3-13-2020 Antique Auction 1:00 PM

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Auction: Friday, March 13th, 2020 at 1:00 PM
Preview: Thursday, March 12th, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM, 9:00 AM Day of Sale


  • 12:55 Opening Announcements
  • 1:00


Outstanding Selection Featuring Fine Formal Modern Furniture as Well As Early American Primitive to Include: Formal Mahogany Hungerford Four Drawer Chippendale Style Chest, Four Level Open Bookcase, Four Drawer Night Stand, Maple Lamp Table, Mahogany One Drawer Library Table, Mahogany Night Stand, Mid 19th Century French Tilt Top Wine Table, Formal Mahogany Five Drawer Chest on Chest, Wellington Hall Formal Mahogany Cabinet/Chest, Formal Mahogany Tri-Leg Beverage Stand with Brass Mounts, French Carved Gold Guilt Upholstered Arm Chair, Beautiful Wellington Hall Formal Chippendale Style Mahogany Four Drawer Block Front Chest, Formal Mahogany Ten Drawer Chippendale Style Dresser, Formal Mahogany Queen Size Four Poster Bead with Rice Carvings, Matching Set of Four Early American Ladder Back Dinning Chairs with Rush Seats, Formal Mahogany Chippendale Style Ball and Claw Feet Bed Steps, Pair of Formal Mahogany Hepplewhite Style Pin brook Tables, Outstanding Matching Set of Eight Chippendale Style Ball and Claw Feet Dinning Room Chairs, Formal Mahogany Oval Dinning Room Table with One Leaf, Ca. 1850 Empire Two Piece Cupboard, Modern Italian Style Iron and Glass Coffee Table, Victorian Empire Style Claw Foot Love Seat, Country Primitive Large Open Door Cupboard, Mahogany Four Drawer Radius Chest, Important Ca. 1850 North Carolina Open Pewter Cupboard, Ca.1850 North Carolina Splay Leg Country High Chair, 19th Century Distressed Painted Bucket Bench, Mid 19th Century North Caroline Pine Blanket Chest with Original Red Painted Surface and Cut Nail Construction, Wrought Iron Art Deco Wine Rack, Bamboo Style Three Step Plant Stand, Victorian Burl Tear Drop Lamp Table, Mid 19th Century Brass Mounted Lap Desk on Stand, Modern Paint Decorated Oval Table, High End Very Fine Duncan Fifth Style with Federal Elements Burl Mahogany Drop Leaf Library Table with Two Drawers Supported By Carved Lyre with Brass Torches Overall Condition is Outstanding, Mahogany Shaving Mirror, Primitive Country Doors, Four Piece Matching Modern Bedroom Suite, Windsor Style Chair, Beautiful Carved French Arm Chair with 18th Century Style Fabric, Pair of Paint Distressed Chippendale Arm Chairs with White and Gold Fabric, Formal Chippendale Style Side Chair, High Quality French Arm Chair with Matching Ottoman, Formal Mahogany Wine Server, Maitland Smith Wall Shelf, Formal Mahogany Ladies Cylinder Roll Writing Desk, Pair of Barstools, Burl Mahogany Beverage Stand with Slide Tray, Beautiful Oversize Upholstered Chairs, Hilde’s Interiors Sofa with Matching Pillows and French Fabric, Six 1930’s Pressed Steel Porch/Garden Chairs, Burl Mahogany Three Drawer Chest, Two Drawer Half Table, Mid 19th Century Pegged Ladies Rocker, Hepplewhite Inlay Shaving Mirror, 19th Century Eight Drawer Spice Wall Cabinet, American Oak Medicine Cabinet with Mirror, Small Dressing Stool, Watch For Updates

Fine Art:

Outstanding Selection of 20th Century Fine Art, All Examples are Professionally Framed and Matted, This Collection Features Original Oil on Canvas, Etchings, and Fine Botanical Prints to Include: Overall Size 47″ x 58″ Acrylic on Canvas Garden Landscape with Urn on Pedestal and Stairway Leading to Plantation, Beautiful Studies of Flowers in Spring Time in Full Bloom Signed by Artist Lower Right Vandenberg with Massive Gold Guilt Carved Frame, 22″ x 27″ Acrylic on Canvas Gated Arch Way with Spanish Tiled Roof Spring Time Garden in Full Bloom Signed Lower Left E. Finley with Beautiful Carved Gold Guilt Frame, 46″ x 33″ Oil on Canvas Garden at Early Spanish Manor Spring Time View with Flowers in Bloom by Stone Pillars Signed Lower Right by Cosa Garnda with Heavily Carved Frame and Numbered Arts COA on Back, 17″ x 14″ Pastel Dock Scene with Boats Signed Lower Right V. R. Munroe, 55″ x 47″ Marsh Print with Water Lily’s, Lily Pads, and Cattails, Signed Craig 1997 Beautifully Framed and Matted, Framed Civil War Map Puzzle, Matching Pair of Beautifully Framed Botanical Titled The Sambucus Tree and The Mangrove Tree, Matching Pair of Beautifully Framed and Matted Botanical and Butterfly Prints Titled Narciffus Indicus Liliaceus Saturo Colore Purpurafcens, Matching Pair of Professionally Framed and Matted Botanical Fern in Decorative Urn Prints in 18th Century Style Full Color in Landscapes, Matching Pair of Botanical Studies in 18th Century Style Titled Lilium Washingtoniamum Var Purpureum, Pencil Signed Lithograph Landscape with English Manor Titled Bibury by Tom Caldwell Numbered 125/1250 with COA, Pencil Signed Lithograph Titled Masked Bobwhite Signed Robin Hill 1973 145/350, Matching Pair of Professionally Framed and Matted Botanical Studies 18th Century Style Titled Pothos Violacea and Tacca Pinnatifida, Pair of Screen Printed on Canvas English Gardens in Bloom by Intonaccio, Matching Pair of English Garden Spring Time in Bloom Prints by Intonaccio, Pencil Signed Lithograph Titled Generous Spirit by John Furches 741/1300 Study of Americana Folk Art, 18th Century Style Print Titled Fly Fishing for Trout Fish Scale Frame, Large Silk Screen Print Country Path in Winter by Intonaccio, Framed Photograph of Pilot Mountain Sky View, Framed Watercolor of Leaf and Poem Signed Diana Leonard, Matching Pair of Hunting Dog Prints Titled Out on the Moors and First of September with John Richard Retail Label on Reverse, 18th Century Style Botanical Professionally Framed and Matted Titled Calthra, Autographed Framed Photographs, Very Fine Framed Mirrors, 18th Century Style Print of Amphora Vase with Painted Peacock on Branch, Matching Pair of Professionally Framed and Matted Hummingbird Prints, Hand Colored WWII Photograph Flag on Battleship, WWII Black and White Photograph of Aircraft Carrier, WWII 1943 US Crop Corp Poster, Black and White Lithograph Family Praying with Jesus in Folk Art Frame, Antique Photograph of Man with Early Bicycle, Hand Colored Photograph with Elderly Lady with Taxidermy, WWI Photograph of Soldier with Flag, WWI Panorama Photo of Battleship with Soldiers, Hand Colored French Print Signed Le Menuet De La Mariee, Yard Long Lithograph of Young Couple Titled Honeymooning in the Alps, Two 1962 Anti War Posters from the Japan Council Against H-Bombs, Bronze and Related Statuary: Bronze Dog Sleeping on Log Unmarked with Marble Base, Marble and Bronze Reading Monkey Table Lamp, Painted Pointer Hunting Dog, Large Metal Sculpture of Fox Hunter Holding Horn with Dogs, Pair of Bronze Dog Statues, Pair of Bronze Dog Book Ends Sleeping on Leather Books, Statue of Two Playing Labradors, Brass Dog Pocket Watch Display, Porcelain Hunting Dog, Leather Horse with Saddle, Maitland Smith Leather Box with Bronze Lion, Porcelain Chinese Style Horse, Silver Plate Blackmore Match Safe, Collection of Anthropomorphic Roosters Including Elvis, Chef, and Others, Christmas Statue Figurines, Sleeping Lion Book End, Chinese Mud Men Figures, Pair of Bronze Kiwi Bird Book Ends, Pair of Cable Bridge Book Ends, Pair of Brass Bird Book Ends, Large Metal Hindu Elephant Statue, Bronze Golfer Figural Table Lamp, Figural Dog Head Fireplace Tools, and Other


High End Modern Decorator Lamps to Include: Tall Candle Stick, Figural, Italian Bronze Mounted, Adjustable Floor, Cut Glass Brass Mounted, Antique Converted Porcelain Vases, French Porcelain Victorian, 1920’s Two Color Slag Glass, Light House Bronze, Mid Century Modern, Pattern Glass Oil, and Other

Fine Dinnerware China:

35 Pieces Chamberlains Worchester Late 18th Century Early 19th Century Vintage Pattern to Include Cups, Saucers, Mugs, Platters, and Others, 75 Pieces Noritake Floral Decoration Early Noritake Mark to Include Salad Plates, B&B Plates, Ramekins, Bouyon Cups and Saucers, Cups and Saucers, RS Germany 9 Pieces Chocolate Set with Pot Cups and Saucers, Royal Winton Old Cottage Chintz Tea Pot, Royal Worchester Cups and Saucers, Johnson Bros Cups and Saucers, Queen Anne Lady Margaret Cup and Saucer, Salad Plate, Early Johnson Brothers Purple Floral Servers, Various Patterns of Noritake, Partial Set of Franciscan Desert Rose, Various Pieces of Mikasa, Partial Set Mitterteich including Coffee Pot Creamer and Sugar, Royal Worchester Lunch Plates, T. Mayer Handless Cups and Saucers, Early Purple Transfer Ware, Imari Style Plates, German Lobster Bowl, D&C Limoges Covered Vegetables, Doulton Burslem, Shenango China United States Army Medical Department Plates, Halls Tea Leaf Mixing Bowls, Lenox Platters, Fallsgrapht Mixing Set, Dervetra Large Fruit Platter, Richard Genore, Mottahedeh, Royal Stafford Cup and Saucer, English Cheese Dish, Very Fine 19th Century Lidded Urns, Center Piece Bowls, and Compotes, and Other

Depression Glass Collection:

Outstanding Collection From Mr. Brooks Efland NC to Include: 45 Pieces Cobalt Blue Royal Lace to Include Ice Lip Pitcher, Footed Berry Bowl, Cracker Jar with Lid, Tumblers, Cups and Saucers, Sherbert, and Dinner Plates, 8 Pieces Crystal Royal Lace to Include Pitcher with Ice Lip, Tumblers, Butter Dish, and Other, Pink Royal Lace Rolled Edge Bowl, 17 Pieces Blue Mayfair Open Rose to Include Sweet Pea Vase, Candy Dish with Cover, Vegetable Bowls, Tumblers, Sandwich Tray, Saucers with Cup Ring, and Other, 18 Pieces Pink May Fair Open Rose to Include Fruit Bowl, Cereal Bowls, Butter Dish, Tumblers, Sherbert, and Cups, 34 Pieces Pink Homespun to Include Dinner Plates, Cups and Saucers , and Other, 38 Pieces Fire King Jadeite to Include Mixing Bowls, Cups and Saucers, Plates, Mugs, and Refrigerator Dish, Pink and Blue Stacking Mixing Bowls, 16 Pieces Block Optic to Include Pink and Green Tumblers, Cups, 7 Piece Pink Dogwood Berry Set, Blue Modern Home Shaker, Pink Poinsettia Dinner Plates, and Other

Elegant Crystal Collection:

Nice Selection to Include: From Mr. Brooks Efland NC 19 Pieces Della Rubbia to Include Goblets, Candle Holders, Bowls, Plates, and Salt and Pepper, 30 Pieces Fostoria Buttercup to Include Stems, Plates, Creamer and Sugar, 17 Pieces Fostoria Baroque in Blue to Include Plates, Tumblers, Cream and Sugar, 27 Pieces Fostoria American Pattern to Include Punch Bowl, Tumblers, Butter Dish, Vases, and Other, 26 Pieces Imperial Candlewick to Include Stems, Tumblers, and Other, 21 Pieces Heisey Rose to Include Rare Large Water Pitcher, Tumblers, Butter Dish, Cruet, and Other, 61 Pieces Heisey Orchid to Include Stem Ware, Rare Flat Tumblers, Vases, Cruets, Candle Holders, Butter Dish, Footed Bowls, Plates, and Other, Fostoria Chintz, Duncan Miller First Love, Heisey Old Sandwich, 121 Pieces Cambridge with Golf Ball Stem in Rare Light Blue, and Other


Nice Selection to Include: Seth Thomas Open Well Wall Clock with Moon Face, Small Bronze Column Desk Lamp, Swiss Skeleton Under Glass Dome Lamp, Rare Miniature Vienna Regulat0r Clock, Victorian Lenzkirch French Bronze Mounted Shelf Clock, Two Antique Carriage Clocks, Kundo Anniversary Clock Under Dome, Eight Day Time and Strike Gustav Becker Inlay Tambour, Howard Miller 77th Anniversary Edition, French Black Marble Shelf Clock, Outstanding Sleigh Tall Case Grandfather Clock with Three Brass Weights West Minister Chimes, Vienna Wall Regulator with Horse in Crest, and Other

