2-28-2020 Antique Auction 1:00 PM

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Auction: Friday, February 28th, 2020 at 1:00 PM
Preview: Thursday, February 27th, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM, 9:00 AM Day of Sale


  • 12:55 Opening Announcements
  • 1:00 Pilot Mountain, Country Antiques, and License Tags
  • 1:15 Antique Lighting and Related
  • 1:25 General Toys, Board Games, Lunchboxes, Toy Trains,
  • 1:35 Pilot Mountain NC, Kitchen Utensils, Cutlery, Key Collection, and Flower Frog Collection
  • 1:45 Uncataloged Estate Jewelry, Button Collection, Typewriter,
  • 1:55 Country Store Showcase and Some Bottles, and Crates
  • 2:00 Featured Depression and Elegant Glassware Collection
  • 2:15 Fine Dinnerware China and Related
  • 2:20 Vintage Vinyl Album Collection and Electronics
  • 2:30 Featured Book Collection and Some Magazines
  • 2:40 Featured Barbie Dolls and Ladies Fashions
  • 2:55 Fruit Jar Collection
  • 3:00 Featured Fine Jewelry Catalog Session
  • 3:45 Sterling Silver and Silver Plate and Uncataloged Jewelry and Watches,
  • 4:00 Vintage Comic Collection
  • 4:05 Apothecary Bottle and Jar Collection
  • 4:10 Featured Pilot Mountain NC Country Store and Bottle Collection
  • 4:25 Featured Cast Iron Cookware Collection
  • 4:40 Featured Tobacco Tin and Cutter Collection
  • 4:55 Vintage Poster Collection
  • 5:00 Featured Furniture, Fine Art, Lighting, and Duck Decoys,
  • 5:30 Featured Bennett Gasoline Pump,
  • 5:35 Featured Country Antiques, Syrup Pitcher Collection, and Related
  • 6:00 Featured Furniture, Lighting, Clocks, and Brass Candlestick
  • 6:45 Featured Rug Catalog Session
  • 7:00 All Remaining Categories and Incredible Estate Box Lots


Nice selection to include; Pilot Mountain NC walnut pegged corner cupboard, Empire style flip top game table, Mahogany candle stand, Walnut Victorian marble top wash stand, Mahogany needlepoint foot stool, Walnut Victorian marble top fern stand, Outstanding matching set of 4 mahogany bamboo style armchairs, Leather top formal card table, matching pair Hinkle Harris mahogany 198 3 drawer chest, Victorian style marble top coffee table, French inlay coffee table, Mid century modern 2 drawer end table, Formal mahogany 16 pane corner cupboard, Formal mahogany break front China closet with desk, twin pedestal dining room table, Formal mahogany dining room sideboard, Pair of French distress painted parlor chairs, Pair of Mid century chairs with blue willow fabric, Baker Rosewood coffee table, Walnut Victorian marble top dresser, Flat top trunks, Pine 2 piece cupboard, Birdseye maple ladies desk, Drexel 3 drawer Bombay chest, Ethan Allen maple desk with matching bookcases, Oak pole hat rack, Formal Queen Anne half table, 19th century child’s rocker, Early Victorian marble top bow front 4 drawer chest, Outstanding Walnut Victorian chair with carved oak leaf and acorn back, Walnut Victorian parlor chair, walnut Victorian balloon back chair, Matching set of 7 PA. Dutch dining chairs, Formal mahogany twin bed mid century magazine stand, Bentwood high chair, 2 piece French carved Sofa and Chair, Pair of French parlor chairs, Lincoln Rocker, Formal office chair, Pair of French twin beds, Pair of oak child’s chairs, Primitive cupboard top, over sized leather chair, collection of 20 western NC hand made country chairs, Hand made work table, Small country book shelves, Pilot Mountain NC handmade table, Watch For Updates…

Fine Art:

OOC Path through Palms signed W. Riley, Chinese painting on silk landscape with rice farmers, OOC march landscape signed P. Nielsen, Pencil signed Cheetah print by Guy Oheleack, Pencil signed botanical print by Diane Coleman, Pencil signed engraving 2 pigs titled “What a Boar” by Luellane Vernon, Watercolor on paper study of flowers, OOC Florida Highwaymen Style landscape with Spanish moss signed B. Bennett, 1920 hand colored botanical engraving, OOB Nieve art painting City Scape signed PJ55, Chinese silk embroidery with female figures, Original Indian Hindu Gouache Watercolor painting of Tiger attacking men on elephant back, Hand colored engraving portrait of Lady Jane Seymore woman pencil signed Charles Bird, Watercolor landscape birch trees in winter signed Briesley 93, Watercolor abstract landscape 1975, Watercolor march landscape signed Freeman Beard, Acrylic on paper march landscape signed Gordon Mahy, Pair of botanical prints, Watercolor titled “Exiting Souk” by Bang6, South American OOB “Basket Weavers” sign Pueblo Knoe, OOC Ship at sea Signed Boyer, Vict. OOC landscape with Cottage signed Loud, Pair of Pencil signed lady Hamilton by Hester. Portfolio of David D. Duncan photos, gallery poster for Alex Harris photographer, OOB Political art signed Ellen Tuck, Collection of French Political Characters, Watercolor cubist city scene, Early French prints, mid century art, Mark Graf Sunshine coast, David Douglas Duncan photograph portfolio, framed Beatles Coliage showing inserts from various LPS,


