s Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag, The James Brown Show, both are on king, twofer Keith Emerson with the nice, Feliciano, The Velveteen Rabbit 1985 Dancing Cat Records Music Composed by George Winston, Carlos Montoya Guitar on RCA living stereo, Electronics to include: Pioneer SX 680 Receiver, Pioneer PD M406 CD player, Pair of KLH Model AV2000 Speakers, Superior Signal Generator, Early Monophone Portable phone in case, Watch For Updates…

Ladies Vintage Fashions and Related:

Anchor Co. Winston Salem Mink Jacket, Robins Winston Salem Lilli Ann Fur and Leather jacket, Jones Furs Greensboro Suede, leather and fur jacket, Davis Winston Salem Fur Collared Cloth coat Princess fashions, Miller and Rhodes Fur salon child’s mink jacket, Collection of women’s gloves in leather and cloth, Isaac Mizrahi Paisley scarf, blue, black and green shawl, Keyna Scarf, Silk scarf multi-colored, Blue Scarf, purple scarf, Sequined scarf, Chico sequined scarves, Joan rivers scarf, and other…, Hollywood leather purse, Watch For Updates…

Oxford NC Paper & Photograph Collection:

Collection of canceled checks to include: First National bank Durham with 2 cent stamp, Fidelity bank Durham 1899 with 2 cent stamp, First National bank of Oxford, National Bank of Granville, Citizens bank and other, Check books, and account books, Letters from the Sheffield Coal and iron 1907, Letter from Sheffield Coal and iron 1908, Letter from Sheffield Casting and manufacturing Co. 1908, Manual for imperial steel range antique, Frick Co. Brochure, 1895 pamphlet on drinking water, 1925 inauguration of Edward Kidder Graham President of North Carolina University, Pamphlet printed in Raleigh Instructions for Quarantine and disinfection, Letterhead from the Carolina Power and Light Co, Hanover Fire insurance Brochure, Various Insurance Co. Payment books to include: Atena, Mutual Life, Pilot life, Travelers, Double A and other.., Letters from Tobacco Growers Co Op. 1920’s, Letter from US Department of Agriculture 1930’s, Program from the 10th annual state farmers convention 1912 Raleigh and other.., CDV’s of Oxford Estate, (1) Taken in Durham, (1) Child made in Columbia South Carolina, (1) Sanford Maine Image of man, (1) Image of man from Petersburg Va., (1) Girls Picture from Columbia south Carolina, Men, Women, and children in various mostly formal poses, Other Photographs from different collections to include: Post Mortem Images made in Oil City Penn. Infant, Post Mortem African American holding baby, Post Mortem Baby in long night dress, Infant laid out on sofa, and other CDV’s, Tin types to include: Case Daguerreotype of Child and parents, Tin Type man in top hat, tin type man with beard, Tin type of (4) women and other, Another Collection of Images with over (100) CDV’s including; President McKinley, Couple side by side bicycle, Military Cadet image on back marked Died in China, CDV Col. James Railroad magnet, image of Freudrich Wilhem Kronprinz, Post card of boy holding sail boat, John C Case Democratic Candidate for County Clerk, Black Americana Image young boys at fence mule race “Here comes the Winner” 1905, Post card Zeppelin Bicentennial, (6) Little Artic Natives Postcards, Photo signed Mable Clair, Photo tanks Nov. 11 1942, Cadet Soldier image Richmond Va. Named on back, Princess Helena & Princes Louisa, Image of H. W. Beecher, Mass. Mehittable Potter image, Image of cadet, Man with bicycle, Watch For Updates…


Framed map of the United States 1833 published for Darby & Dwight’s Gazetteer, State of Kansas Map and other; Watch For Updates…

Country Store & Advertising:

Bokar Coffee Tin, Chace and Sanborn Coffee tin, Blend 11 Tobacco Tin Sealed, Lavenga Cigar tin, Mapleton Tobacco, Eringold Tobacco tin, Velvet tin, Kite tobacco tin, Lester square pipe mixture, New York Macie’s tin, Oceanic cut plug tin, Smoke camels display topper, Maritana Tobacco tin, Coleman Mustard tins, Squirt Salt and Peppers in box, Stewarts Snack bar display rack, Toms Cookie jar rack, Korday Hard Candies Tin large, Granger Tobacco tin, Coca Cola No Drip bottle protector bags, Morton’s Salt Blotter, Texaco Motor Oil Blotter, Chesterfield Cigarettes blotter WWI, Eno Advertising Paper, Morehouse Advertising Car, Vanity Fair tobacco car 1882, Soapine Various paper, Smoke lone fisherman’s Advertising, Silko and other silk patches, Dorado Cigarette packaging, Seed packets, Coca Cola Plastic crate, Wine labels, Port wine labels, Red Apple wine labels, Tobacco advertising lighters Salem and other, Pepsi Emergency candles in box, Nash hood ornament other Nash items, Cigar Advertising mini hammer, Pocket knife advertising Alamance insurance and real estate, Wards Soap tin, Let’s Be Friends Reach For Bamby Sunbeam Bread advertising art, Lindlys Dairy chocolate cat, Keystone 6 leaver padlock, Hershey’s Ice Cream light up clock/sign, Pepsi Cola tray “Thirst knows No Season”, Suitcase marked National Geographic Society Washington DC, glass container B&B on lid, Tin litho Beatles Sign 1996 Showing cover of Let it Be, From Cameron NC Norman Fancy Groceries Thermometer, Whitehouse Realty for sale sign, misc. shipping crates, Small display case, 32″ height 30″ width 24″ depth butcher block, oak display case, Wake Field Simpson Bro’s Dairy from Washington DC, NC Approved Half pint, Mceachern Wilmington NC half pint, Half pint Shenandoah’s pride valley of Virginia milk producers, and other.., Mary War Powder Lye box, Watch For Updates…

General Antiques:

To include: Various German Location tags on cane also Helen Georgia Tag, Heavy Walking cane with brass leash, Carved wood dog cane, Natural Style cane, Natural style cane with sterling band, Walking cane with metal cap, Vintage Bitano’s Dallas Teas ladies mink coat, Williges Sioux city fur jacket, Cast iron horse door stop, Mid century flame art glass vases, Carved sub stone, fishing tackle and rod with reels, boat ores, collection of mechanic tools to include socket sets, Brass handled cane, Flask Cane, misc. tinware, including white, blue and white, and green and white, Early tool chest, Apple peeler, Double handled tinware item with star on bottom, tin flour containers, Cookie molds, metal clothes rack, misc. bolts of cloth, wooden brief case, Life Jacket, US Military Saddle made by Floyd Saddlery Co. Louisville Kentucky, and other saddle, Fountain and Mechanical Pin Collection; to include: Gold Tipped Instrument, Sterling Tip holder, Scripto Mechanical Pencil, bank of Pilot mountain pin, metal riding instrument, North State Milling pencil, Signature writing instrument, Various pencils including: UNC, RCA Electronics and other…, Early Pencils, Giant Portland Cement Co. Farmers Bank Pilot mountain pencil, Industrial Electric supply pencil, Wahl Silver plated mechanical pencil, Silver metal Mechanical pencil, Pal Silver plated mechanical pencil, Tuddle motor parts mechanical pencil, Gentleman’s Style mechanical pencil, Chromatic Pencil, Pal mechanical pencil, Gentleman’s Mechanical Pencil marked Rej, Fountain pen with special Alloy tip, Pal Mechanical pencil, wear ever multi-colored pin, piedmont ware house, Bullock clothing pencil, Ten Commandments Pencil, Centre Brick pencil, Francis Pepper ware house pencil, and other…, Union 73 pen, tip holder, Fountain pen and many more, rare Indian series tobacco cards, military knife, pocket knives, car emblems, Indian pottery, auto horn, brass lock, meat cleaver, cigarette lighters, bed spreads, ice bucket, stoneware jugs, stamp collection, vintage tubes, jewelry bead collection, depression glass to include; Cherry Blossom, America Sweetheart, Cabbage Rose, Mayfair Open Rose, sugar jars, electric fans, kitchen utensils, milk bottles, US flag, Chinese pewter, bronze Christian plaque, Japanese warrior vase, French marble center piece with wing angels, 19th century bell, pulls, Chinese vases, vintage cameras, deer horns, baby dolls, costume jewelry, ladies fashions, department 56 heritage village collection, Hummel figurines, shaving mug, German steins, child’s sled, child’s wagon, Roseville pottery, log built church, inkwell set, antique marbles, napkin rings, blue and white salt glaze, duck decoy, US mailbox bank, dress form, quilt rack, Watch For Updates…