Sterling Silver and Silverplate:

Matching Pair Sheffield Silver Plate Champagne Urns, Pair Sterling Silver Priesner Candle Holders, Pair of Sterling Mounted Compotes, Pair of Early Silver Mounted Cut Glass Salt and Pepper Pot, Set of Four Silver Plate Napkin Rings in Fitted Box, Weighted Sterling Cream and Sugar, Sterling Silver Coaster Sets, Silver Hallmark Ink Well, Silver Plate Figural Blackmore, Silver Baby Mug, Silver Plate Wine Tasting Cups, Sterling Silver Weighted Creamers, Gorham Silver Salad Set in Original Box, Gorham Silver Studio Serving Set in Original Box, and Other

Vintage Fashions and Related:

Polo Ralph Lauren Hoodie XL, Jos. A. Bank XL Brown Trench Coat, Anderson-Little XL Tan Trench Coat, XL Black Patagonia 2/3 Zip, LL Bean Tan Jacket L, LL Bean Blue Rain Jacket XL, Orvis 2/3 Zip Gray Sweater with Colorful Inside XL, Yellow and Black North Face Rain Coat XL, Navy Blue and Aqua with Some Orange Columbia Rain Coat Medium Childs, Polo Ralph Lauren 2/3 Zip Sweater XL, Jos. A. Bank Tan Full Suit XL, 2/3 Zip Gray Under Armour Sweater XL, Peter Millar Blue Under Shirt with Blue Vest XL, Size 11 Nocona Suede Cowboy Boats with Stitch Design, Size 11 Tony Lama El Paso, TX Leather Cowboy Boots with Nailed Soles and Stitch Design, Collection of Vintage Advertising and Harley Davidson T-Shirts, and Others

Toys, Trains and Related:

Rock Hill Marx Productions Tom Corbett Space Cadet Polaris Wind Up Tin Litho Space Ship, Lionel Locomotive Number 1130, Lionel Tender, Ready Made Norfolk Southern Locomotive, Lionel Erie Lackawanna Caboose Number 9325T5A, Williams Norfolk Southern Car, Lionel 027 Diesel Switcher, MTH NYC Caboose, Box Lot of Misc. Train Accessories, Parts, Transformer, Tracks, and Other, Early Jointed Teddy Bear, Small Jointed Teddy Bear, Empire Clay Iron, Three Wings of Texaco Collector’s Edition Planes in Box, Sky Chief Texaco Plane, Ertl Texaco Tanker, Walking Bear Wind up Toy in Box, Native American Dolls, Toy Bugal Marked Sonophome Tin Litho, Misc. Marbles, Battery Op Jolly Chimp with Box, Rodeo Game, Mail-A -Toy Games in Blister Paks, Happy Days Lunch Box with Thermos, Tonka XR 101 Cherry Picker Truck, Quick Loop Electric Power H.O. Race Set, and Other

Modern Household and Tools:

Cuisinart Knife Set in Knife Stand, Salt Dutch Oven, Kirkland Dutch Oven with Strainer, Selection of Kirkland Pots and Pans, Anchor Hawking, Screwpull Wine Opener in Box, Main Stays King Size Flannel Sheet Set in Box, Crisa Glassware Set, Bombay Tartan Plates, Lumina Ark Bar Glasses, Various Electric and Gas Powered Weed Eaters, Blower, Hedge Trimmers, Black and Decker, Monkey Wrenches, Bolt Cutter, Glass Cutter, Dewalt Power Tools, Portable DVD Player, Favi Calculator, Beets Head Phones in Carrying, Color Printing Pack, Panasonic Blu Ray Player, Printer, Binoculars with Image Stabilizers, Lobster Power Supply, and Other

Books and Magazine Collections:

Four Copies The Floricultural Cabinet, Four Volumes 19th Century Waverly Novels, Five Volumes Shakespeare 1887, Five Volume 1855 The Florist Fruitist, 1913 The Golden Treasury, 1922 Two Volumes Kipling, 1821 Volume Four The Family Expositor, 1877 Obras Volume Four in Spanish, 1847 Memoirs of Benvenuto Cellini, 19th Century Yvette in French, Le Barbier de Seville 19th Century, 1931 Onni Kokko in Swedish, 19th Century Schmidt in French, 22 Volumes Thackerat’s Work Leather Bound, 9 Volumes Mark Twain 1920, 1929 Harriet Beecher Stowe Translated From English to Swedish, 1956 Leather Bound I Orientens Greep in Swedish, 19th Century Le Phenix in French, 1929 Hosten in Swedish and Other Swedish Related Books, 1888 Sapho in French, Five Early Waverly Novels, Early 19th Century Reverend Henry Melvill, 1938 Varldskriget in Swedish WWI, William J. Locke Translated to Swedish, Selection of 1920’s Leather Bound Books in Swedish, Tray Lots of Books to Include Modern Novels, Art and Antiques, Children’s, Foreign Language and Other, Fortune Magazines to Include: July 1930, Feb. 1930, Sept. 1930, Nov. 1930, June 1932, April 1933, April 1936, Jan. 1936, Aug. 1940, July 1940, August and March 1931, May 1930, Sept. July and April 1932, Feb. 1932, Jan 1933, Nov 1936, July 1936, June 1936, May 1936, Sept. 1932, Dec. 1932, Feb 1933, Oct 1937, June 1934, Dec 1937, Aug 1937, Sept 1937, Sept 1934, March 1935, Nov 1939, Dec 1935, May 1938,April 1938, Sept 1938, Oct 1936, Oct 1941, Feb 1941, Feb and Nov 1940, June 1943, 1930’s Love Story Related to Include: All-Story, Love Story, Sweetheart Stories, and Other, Blue Book Magazine with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Large Selection of Western Related Magazines from 1930’s-1940’s to Include Wild West Weekly, Western Trails, Texas Rangers, Western Novels, and Other, Still Polly Bag Over 20 Copies 1980’s and 1990’s Automobile Magazine with Some Opened, American Rifleman Leather Bound Holders to Include: Large Lot of American Rifleman Magazines Including Year 1960, 1951, 1964, 1955, 1975, 1965, 1962, 1967, 1953, 1956, 1968, 1969, 1979, 1970, 1957, 1963, 1954, 1974, 1947, 1946, 1958, 1971, 1950, 1966, 1959, 1949, 1952, 1961, 1948, 1972, and 1973, War, Military, and Gun Related Books, Large Collection of Train Books to Include: American Steam, American Pacific, The Great Book of Trains, History of the Southern Pacific, Steam Railways, Train Wrecks, Trains and Locomotives, Yonder Comes the Train, Rails Across America, and Other

Country Store and Advertising:

Outstanding Selection of Advertising Soda Pop Bottles, Milk Bottles, and Medicines to Include: 1950’s Coca Cola Small Serve Yourself Cooler Form Drink Machine, Early 20t Century International Porcelain Sign, 25 Cent Esso Game Room Gumball Gasoline Pump, Texaco Light Up Sign, Cigar Boxes, AC Miniature Lamp Display, Bud Light Neon Sign, Coca Cola Thermometer, Coca Cola Signs, 7-Up Cardboard, Fruit Labels, Rola Cola Sign, Coca Cola Bottle Thermometer, Rare Big Boy 5 Cent Cardboard Sign, NeHi Embossed Sign, Pepsi Cola Thermometer, Rare Coca Cola Die Cut Menu Sign, Coca Cola Fish Tail Clock, Wooden Advertising Boxes, Large Collection of Pepsi and Coca Cola Bottles, Collection of Ink Bottles, Collection of NC Milk Bottles, Collection of 19th and 20th Century Medicine Bottles, Rare 5 Cent Coin Op Chewing Gum Dispenser, Mission Orange Light Pulls, Drug Store Syrup Pumps, First Aid Soda Pop Signs, Coca Cola Picnic Cooler, Franklin Caro Candy Jars, Fruit Jar Collection, Spice Tins, Bottle Crowns, Pickle Jars, Stoneware ALE Bottles, Whitehouse Vinegar Bottle and Jug Collection, Coca Cola and 7-Up Fountain Cups, Premier Tea Tin, Coca Cola Serving Tray, WWI Posters, Rare SS Washington Sister Ship of SS Manhattan Cruise Line Poster, Reliance Cruise Line Poster, Moxie Sheet Music, Apothecary Bottle Collection, Child’s Coca Cola Fountain, Cigar Holder Display, Miller Time Pool Ball Light Up Sign, Pool Parlor Sign, Budweiser Save the Bay Light Up Sign, Bacardi Mirror Sign, 19th Century Hotel Copper Bath Tub with Wooden Frame, Nascar Jackets, and Other