Nice selection to include; Chinese porcelain converted vase, silver plate teapot converted, Chinese porcelain elephant, collection of 18th and 19th century brass pushup candle sticks, old Paris porcelain converted vase, Pair of bohemian milk glass converted, mid 19th century candelabras, Bronze lamp vase, cut crystal mantle luster, Pair of Victorian oil, Blenko art glass electric, Victorian pattern glass, Colonial style, slag glass shade, student, arts crafts copper lantern, lighting parts, beautiful pair of French decorator lamps with swan handles, Pair of quality cut crystal brass mounted, Pair of French porcelain gold lattice,

Featured Country Store Advertising and Tobacco Collection:

Outstanding large selection to include; Farm fresh original Bennett Sinclair power-X the super fuel gasoline pump model 541, collection of antique snuff containers, collection of antique tobacco tins to include; Mayo’s, green turtle cigars, Honest labor, hi-plane pocket tin, rare buster brown cigar tin, lucky strike, dills best, True Blue, Union leader, Kentucky club, Collection of vintage cigarette lighters, collection of tobacco cutters to include; RJR, Star, and Champion, Coca Cola wagon, Milk bottles, country store counter top showcase, over 100 antique bottles to include; Coca Cola straight sided, Pepsi cola straight sided, Mountain Dew, ACL, Vinegar jugs, Medicine bottles, collection of whiskey flask, Bitters bottles, Early Gin bottle, Honey Amber strap side flask, Stomach bitters bottle, early ink bottles, Chestnut flask, Double dot Pepsi cola bottle with capper, paper label bottles, Large Demi- john jugs, Pilot mountain items to include; wooden shotgun shell boxes, Country top displays, peanut tins, Large and small Gordon’s potato chip jars, cigar boxes, Unopened bull Durham tobacco box, Red dot coffee tin, Baking powder tins, bottle cap crowns, Large selection of candy jars, Very rare little Miss Sunbeam fruit cake tin, Coca Cola cardboard sign, Medicine boxes, Jackson brothers department store Mt. Airy NC tray, Early Winston NC letter heads, Royster fertilizer sign, Farmers bank pilot mountain NC money bag, Watch For Updates…

Vintage Ladies Fashions:

Dennis Basso Size 2xl black cloth coat, East Fifth brown cloth shawl, Dennis Basso size 2xl black faux fur, Dennis Basso Size 2x faux fur, Coastlines size XL cloth coat, men’s and women’s hats mostly straw, Graduation gowns, Lenox table cloth, Green table cloth, Gold with strips table cloth and other table cloths and women’s fashion shoes, Leoden-look made in Austria cloth jacket, Betty Rose mint collared cloth coat.

Featured Vintage Comic Book Collection:

Over 500 vintage DC, Marvel, and other to include; Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, and many others,

Drug Store Apothecary Bottles and Jars:

Nice selection to include; (3) mid 19th century lidded jars, (5) 19th century cylinder glass jars with lids, Measuring cup, bottles and related,

Vintage Life Magazine Collection and Other:

A large collection of over 500 Life Magazines to include: 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1971, 1972, Six other tubs of vintage magazines to include Life, Look and other. Modern Priscilla November 1928 and August 1929, Colliers Automobile Number, Nick Carter Weekly #308, Mad 1964 Christmas Seal Issue.