Fine North Carolina Quilt Catalog Session:

  • Lot 1. 92″ x 67″ Bowtie pattern hand quilted signed Elizabeth Moss, Oxford NC
  • Lot 2. 78.5″ x 65.5″ Monkey Wrench square quilt, 20 blocks, hand quilted Oxford NC
  • Lot 3. 92″ x 78″ Monkey Wrench pattern 30 block hand quilted Oxford NC
  • Lot 4. 85″ x 62″ Double Irish chain pattern hand quilted, Oxford NC
  • Lot 5. 92″ x 90″ Multicolor diamond pattern, hand quilted, Oxford NC
  • Lot 6. 81″ x 68″ Pinwheel pattern, hand quilted 30 blocks, Oxford NC
  • Lot 7. 82″ x 74″ Block pattern with silk hand quilted, Oxford NC
  • Lot 8. 82″ x 65″ Crazy patch work quilt, hand stitched, 20 blocks with feed sack back Oxford NC
  • Lot 9. 81″ x 67″ Star pattern 20 blocks, hand quilted, Oxford NC
  • Lot 10. 57″ x 45″ Lap quilt, 720 blocks, hand stitched, multicolor, Oxford NC
  • Lot 11. 94.5″ x 80″ Patch work crazy quilt, Multicolor, Oxford NC
  • Lot 12. 92″ x 85.5″ patch work crazy quilt Multicolor, Oxford NC
  • Lot 13. 85″ x 74″ crazy quilt Patch work, hand Stitched multicolor Oxford NC
  • Lot 14. 48″ x 38″ Diamond cube pattern baby quilt, hand stitched Oxford NC
  • Lot 15. 92″ x 70″ Silk multicolor stripes, hand stitched Oxford NC
  • Lot 16. 83″ x 74″ patch work crazy quilt, hand stitched, Oxford NC
  • Lot 17. 86″ x 70″ Patch work crazy quilt, multicolor Oxford,
  • Lot 18. 79″ x 65″ NC quilt project CB98 NC museum of history, 8 point star 4 block, hand quilted divided by zigzag center line, Currin Collection
  • Lot 19. 83″ x 81.5″ Diamond with Carolina Lily pattern, 18 blocks, hand quilted beautiful colors, hand quilted Currin Collection
  • Lot 20. 76″ x 75″ Early Alamance County Quilt 16 block Turkey foot star, from The Willie Mae & Jack Currin collection
  • Lot 21. 74″ x 71″ Early Alamance county Jacobs ladder block pattern, Currin Collection
  • Lot 22. 94″ x 80″ Carolina Lily made by Snow camp quilters April 1993, 20 flower pots pattern, Currin Collection
  • Lot 23. 73″ x 72″ Early Alamance County quilt 25 blocks, block in circle pattern hand quilted, Currin Collection
  • Lot 24. 79″ x 64″ 30 block cross pattern, early Alamance county, Currin Collection
  • Lot 25. 77″ x 65″ 20 block Monkey Wrench pattern, Early Alamance county, Currin Collection
  • Lot 26. 81″ x 71″ documented from NC quilt project NC museum of history, CB99 piece pattern, signed in corner Feb. 1929, Currin Collection
  • Lot 27. 95″ x 78″ 1991 Tobacco leaf pattern quilt made by Ade Ellis

Fine Jewelry Catalog Session:

  • Lot 1. 14k 19″ necklace with conch shell pendant, chain weight 4.27g;
  • Lot 2. Sterling silver necklace and locket, 20″ length, stamped Italy, total weight 7.40g
  • Lot 3. Czechoslovakia vintage bead necklace, 16″ length
  • Lot 4. Vintage bead necklace with flower pendant, 18″ length
  • Lot 5. Vintage bracelet collection, (8) to include; beads and metal costume
  • Lot 6. Vintage pink coral necklace 21″ length
  • Lot 7. Vintage seashell necklace, 36″ length, displayed in original rust craft box
  • Lot 8. Vintage sterling silver earrings and broach, to include; air force wings, floral, total weight 13.72
  • Lot 9. 1934 Walking Liberty half dollar
  • Lot 10. Vintage men’s jewelry, to include, tobacco workers paper weight, tie clips, ring and other
  • Lot 11. Vintage mid century necklace bead collection with some matching earrings total weight 617g
  • Lot 12. Vintage necklace bead collection of 17
  • Lot 13. Vintage necklace and pendant collection of 11, gold and silver plate examples, total weight 433g
  • Lot 14. Vintage earring and broach collection, mid century silver and gold plated, rhinestones and related, total weight 424g
  • Lot 15. Vintage tie clip collection, gold and black artwork of birds, weight is 47.24g
  • Lot 16. Vintage necklace lot, multi color stones, weight is 294g
  • Lot 17. Vintage necklace and bracelet collection, total weight 338g
  • Lot 18. Vintage sterling silver and bead necklace and bracelet collection, total weight 107g
  • Lot 19. Vintage bracelet group to include; sterling heart, total weight 32.72g
  • Lot 20. Vintage sterling silver necklace and pendants, 7 examples, weight is 37g
  • Lot 21. Vintage pendant lot (3) to include; ESPO 925 iron cross with center jewel, filigree pin, rhinestone pendant, total weight 47.51g
  • Lot 22. Vintage sterling rings to include; size 7 cz Judith Ripka 925, Nif size 6.75 stamped 925, size 10 NVC 925, total weight 23.08
  • Lot 23. Vintage sterling silver earring collection, total weight 70g
  • Lot 24. Vintage sterling silver earring collection, total weight 242g
  • Lot 25. Vintage pearl bracelet and 14k gold chain, total weight 5.17g
  • Lot 26. Vintage sterling silver earring collection to include; Southwest Native examples, total weight 69g
  • Lot 27. Vintage designer earrings and pin collection, total weight 56g
  • Lot 28. Vintage necklace collection; unmarked, total weight 191
  • Lot 29. Vintage group lot to include; Katherine Popesco France pin, other pins and coins, 98g
  • Lot 30. Vintage flatware collection; souvenirs from Italy, total weight 63g
  • Lot 31. Vintage sterling silver necklace collection; 20 to include, total weight 138g
  • Lot 32. Vintage 10″ charm bracelet, monogram locket, 10k gold baby ring, US Navy, 10k 1/20 pin, UNC Greensboro pin, Catholic pin, 12ktg profile, 10k gold 1940 class ring, Victorian watch fob, mixed metals cross, sterling angel and other, 53g
  • Lot 33. 1943 United Stated Merchant Marine boxing association, sterling silver, heavyweight boxer metal
  • Lot 34. Gold filled group lot to include; western Electric pin, ring and other, weight 19.83g
  • Lot 35. Vintage equestrian sterling silver collection, 3 to include; oval with horse head, trainer with horse and oval pendant, total weight 16.11
  • Lot 36. Vintage charm bracelet, 8″ in length, sterling silver, name tags, by Elco, total weight 54.38g
  • Lot 37. Vintage Siam and Nye cloverleaf sterling collection, total weight 36.45g
  • Lot 38. Vintage men’s lot to include; gold plated knife, NC State seal button, weight 17.16g
  • Lot 39. 10k gold bracelet and other pieces of unmarked jewelry, total weight 8.08g
  • Lot 40. Vintage costume necklace and pendant collection, weight 44g