Porcelain Figurine Collection:

Extensive Collection of German Dresden Lace Figurines to Include: Couples, Dancers, Lady at Vanity, Musicians, and Other, Royal Dux Lady Figurine, Lladro Girl on Stool, Lladro Young Couple, Royal Dux Seated Lady, Armani Seated Ballerina, Royal Copenhagen Number 528 Goose Girl, Royal Doulton The Old Balloon Seller HN1350, Royal Doulton The Balloon Man HN1954, Two German Bisque Figurines Characters in Period Dress, One German Bisque Character in Country Dress, One German Bisque Character Formal Period Dress, Pair of German Porcelain Flower Sellers, Several Lenox Figurines Including Santa Claus and Snowman, and Other

Rugs, Textiles and Related:

  • 1. 7′ x 10′ Persian Kerman Handmade Wool, Mid 20th Century, Overall in Excellent Condition
  • 2. 6′ x 9′ Pakistan Tabriz Design Handmade Wool, Late 20th Century, 16-18 Quality, Overall in Excellent Condition
  • 3. 8’10” x 11’6″ Agra India Handmade Wool Bidjar Design, Late 20th Century, High Quality Wool, Overall in Excellent Condition
  • 4. 5’9″ x 7′ 5″ Pakistan Kazak Design Mixture of Chrome and Vegetable Dyes, Late 20th Century, Handmade Wool, Overall Excellent Condition
  • 5. 3′ 4″ x 4′ 4″ Afghanistan Belouch Handmade Wool, Late 20th Century, Overall Good Condition
  • 6. 2′ x 2′ 10″ Afghanistan Belouch Handmade Wool, Late 20th Century, Overall Good Condition
  • 7. 2’7″ x 4′ Pakistan Tabriz Design Handmade Wool, Late 20th Century, 16-18 Quality, Overall Excellent Condition
  • 8. 3′ 4″ x 4′ 9″ Afghanistan Belouch Handmade Wool, Late 20th Century, Overall Excellent Condition
  • 9. 7′ Diameter India Dhurrie Flat Woven Handmade Rug, Late 20th Century, Overall Good Condition
  • 10. 2′ x 4′ Pakistan Bokhara Handmade Wool, Late 20th Century, Overall Good Condition
  • 11. 2′ 8″ x 4′ 8″ Afghanistan Belouch Handmade Wool, Late 20th Century, Overall Good Condition

Vintage Vinyl Record Album Collection:

Unusual Japanese Pressing Joe Strafford, Box Lot of 90 LP’s, Two Nice Consignments of Two Vintage LP’s to Include: Tony Anthony Perkins, Bernadette Peters, Joane Baze, Bobby Darrin, The Vogues, The Supremes, Nat King Cole, Puttla Clark, Sammy Davis Jr., Waller, Paul Anka, The Mama’s and the Papa’s, Everly Bros., The Drifters, Vince Guaraldi Trio Peanuts, The Weavers, Eddy Arnold, The Kalin Twins, Kenny Rogers, Jimmy Rogers, The Four Aces, Gladius Knight and the Pips, The Mystic Mood, Carol King, Elton John, Ray Charles, Billy Joel, Phebee Snow, Aba, Eartha Kitt, The Crew Cuts, Dave Brewbec, Janis Ian, Sarah Van, Harry Belefonte Collection, Dan Fogelberg Collection, The Clash, Yes, The Who, Tinnsley Ellis Great Guitar, Lou, We Five, Samantha Sang, Don Dixon From NC, Vincent Edwards, Rock Hudson, Carl and the Passions, Eric Clapton, TenCC, Mike Cross, Jane Wiedlin, and Many More

Pocket Knives and Other:

Remington Circle Brand Style R1225 Two Blade, Remington Star Style R8489 Three Blade Metal Handle, Remington Style R6583 Bone Handles, Remington Two Blade Bottle Opener Bale Handle, Modern Remington The Trappers Pride Green Bone Handles Two Blade in Tin Container, Case in KC 1979 Collectors Stag Handles Style 1554SSP in CSA, Case XX USA Dots Two Blade Barlow Style, Camillus Scout Style, Early Two Blade Bone Handle, Queen Steel Number 20 Bone Handles, Pair of Queens in Box Master Cutler Collection, Schrade Box Set Tobacco with Jigged Bone Handles, Modern Confederate in Case, and Many Others to Include American and Foreign Knives, Vintage Winchester Celluloid Handles Two Blade, Double Ended Switchblade Sterling Handles, German Bone Figural Cork Screw, Old Timer in Box, Phillip Morris Boy Scout Style Knife,