North Carolina Pottery and Stoneware:

Nice selection to include; 8 gallon Red wing crock, 6 gallon red wing crock, New England Maple syrup jug, 5 gallon stoneware churn, 3 gallon stoneware crock, Unusual brown and white stone jugs, Important southern water cooler, North Carolina salt glaze storage jar, Jugtown pottery, Auman pottery, Red Albany glaze, Dome North Carolina milk crocks, Virginia decorated crock, Virginia valley crock, 2 gallon stoneware jug, Jugtown, and other,

Antique Cast Iron Cookware Collection:

Large selection to include; Griswold and Wagner to include; cornbread pans, waffle irons, Dutch ovens, frying pans, oval roaster, Footed skillet, and other,

Vintage Tools and Related:

Large selection to include; Hammers, hatchets, ford wrenches, shovels, pipe cutters, edger’s, hand saws, racks, pitch forks, pulley, post hole shovels, axes, vice, some blacksmith tools, handmade knives, pruner pole, screw drivers, files, and other,

Sterling Silver and Silver Plate:

Large selection of early 20th century silver plated bowls, plates, trays, coffee pots, Sterling silver Victorian brushes, 55 piece matching flatware by Rogers and the pattern is eternally yours, 65 pcs. Christofle full 12 place setting with serving pieces

Vintage European Posters:

Large collection of Russian and Swedish posters to include: Swedish skiing posters, Russian war related poster, Russian workingman poster, Swedish poster depicting tobacco and beverage. Please see pictures.

Vintage Electronics, Radios and Related:

1950’s RCA Model 6HF3 Electronic and Speakers only with manual complete with all tubes and turn table & no cabinet, 1940’s Clear Tone radio, A pair of Teac Model 450 cassette decks in rack, Teac Model GF200 CD record and cassette player vintage style, 1960′ Emerson 4-speed portable turn table, Large collection CB QSL cards

Brass Candlestick Collection:

Outstanding collection of over 30 dating from 18th-19th century, American and English pushup examples, chamber sticks, telescope style, Miniatures and large examples, also included are brass candle snuffers and trays,

Book Collection:

Outstanding collection of books to include: 1874 leather bound Bunyon’s Complete Works, 1872 leather bound The Life of our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, 1906 Young Folks Treasury Vol. 12, 1919 Young Folks Treasury, (3) vols. 1907 leather bound Draper’s Self Culture, 1881 The Royal Path of Life, 1937 leather bound Crime and Mr. Campion, (6) vols. 1942 The Mothers Encyclopedia, (3) vols. 1908 The Ecsk library, Handmade modern poetry book, Handmade Book of Designs, Handmade Write Now book, 1894 Addresses, 1899 The Queen of the Air, 1894 In the Heart of the Rockies, 1880’s Ione Stewart, 19th Century Coopers Works, 1893 leather bound Works of Scott, 1889 leather bound Memoirs of Lady Hamilton, 1855 Starks Daily Handbook, 1862 leather bound Father Prout has fold out maps included, 1901 leather bound The Sunday Strand, 19th century leather bound Marcus Aurelius, 1878 leather bound Tales from Shakespeare, 1898 leather bound Short History of the English People, 1829 leather bound Southey Works, 1870 Choice of Books, 1905 leather bound Long Fellow, 1890 leather bound Ivanhoe, 1878 leather bound Kingsley, 1907 leather bound Lyra Heroica, 1889 leather bound Judges, 1872 leather bound Gelangbuch in German, 1903 leather bound Mathew Arnold, 1855 First Class Reader, Leather book match holder, Modern 20th Century high quality leather bound multi-colored books to include: Star-Spangled Banner, Icons of the 20th Century, Sleeping Beauty, American from the Air, Titanic, Photos that Changed the World, The Little Big Book of Christmas, The Pocket World Atlas, Norman, 50 Greatest Golfers, Let Freedom Ring, Christian related leather bound Collection to include: One Hundred Saints, Born Is He The Child Divine, Jesus of Nazareth, Most Beloved Bible Passages, The Life of Jesus, Hymns of Faith and Inspiration, Treasury of Prayer, The Treasury of Faith and Inspiration, (10) vols. 1913 Draper’s, 1890 David Copperfield, 1889 The Home Manual, 1970 Antiques, 1956 Ladies Home Journal with dust jacket, 1919 Practical Home Economics, 1952 Treasury of American Poetry, 1915 Deer Enemy, 1860 Sherwood Works, 1876 After Bread, 20th Century Don Quixote, 1876 Coopers Works, 1936 The Complete Works of Shakespeare, 1896 Arkansas Planter, 1918 The Hoosier School Boy, 1888 Cooper’s Tail, 1909 The Young Folks Treasury, 1929 World Greatest Romances, 20th Century A Little Maid, Housekeeping in Old Virginia, 19th Century Yarns on the Beach, 1999 At Home with Art, 1999 Living with Books with dust jacket, 1999 At Home with Books, 2006 For the Love of Old, 20th Century Seraphita Balzac, Tray lots of books to include: books of jewelry porcelain, faience, art pottery, Boehme, Meissen, Minton, Davenport, Royal Delft, cookbooks and tray of Southern living books, 6 vols. Nancy Drew mysteries, Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, The Cat in the Hat Dictionary, 1871 I Remember, 1897 The People for Whom Shakespeare Wrote, 1957 Cass Timberlane by Lewis, (9) vols. 1819 and earlier The British Essayitis, 2015 Winston Salem Architectural Heritage with dust jacket