  • Lot 41. Gold filled Winston cafeteria service pins, weight 4.01g
  • Lot 42. Vintage gold filled necklace and service pins collection, weight 41g
  • Lot 43. Vintage service and award pins, 13 to include; girl scout, nursing and other, weight 28.2g
  • Lot 44. Vintage bracelet and locket collection, total weight 27g
  • Lot 45. Vintage Western electric pendants and other, total weight 47g
  • Lot 46. 14k gold necklace, 15.5″ in length with gold plated locket, total weight of only 14k is 3.78g
  • Lot 47. Vintage antique baby jewelry, to include 10k gold ring and 12k GF ring, (2) 1.5″ diameter bracelets, total weight 10.44
  • Lot 48. 10k emerald cz ring, size 4.5, weight 3.35g
  • Lot 49. 10k gold Western Electric service pins and other, total weight 14.61g
  • Lot 50. Vintage gold filled rings and other, total weight 5.39g
  • Lot 51. Vintage 14k ladies watches to include, Hamilton and Hamilton with diamond chips, one marked 14k western Electric, other marked 14k NY Coil Co. 1954, total weight is 24.85g
  • Lot 52. Vintage massive bead collection, please inspect bag, total weight 2912g
  • Lot 53. Vintage jewelry and arts and crafts objects, please inspect bag closely, weight 991g
  • Lot 54. Vintage turquoise stone collection, please inspect bag closely, weight is 1096g
  • Lot 55. Vintage jewelry makers bead collection, to include many colors and types, please inspect closely, weigh 2560g
  • Lot 56. Vintage jewelers bead collection and necklaces, please inspect bag closely, weight is 2771g
  • Lot 57. Important vintage beaded necklace collection, please inspect closely, weight 2660g
  • Lot 58. Napier sterling silver pin, weight 17.41g
  • Lot 59. Denmark sterling silver A. M. pin, weight 13.08g
  • Lot 60. Vintage TV sterling Mexico pin, weight 20.21g
  • Lot 61. Vintage stone and sterling necklace 16″ length
  • Lot 62. Vintage 16″ butterfly layered red necklace with sterling clasp
  • Lot 63. Vintage sterling silver ring, size 7, weight 7.89g, has pink slag stone
  • Lot 64. Baccarat La Bague Po Amethyst Crystal, size 6.75, overall condition is excellent, displayed in original box, weight 19.44g
  • Lot 65. Vintage B.B. sterling rope clip on earrings, weight 15.34g
  • Lot 66. Vintage SSD sterling silver clip on earrings, weight 19.41g
  • Lot 67. Seebag designer sterling clip on earrings, weight 30.36g
  • Lot 68. Nils Thorsson Royal Copenhagen mid century modern design pendant, has marked clasp AM 925, overall condition is excellent
  • Lot 69. Simon Seebag sterling silver pendant, weight 11.85g
  • Lot 70. Vintage multi color sterling cuff bracelet, marked SSD 925, total weight 105.17g
  • Lot 71. Vintage Mexico TO 925 link bracelet with colored stones, weight 35.74g
  • Lot 72. Vintage Jomaz designer ring, has beautiful oval turquoise stone flanked by rhinestones, size 6.75, displayed in box
  • Lot 73. Modern designer amethyst cluster ring, silver and gold tone, size 6, weight is 23.46g, displayed in box
  • Lot 74. Vintage sterling bead necklace 28″ in length, weight 42g
  • Lot 75. 14k gold earrings with pearls, total weight is 5.92g
  • Lot 76. Vintage mid century necklace and bracelet collection, 28″ Middle East Egyptian style,
  • Lot 77. 10k gold ladies pendant watch by Rima, frame is not marked, watch is marked 10k, total weight 14.6g
  • Lot 78. Vintage 14k gold bracelet, 7″ in length, total weight is 4.80g
  • Lot 79. Important cut gem stone collection, 193 boxed and identified to include; 12.50ct Rutilated quartz, 20ct White topaz, 12.50 EC Rutilated quartz, 20ct white topaz, 4.95ct Labradorite, 5ct Garnet, 7.25 Rose quartz, 5ct Peridot, 7.3ct white yag, 10,3ct Peacock Drusy quartz, to include many others

Watch for Updates!