General Antiques:

Shotgun/Hunting Related Items to Include: 20 Ga Upland Field Loads, .380 Rounds, Magazines for Taurus .380, 12 Ga Lead Shots, 20 Ga Game Loads, 20 Ga High Brass, Clay Thrower and Box of Remington Clays, Four Military Jacket, Box of Sheet Music is Poly bagged and Boarded Mostly American, Fossil and Mineral Collection to Include: Shark’s Teeth, Whale Fossils, Marine Fossils, Mastodon Fossils, Icenozoic Era, Mesozoic Era, Paleozoic Era Fossils to Include Invertebrate, Vertebrate, and Plants, Mineral Specimens, Flow Blue Chine, Copper Luster, Blue Ridge China, Brass Front Scales, Early Pewter, Kitchen Utensils, Leather Shoes, Cranberry Fenton Glass, Ruby Red Glass, Cut Glass, Modern Art Statue, Watering Cans, Early Photography, Staffordshire, Figural Chicken Collection, Italian Platter, Brass Candlesticks, Dart Board, World Globes, Cast iron Card Receiver, Fan Collection, Political Buttons, Ink Wells, Gorham Holiday Crystal, Cast Iron Cookware, Dough Tray, Crocs, Rare Antique Christmas Ornaments and Bulbs, Old Paris Porcelain, Cake Stands, Cabinet Card Collection, Nautical Related Items, Cookie Jars, Comic Books, Electric Fan, Wood Working Tools, Typewriter, Cameras, Early Hand Forges Trivets, Cutlery, Pewter ink Well, Early English China, Collection of Early Lighting, Japanese Wedding Basket, Virginia Stoneware, S. Bell Croc with Blue, Granite Ware, Stone Jugs, Salt Glaze, Sponge Ware, Singer Sewing Machine, Large Hat Collection, Textiles Linens, Wall Tapestry, Push Plow, Door Hardware, John Blissnet Gun Box, Book Ends, and Others Radios: 1940 Federal Model 1032T, 1970’s Mickey Mouse Novelty Alarm Clock Radio, and Others

Melrose Mansion Collection Reidsville NC:

Very Important Session to Include HR Scott Personal Law Document Box, HR Scott Photographs, Family Photo Albums, Collection of North Carolina Mid 19th Century Booklet Collection to Include Ores, and Address UNC, 1843 UNC, 1859 Chapel Hill NC, 1854 UNC, 1883 Sketch Book, 1892 Celebration Raleigh, William Drummond, 1886 Greensboro Courts, Standard Oil Company, American Cotton, Southern Law Times, Alfred M. Scales 1881, Dr. JC Kilgo, Impeachment Trial 1901, Southern Politics, City of Charlotte, Sketches of Rockingham County, 1910 Reidsville NC, 1884 North Carolina State Exposition, Rules of Order 1881, North Carolina Day 1903, 1856 Wake Forest College, 1891 Wake Forest College, 1879 WM H. Battle, 1910 William A. Graham, 1882 Zebulon B. Vance, 1878 Durham NC, 1875 Wake Forest College, and Many Other Booklets, WWI Red Cross Poster Collection, Rockingham County Deeds, Speeches by Hugh Scott, Scott and Reid Family History, Civil War Monument 1909 Reidsville NC, Son of Governor Reid Papers, Poems by Reid Scott, Listing of Books from Melrose Library, Flossie Scott Letters, Massive Book Collection, Drawings and Other Important NC Paper, and Other