Antique Clocks:

Nice selection to include; Waterbury oak time only wall clock, Ansonia outside escapement, marble case clock, Howard Miller Westminister chime,

Quilts, Textiles and Related:

Nice selection to include; Early NC quilt top, Linens and table clothes, handmade NC quilt, very fine fabric, needlepoint runner, wall tapestry of the Taj Mahal, child’s log cabin quilt,

Fruit Jar Collection:

Over 50 to include; half gallon #8 square, half gallon 5-3, half gallon Masons 1858, half gallon ball Mason, Half gallon heavy embossed Masons 1858, Half gallon Atlas, quart size to include; ball ideal, ball Mason, Mason iron cross 1858, Atlas Strong shoulder, Ball improved, Pint size to include; Ball perfect Mason, Ball ideal, half pint to include; Atlas Mason, Ball perfect Mason, and others,

Country Antiques and Related:

Large collection from Pilot Mountain NC to include; wooden rolling pins, Kitchen utensils, wooden cutting board, antique watering cans, Spice cabinet, large tinware collection, Selection of Enamelware, sugar bucket, country tables, footstools, Match holder, grinding stones, wooden strawberry basket, Copper boiler, cast iron cookware, brass bells, early textile items, crocks and jugs, early game board, early knife box, early candle box, Carpenters tray, hog scrappers, copper weather vein, brass buckets, egg baskets, coffee grinder, farm bell, picnic basket, tea kettles, and much more,

Vintage Barbie Dolls, Toys and Related:

Important discovery of vintage Barbee Dolls to include: 1961 Barbie Blue doll case full of clothing accessories and dolls, 1961 Black Barbie doll case with Ken doll accessories and clothing, 1962 Barbee red case with dolls paperwork, clothing and accessories, 1962 Blue Barbie case, Pair of children’s Billy the Kid blue jeans size S9, 1976 child’s Bionic Man rain coat, A tin litho Marx Casey Jr. Disneyland express, Friction tin litho cars to include: Bread, Flowers, Ice cream and a pair of Milk, Wyndotte press steel dump truck, Marx windup tin litho Campus Express, U.S. metal tin litho western style Forty Niners wagon, Japanese tin litho friction truck, Pair of Vanity Fair Co. Walkie Talkies, A Live Baby Rabbit toy box only, Cast iron guitar player, Pluto statue, Halco halloween costume, Stadium checkers game, Tuco puzzle, Fairchild puzzle, M.C. Escher puzzle, Siege game, Go game, Lowe chess set, misc. plastic toys, Yo-yo, Tops and some by Duncan, 1967 Uneeda Plum Pie doll, Rubber doll in wedding dress, painted ceramic face doll, Impco doll and others, Early Parker Bros Tiddledy Winks game, Star Authors game, Parkers Bros, Jack Straws game, A Camp Fire Harmonic box only, Billiards balls in box, A Alphie-2 robot by playschool, A Toy box, Mickey Mouse plastic video toy, G.I. Joe, Nylint truck, A Smurfs plastic lunch box, A Five game electric table top pin ball, Echo plastic locomotive, Mr. Gadget toy, New look IPI swimming toy, Sunshine special tin litho train cars, plastic locomotive, Uncle Sam cash register bank, Tin litho bingo set, Plastic Beauty and the Breast lunch box, Plastic Little Debbie lunch box, Heritage collection porcelain head doll, NJSF porcelain doll, Cardboard Jack in box by Mantel, Collection of hot wheels and die cast cars, Tinkertoy super transit, Fisher price plastic bucket, 1961 Fisher price Snoopy pull toy, 1951 Mantel music maker toy, Southern express locomotive, Marx railroad cars, Southern Pacific, Pam central, Penn railroad, Erie, B&O, Penn central, and other including miscellaneous train accessories, Tonka tractor trailer, Tonka , Allied Van line and other tractor toy parts, Containers of miscellaneous small toys to include: Figurines and other plastic accessories, Collection of Beanie Babies, Delivery cycle tricycle, Tonka 768 earth mover, selection of Winross toys to include Carolina tractor trailer set, various ABF tractor trailers, CF tractor trailers, miniature Southern Pacific locomotives, miniature ABF trailer tractor with magnifying glass, Corgi Mercedes car, World of Barbie doll trunk,

Vintage Vinyl Album Collection:

Outstanding selection from Pilot Mountain North Carolina to include: Over 90 sealed albums to include artist such as: Liquid Gold-multiple copies, The Tarney/Spencer Band, Skateboard Soundtrack, YHP Orchestra-multiple copies, Zoom, Lena Zavaroni, Richard Harris-multiple copies, George Kerr, Flakes-I-multiple copies, Michael Johnson, Randy Pie, Jim Price, The Players Association, Player, Ian Matthews, Bob McGillpin, Gordon Grody, King Harry-multiple copies, Roy Head-multiple copies, Ron Garner, Bobby Caldwell, Bohannon, The Stanky Brown Group, B.W. Stevenson, Dr. Jerry Faldwell, Diana Trask multiple copies, Bill Wray, Kennny O’Dell, Tierra, Lenny LeBlanc, Steve Harley & Cockey, Jubal elekra, Disc Party, Van McCoy, Glen Mills Reform School for Boys, Kayak, Bricks, The Faraghers, Randy Barlow, Eruption, Film Sounds Track, Space Opera, Sunny Charles, Cerrone IV multiple copies, The Credibility Gap, The Conception Corporation, Karen Alexander, The Nashville Sound 70’s, Jim Weatherly, LeBlanc & Kerr, Morris Albert, The Jimmy Castor Group, Digby Richards, Brooklyn Dreams, Wendall Burton, Mistress, Kid Brother, C.J. & Company, David Amram, Pricilla Coolidge Jones, Rough Diamond, Crackin, Jimmy Castor, Crown Height Affair, Arpeggio, Larry Jon Wilson, The Sylvers, Richard Mosses, Sister Sledge, The Singers Unlimited, John Palumbo-multiple copies, ADC Band, Delegation, Venus Dodson, Gregg Diamond, The Buckeye Politician, Buckacre, Kenny Young, Zed, The Addrisi Borthers, The Eugene Record, Adrendlin, Dancin Room and other LP’s to include: Mayday, Alabama, Jerry Lee Lewis, Larry Gatlin, various Christmas LP’s, Beach Boys, John Travolta, Trax, Jimmie Mack, Salem College Choral, Junior Tucker, Floyd Camer, Holly and the Italians, Disco LP’s, Bartel, Mr. Big, Bandera, The Beattles, John Lennon, Any Gibbs, The Jacksons and Jackson Five, LA, Duncan Sisters, Tom Dickie and the Aesires, Douccette, Cecilia Kapono, David Essex, Jerry Rafferty, Country, Black Fist, American Standard Band, The Elevators, Brian Cadd, Ace, Commodores, Dottie West, Teddy Wilson Trio, Stargard, Paul McCarthy & Wings, The Monkeys, Peter John Morris, Nat king Cole, John Hiatt, TKO, Ten Years After, Fandango, Christopher Morris Band, Dickinson House Band, Eric Mercury, Donald Alston, Jim Capaldi, Frank Sinatra, Dan Cassidy, Urth, Kiss, Dolly Pardon, Star Trek and other, Twenty-12 inch disco and box lots.

Fine Dinnerware China:

33 pcs. Fiesta various colors pieces to include: soup plates, dinner plates, c/s sets, serving bowl, serving platters and pitchers, Winterling china, German canister set, Union Czechoslovakia plates, blue willow plates, 10pcs. Royal Doulton Allegro BB plates, Wedgewood jasperware, Narumi china, Wedgewood china, Mikasa china, Jian Shiang Segall Christmas Tree china set, Meissen blue onion tureen (as is), other blue onion pcs, Sevres tureen on stand (as is), Cabbage tureen with under plate, Mottahedeh golfing pitcher, Rosenthal china, Altwasser German luster tea set, Lenox china, Grosvenor china, Pfaltzgraff china, Corningware, Nippon hand painted blue bird demitasse set, Wilmer German serving tray with handle, Franciscan Ivy and Dessert Rose, Lu-Ray pitcher, Nippon Dragonware, Johnson Brothers china, Allentown china, Hall teapot, McCormick tea pot, Beckwith china, Wedgewood Windsor tureen, 75 pcs. Thomas china Moss Rose pattern, 21 pcs. Haviland The Princess pattern, 55 pcs. Spode Christmas tree china, (55) matching pieces of Spode Christmas Tree S3324-A1 to include; dinner plates, soup bowls, cups and saucers, coffee mugs, tray and other,

