3-15-2019 Antique Auction 1:00 PM

Auction: Friday, March 15th, 2019 at 1:00 PM
Preview: Thursday, March 14th, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM, 9:00 AM Day of Sale

Auctioneers Announcement:

Mebane Antique Auction Gallery is very proud and honored to be representing the heirs of the Melrose Mansion of Reidsville North Carolina. The Mansion was built for Hugh Reid Scott in 1910. There will be multiple sale date sessions for this important North Carolina discovery. March 15th beginning at 1:00 PM will be Session Five and will include, hunting and fishing related, sports and related, crocks and jugs, furniture, 78 RPM records, garden tools, and items of local interest, We would like to invite all collectors of North Carolina History to attend. Please monitor our weekly sales for general uncataloged material. Early spring of 2019 there will be a Featured Cataloged Session with over 400 lots of investment quality material dating from late 18th century through the 20th century collected by this important North Carolina family.
Thank you, Jon Lambert


  • 12:55 pm -Opening Announcements:
  • 1:00 -Melrose Collection
  • 1:30 -Toy Trucks and NC Pottery
  • 2:00 -Carnival, Elegant and Depression glass
  • 2:15 -Fine Dinnerware China and Crystal
  • 2:30 -Le Creuset Cookware
  • 3:35 -Christmas Ornament Collection
  • 2:45 -Copper Tea Kettles, Blue and White Salt Glaze, and some Country Antiques
  • 3:00 -Radios and Vintage Electronics
  • 3:15 -Pattern Glass Oil Lamp Collection
  • 3:30 -Classic Illustrated Comic Book Collection and Related
  • 3:35 -Vintage Barbie Dolls and Related
  • 3:40 -Military Bayonet Catalog Session
  • 4:00 -Fine Jewelry Catalog Session
  • 4:15 -All Uncataloged Vintage Jewelry and Watches
  • 4:35 -Sterling Silver Collection
  • 5:00 -Featured Fine Antiques, VA Pottery, Country Furniture, Walking Canes, License Tags
  • 5:30 -Talk Case and Shelf Clocks
  • 5:35 -General Antiques, Country Store Related, and Other
  • 6:00 -Featured Furniture, Fine Art, Lighting,
  • 6:30 -Smart TV, Home Entertainment, Tablets, and Ladies Fashions
  • 7:00 -All Remaining Categories, Rugs, and Related


Nice selection to include: Early 20th century formal Chippendale style solid mahogany pie crust edge tilt top bird cage tea table, Pair of carved George III style arm chairs, Formal mahogany Queen Anne style wing back chair, Victorian Baby cradle, matching set of six 19th century Windsor chairs, 19th century Lincoln rocker, Late 19th century golden oak Masonic lodge chair, Formal mahogany studio photographers chair, Formal mahogany Queen Anne style dressing bench, Early 20th century fall front desk, Mahogany five shelf open bookcase, Mahogany ball and claw candle stand, Victorian Cottage sewing table, Formal mahogany Queen Anne style Library corner chair, 18th century style gentleman’s wig stand, Walnut umbrella stand, Formal mahogany Hepplewhite style Pembroke table, Formal Queen Anne style wing back chair with tropical textile covering, Mid 20th century Shaw custom built sofa with tropical pattern textile cover, Oak porch rocker with cushions, Morganton formal mahogany dining room sideboard, pair of 7 foot open bookcases, matching set of six formal mahogany shield back dinning chairs, Outstanding matching pair Chippendale style leather tufted wing back chairs, Small formal Queen Anne style brown Tufted wing back chair, Formal mahogany slant front desk with fitted interior, Formal mahogany dinning room china closet, Formal mahogany triple pedestal dining room table with leaves and cover pads, Formal set of six Chippendale style dinning chairs, Modern kitchen chopping block, Formal mahogany six drawer serpentine front dresser, Formal mahogany six drawer chest on chest, pair of Colony original upholstered lounge chairs, Dunkin Phyfe sofa, Arrow back deacons bench, Mid century coffee table, oak shaving stand, French full size brass bed, Mahogany step end table, Bentwood high chair, walnut drop leaf table, Oak wash stand rack, Formal Queen Anne style shepherd hook arm chair, Mahogany French inlay arm chair, baby bed, Country child’s arm chair, Country foot stool, Davis Small pecan secretary desk, Early 20th century Tambour roll index file cabinet, Mid 19th century paint decorated Windsor Chair, Formal Mahogany Shield back chairs, Oak stick and ball dressing screen, Formal Mahogany Wall Curio, American oak bow-front china closet, early 20th century American oak drop leaf sewing table/ cabinet with 3 drawers, country primitive splay leg stool, paint decorated stick gypsy table, multi shelf flower pot stand, Eastlake Victorian hall tree with brass drip pans, Virginia Valley mid 19th century pine bench with cut nail construction and original barn red paint, important Virginia Valley paint decorated southern yellow pine blanket chest, Mid 19th century pegged blanket chest with red paint, Oak halltree with mirror, Pair of Formal Mahogany Queen Anne Style Tomlinson Leather Inlay Top end tables, Watch For Updates…