Fine Jewelry Catalog Session

  • 1. 22K Gold Flakes, 2.2 Grams
  • 2. 16-18K Gold Fillings and Teeth, 17.88 Grams
  • 3. 18K White Gold Orange Blossom Wedding Band, Size 7.5, 1.17 Grams
  • 4. 14K Gold Wedding Band, Size 11.5, 3.73 Grams
  • 5. 10K Gold Wedding Band, Size 7, 2.19 Grams
  • 6. Sterling Silver Group Lot Rings and Pins
  • 7. Vintage Mickey Mouse Wrist Watch by Ingersoll
  • 8. Vintage Ladies Wristwatch Collection
  • 9. Antique Pocket Knife Haward Silver Handles
  • 10. Vintage Silver and Sterling Jewelry Lot Bracelet, Ring, and Box
  • 11. 14K Gold Multicolor Bracelet, 8.9 Grams
  • 12. 14K Gold CZ Stud Earrings, 2.21 Grams
  • 13. 14K Pear Shape Earring, 2.28 Grams
  • 14. 14K Designer Ring, Size 7, 3.16 Grams
  • 15. Sterling Silver Designer Bead Necklace, 29 Grams
  • 16. Judith Ripka Designer Sterling Bracelet, 49 Grams
  • 17. Sterling Silver Italian Designer Gold Toned Cuff Bracelet, 57.89 Grams
  • 18. Sterling Silver Cross, 33.18 Grams
  • 19. Wedgewood Brooch Displayed in Box
  • 20. Italian Designer Sterling Gold Toned Necklace, 49.48 Grams
  • 21. Sterling Silver Designer Bracelet, 55.87 Grams
  • 22. Sterling Silver Designer Bracelet, 15.04 Grams
  • 23. Sterling Silver Mexico Flower Form Pin, 42.10 Grams
  • 24. Vintage Sterling Mexico Flower Form Pin, 16.37 Grams
  • 25. Vintage Sterling Mexico Dragon Fly Pin, 10.77 Grams
  • 26. Sterling Silver Designer Ring, Size 6.5, 11.81 Grams
  • 27. Sterling Silver Designer Ring, size 7.5, 8.65 Grams
  • 28. Chinese Gold Tone Sterling Ring, 3.32 Grams
  • 29. Mexico Sterling Designer Clip-on Earrings, 32.83 Grams
  • 30. Simon Seebag Designer Gold Tone Sterling Clip-on Earrings, 38.48 Grams

Uncataloged Jewelry:

Three Automatic Watch Winder Display Showcases For Wrist Watches in Working Excellent Condition, and Other

Featured Pocket and Wrist Watch Catalogue Session:

  • 1. New Era Pocket Watch, Size 18, Serial Number AB187888, Displayed in a Nickel Silver Case, Working Condition
  • 2. Elgin Pocket Watch, Size 14, 15 Jewel, Hunter’s Case, Non Working Condition
  • 3. Seth Thomas Pocket Watch, Size 18, Serial Number 2591031, Has Artwork of Train on Dial and Engraving on Back of Case, Working Running Condition
  • 4. Elgin Pocket Watch, Size 14, 15 Jewel, Masonic Engraved Artwork, Serial Number 26477467, Working Running Condition
  • 5. Elgin Pocket Watch, Size 14, Beautiful Engraved Eagle with American Flag, Gold Case Marked Winton, Serial Number 33600813, Working Running Condition
  • 6. Waltham Pocket Watch, Size 14, 17 Jewel, Working Running Condition
  • 7. Hamilton Pocket Watch, Size 16, Hunter’s Case, 17 Jewel, Overall Outstanding Condition, Working and Running
  • 8. Lonville Extra Pocket Watch, 17 Jewel, Size 16, Beautiful Engraved Train Engine on Back, Model 191HOR, Not Running Otherwise Excellent Condition
  • 9. Standard Pocket Watch, Size 16, 7 Jewel, Silver Case, Serial Number BD066003, Working Running Condition
  • 10. Waltham, Size 16, 17 Jewel, Hunter’s Case, Serial Number 11536778, Displayed in J. Boss Case, Working Running Condition
  • 11. Seth Thomas, Size 14, Hunter’s Case, Serial Number 179032, Displayed in Essex Gold Filled Case, Working Running Condition
  • 12. Elgin, Size 16, 19 Jewel, B.W. Raymond, Serial Number 22320981, Displayed in Bunn Special Case, Working Running Condition
  • 13. Bulova Accutron Displayed in Original Box
  • 14. Wenger Swiss Military Running Condition
  • 15. Fossil 100 Meters Running Condition
  • 16. Fossil Date Day Running Condition
  • 17. Kenneth Cole Water 100M Resistant, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Both Running Condition
  • 18. Swiss Army Running Condition
  • 19. Anne Clein Leather Band, Anne Clein Water 100M Resistant, Both Running Condition
  • 20. Wenger S.A.K. Design, Working Running Condition
  • 21. Four to Include: Paul Frank Playing Guitar Fossil with Son, Armitron Bugs Bunny, US Polo, All Appear to be Running and Working Condition
  • 22. Four to Include: Joan Rivers, Relic, Pierre Cardin, J. G. Hook, All Appear to be Running and Working Condition