Depression and Elegant Glass Collection

: Large selection to include: Heisey vase, Heisey in colors, Heisey Victorian, Rare Heisey Dawn, Rare Rose point crystal serving pcs, pink Windsor Diamond water sets, pink Waffle berry set, pink Royal lace bowl, 21 pcs. Pink Open Rose tumblers and cups, Poinsettia green water set, Heisey orchid water pitcher/tumblers, 18 pcs. Pink American Pioneer Hobnail pitcher and tumblers, 42 Rare pcs. Blue Aunt Polly, 37pcs. Iris and Herringbone to include: goblets, dinner plates, Blue Royal Lace, Cobalt Ice Lip Pitchers, Rare Ruby Sailboat glasses, 13 pcs. Cobalt Sailboat, Moderntone, Ruby Red Water pitcher and tumblers, 19 pcs. Candlewick stems with etched star, other patterns to include: Doric, Sheraton, Cabbage Rose, Dogwood, Block optic, Florentine poppy, Adam, Morganton Golf ball stems, Caribbean, Rare Baroque candlestick in Azure blue, Louisa, Cameo, Patrick cups and saucers, Heisey Crystolite stemware, Ruby Flask Kings Crown, Pink Cherry Blossom, Open Lace, Bubble, Manhattan, Heisey Tall candlesticks, Glass canisters and spice jars, Vaseline, collection of over 50 vintage multiple color flower frogs to include: green, vaseline, custard, green Jadeite, carnival glass, crystal, ice blue, ice green and others, collection of vintage 1970’s Pepsi Looney tune glasses, Rare Strawberry by Indian Glass Water Pitcher, Collection of Blenko Mid-Century glass, Over 50 pieces of Fostoria American pattern to include; Rare serving pieces,

General Antiques:

Vintage perfume bottle collection, Formal document boxes, pocket knives, Byers Choice The Carolers collection, Crystal decanters, French ladies dresser set, French polished brass inkwell set, Cranberry glass, Victorian blue art glass, Child’s sled, Victorian umbrellas, paperweight, Antique marbles, Swizzle sticks, Antique iron book press, world globe, wooden duck decoys, Iron plant stand, Iron book ends, Victorian bronze mirrors, American art pottery, Vintage Mino bucket, Victorian desk calendar, early 19th century door lock, license tag collection, camping lanterns, wall pockets, Mahjong set, Christmas ornaments, key collection, Antique American flag, antique pool balls, WWII training rifle, rare Corona special typewriter, Pilot life bank, Pottery pipe, Rare trotting horse copper weather vein, Child’s piano, Collection of pattern glass syrup pitchers, Cross cut saw, rare cast iron pistol boot jack, Over 40 tray lots ceramic, glass, toys and other; Collection of sheet music over 100 individual sheets of music including artist Bing Crosby, Rudy Valle, Glen Miller, The Yankee Girl, I got the Blue Ridge Blues, Col Porter, I lost you, I lost you so why should I care, Ida Black Americana, How’s every little thing in Dixie, Johnny Mercers, Classical, and other sheet music, Red Savle liniment, Greens drugstore Wilmington box, D. Witts B.C. boxes, ManZan pile new/old stock boxes, Catalan plastic game set,
Maclarens Gerate new/old stock container, Save for War Bounds and Stamp bank, Medicine bottle Painud, Case USA Dots bone handle two-blade style #6249 appears to be mint, 4 different Byers Christmas carolers, tray lot of kitchen utensils, collection of marbles including clay, collection of Cutco knives steak, and other,

Featured Rug Catalog Session:

  • Lot 1. 9′ 1″ x 12′ India Jaipur handmade wool, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 2. 10’1″ x 13’9″ India Jaipur handmade wool, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 3. 9′ Diameter India Mahal handmade wool, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 4. 8’9″ x 11’6″ Chinese Art Deco handmade wool, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 5. 9′ x 12′ India Jaipur handmade wool, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 6. 6′ x 9’6″ Persian Keshan handmade wool, has been shorten, Good condition
  • Lot 7. 9’6″ x 14′ Chinese Aubusson handmade wool, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 8. 5′ x 8′ Pakastan Aubusson design handmade wool, 16/18 overall excellent
  • Lot 9. 8’10” x 12’1″ Belgium machine made Herati design wool very good condition
  • Lot 10. 2’7″ x 3’4″ Turkish Hereke handmade wool, excellent condition

Fine Jewelry Catalog Session:

  • Lot 1. 14K Gold Necklace with Pendant and Matching Earrings, Total Weight 3.53 Grams
  • Lot 2. 10K Gold Antique Baby’s Ring, Total Weight 0.3 Grams
  • Lot 3. 14K Gold Necklace 18″ in Length with Two Charms, Total Weight 13.13 Grams
  • Lot 4. 10K Gold Antique Baby’s Ring, Total Weight 0.35 Grams
  • Lot 5. 14K Gold Necklace with Matching Earrings, Total Weight 7.50 Grams
  • Lot 6. 10K Gold Mourning Pin Engraved on Back J E Williams #6th July 82, Has Gold Back with Woven Hair Under Crystal, Total Weight 10.89 Grams
  • Lot 7. 14K Gold Lot to Include: Valere Pin, Five Profile Charms, Horseshoe Pin, Airplane Charm, Total Weight 18.76 Grams
  • Lot 8. 10K Gold WSCS Cross Pin, Total Weight 1.86 Grams
  • Lot 9. 10K Gold and Enamel Pins, Total Weight 3.30 Grams
  • Lot 10. 10K Gold Necklace with Pendant 17″ in Length Heart Pendant with Red Stone on One Side and Clear Stone on Reverse, Total Weight 3.32 Grams
  • Lot 11. Sterling Silver Designer Bracelets 7″, Total Weight 14.28 Grams
  • Lot 12. Sterling Silver Brooch and Earring Set, Total Weight 18.62 Grams
  • Lot 13. Sterling Silver Pin and Earring Set, Total Weight 7.65 Grams
  • Lot 14. Sterling Silver Bracelets, Total Weight 9.53 Grams
  • Lot 15. Sterling Silver Necklace and Cross Pendants 17″ in Length, Total Weight 11.78 Grams
  • Lot 16. Sterling Silver Necklace Lot with Pendants Stamped Thai, Total Weight 12.60 Grams
  • Lot 17. Sterling Silver and .800 Silver Charm Collection to Include: St. Thomas, Birdhouse, Rocking Chair, Golf Bag, Trumpet, Ice Cream Maker, and Bird, Total Weight 25.57 Grams
  • Lot 18. Sterling Silver Figural Pins to Include: Beau Golf Club and Ball and Flamingo, Total Weight 7.99 Grams
  • Lot 19. Sterling Silver Bracelet and Pin Lot to Include: Dolphin Bracelet, Dutch Pin and Figure Wearing Poncho and Sombrero, Total Weight 15.84 Grams
  • Lot 20. Sterling Silver Designer Ring Stamped ESPO Size 8, Total Weight 1.96 Grams
  • Lot 21. Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet 7.5″ in Length with Charms to Include: Pill Box, Thumbs Up, Windmill, Hand Holding Cards, Profile, Majorette, Harmonica, Map of California, Four Leaf Clover Heart, and Other, Total Weight 55.81 Grams
  • Lot 22. .800 Silver Designer Bracelet Has Cabochon Red Stones, Total Weight 33.10 Grams
  • Lot 23. Sterling Silver Two Tone Bead Necklace 20″ in Length Stamped Mexico, Total Weight 55 Grams
  • Lot 24. Sterling Silver Chinese Designer Cuff Bracelet with Open Work and Oval Purple Cabochon Stone Stamped .925 TWI China, Total Weight 67.82 Grams
  • Lot 25. Bat Ami Sterling Silver Designer Pin, Total Weight 14.41 Grams
  • Lot 26. MX Designer Sterling Silver Ring Size 6.25, Total Weight 15.45 Grams
  • Lot 27. Mexico Designer Sterling Silver Ring Stamped .925 MWS Size 7, Total Weight 7.85 Grams
  • Lot 28. Simon Seebag Designer Gold Tone Sterling Silver Earrings, Total Weight 31.16 Grams
  • Lot 29. Vintage Sterling Silver Designer Cuff Bracelet Stamped .925, Total Weight 50.61 Grams
  • Lot 30. Elle Chinese Designer Sterling Silver Ring Size 5, Total Weight 6.65 Grams
  • Lot 31. Eggert Denmark Designer Gold Tone Sterling Silver Ring Size 7, Total Weight 9.69 Grams
  • Lot 32. A.Vahan Sterling Silver Designer Clip on Earrings, Total Weight 16.28 Grams
  • Lot 33. Vintage Sterling Silver Modern Design Necklace 22″ in Length, Total Weight 23.69 Grams
  • Lot 34. Mexico Designer Bracelet Stamped with Hallmark of Trees, TS1, Total Weight 32.28 Grams
  • Lot 35. Avi Soffer Modern Designer Two Tone Sterling Pin Stamped .925, Total Weight 13.82 Grams
  • Lot 36. Vintage Sterling Silver Pin Stamped MB, Total Weight 13.52 Grams
  • Lot 37. C Barse Designer Clip on Earrings Stamped .925, Total Weight 12.53 Grams
  • Lot 38. Vintage Sterling Designer Ring with Brick Red Cabochon Stone Size 5, Total Weight 5.41 Grams
  • Lot 39. Vintage BB Designer Sterling Silver Link Necklace 14″ in Length Stamped Sterling, Total Weight 34.07 Grams
  • Lot 40. American Indian Hand Crafted Carved Animal Fetish Necklace 32″ in Length with Eighteen Carved Animals
  • Lot 41. Vintage Norway Sterling Silver Enamel Flower Pin, Total Weight 13.17 Grams
  • Lot 42. Vintage Sterling Silver Cross Pendant Collection to Include: Turquoise, Green Stones, Engraved, and .925 Marked Roman, Total Weight 45.70 Grams
  • Lot 43. Coro Craft Sterling Silver Jeweled Key Pin, Gold Wash, Total Weight 15.95 Grams
  • Lot 44. Vintage Sterling Silver Tennis Racket Pin, Total Weight 3.63 Grams
  • Lot 45. Napier Gold Wash Sterling Silver Leaf Pin, Total Weight 10.41 Grams
  • Lot 46. Vintage Mexico Sterling Silver Bird Pin w/ Turquoise Stone, Total Weight 6.84 Grams
  • Lot 47. Vintage Taxco Sterling Silver Bracelet w/ Turquoise Stones and Open Work,Total Weight 33.43 Grams
  • Lot 48. Vintage Sterling Silver Pin Collection to include; Monogrammed Pin Stamped Beau, Rose Stamped Beau, Leaf by Jewelart, Handmade, A.C., Total Weight 25.69 Grams
  • Lot 49. Vintage Sterling Silver Pendant Collection to Include; Danish Style Openwork Floral Pin, VIC, CD, Mexico Mayan Face, Total Weight60 Grams
  • Lot 50. Vintage Sterling Silver Double Strand Beaded Necklace Marked Mexico Silver 16 Inches, Total Weight 66 Grams
  • Lot 51. Vintage Sterling Silver Mexico Necklace and Pendant, 24 Inches, Stamped LTT 925 Mexico, Total Weight45.64 Grams
  • Lot 52. Vintage Chinese Sterling and Purple Jade Style Bracelet, Total Weight 12.87 Grams
  • Lot 53. Vintage F.A.S. Sterling Silver and Turquoise Link Bracelet, Total Weight 22.70 Grams
  • Lot 54. Vintage Italian Sterling Byzantine Bracelet, Total Weight 24.22 Grams
  • Lot 55. Vintage ZAC Mexico Sterling Link Bracelet Stamped 925 Hammer and Anil Hallmark, Total Weight 34.19
  • Lot 56. 14K Gold Blue Sapphire Ladies Ring Stamped YKY has been tested, Size 5.25, Total Weight 4.51 Grams
  • Lot 57. 14K Gold Ruby and Pearl Flower Blossom Ring, Has Early Hallmark Stamp, Size 8, Total Weight 8.43 Grams
  • Lot 58. 14K Gold Opal Cluster Screw Back Earrings Outstanding, Total Weight 7.88 Grams
  • Lot 59. 14K Pearl Cluster Ring Stamped 14k, Size 6, Total Weight 4.79 Grams
  • Lot 60. 14K Antique Diamond Ring, Stamped SR Exquisite, Size 3.75 Total Weight 2.86 Grams
  • Lot 61. 10K Gold Garnett and Diamond Ring Stamped China 10k Size 7.25, Total Weight 2.15 Grams
  • Lot 62. 14K Gold Garnett Ring, Stamped EB 14k, Size 6.5, Total Weight 4.54 Grams
  • Lot 63. 14K Gold Amethyst Earrings Total Weight 2.88 Grams
  • Lot 64. 14K Gold Drop Loop Earrings Stamped JCM 14k, Total Weight 1.93 Grams
  • Lot 65. 10K Gold Ring Marked 9CT, Blue Opal Stone, Size 6.5 Total Weight3.58 Grams
  • Lot 66. 10k Gold Blue Sapphire and Diamond Chip Ring, Size 7 Total Weight 3.88 Grams
  • Lot 67. 10K Gold CZ Stone Ring, size 5.5 Total Weight 2.35 Grams
  • Lot 68. 10K Gold Blue Sapphire Fraternal Ring, Stamped P.S. Co. tested, Size 6.5, Total Weight 3.42 Grams
  • Lot 69. 14K Gold Opal and Diamond Antique Ring Size 7, Total Weight 2.52 Grams
  • Lot 70. 14K Gold Seated Carved Stone Buddha has Gold Hat w/ Jewel
  • Lot 71. 14K Gold Scarab Bracelet Multicolor Total Weight 15.3 Grams
  • Lot 72. 10K Gold Amethyst Bracelet Total Weight 7.51 Grams
  • Lot 73. Vintage Omega Ladies Wristwatch
  • Lot 74. 14K White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Ring Size 8
  • Lot 75. Total Weight 3.75 Grams