Fine Art:

Outstanding Selection to include: Rare 1851 The Great Exhibition of the history of all nations, Rare 1851 London The City by William Little scenic print, Original late 19th century oil on canvas river mountain landscape with figures in sail boat, Late 19th century original oil on canvas mountain river landscape with horse driven covered wagon scene, 1901 George L Richards Revolutionary War Heroes Print, Early 20th Century signed oil on bored floral, North America Map, Plaster mold of seated woman holding fan, 1890 Hatgreauez woman seated on bench, Queen Elizabeth Print, Two original Oil on canvas Colonial children signed Carrin, Oil on bored signed C. Holt 1919 young girl in yellow dress, An Ancient Tree by Maxfield Parrish, 19th Century needlepoint titled “God Bless Our Home”, Early Woven Textile titled “To Boston”, Artwork of horse drawn carriage, Currier and Ives titled “Morning Prayer,” 1892 Two Volume Set titled Character Sketches by Brewer, Watercolor, signed Giddings, Pencil Drawing signed He Vineyard, Three Part Watercolor Ocean Desert, Nancy Taylor titled “Onion 1./25”, Early needle point textile of deer, Julius Kahn titled “Tassde Trois”, Mark Winter Photograph, Early 20th century print titled “Bag in France”, R. Atkinson Fox Garden Scene Print, D. Smith Native American Indian Art, Federal Style Eagle Bullseye Mirror, Botanical Framed prints, E. Yelton watercolor, Oil on Canvas Cottage Beach scene painting, Print titled “Expose yourself to art,” Oil on bored signed Yelton, French and Italian Framed Mirrors, Signed Oil on Canvas Paris Street Scene, Beautiful Oil on Canvas Mediterranean Costal scene, J. Gould titled “Glareola Lactea”, 1823 L. Griffin print titled “The Earl of Derby’s Stag hounds,” Original Maxfield Parish Day break, Allen duck prints, J.G. Keulemans Bird Study, Original Jon Shawl watercolor of sailboat, 1942 Quaker State Litho Redwing blackbird print, Ella Hall Carter pencil drawing, Bob Timberlake original signed and numbered basket of cherries, J. Gould Hummingbird print, 3 times a lady Railroad print, Print, with Arrival Of Her majesty In The Place Du Carrousel, Tuileries on bottom, Wellingtons Funeral Car print, Exterior Of The Crystal Palace print, The Allied Commanders In The Crimea print, Grand Entre Of The Prince And Princesses Fredrick William Into Berlin print, Sebastopol Frist Days Attack By The Allied Fleet And Armies Of France And England print, Rates and Taxes print, The New Doctor print, The Tuileries Paris supplement to the illustrated London News September 3, 1859, Out of his latitude, Savages and brothers, Our Martyrs copyrighted by Charles Gustrine & Co. Sept. 1901 print, The British Fleet At Spithead In July 1859 print, The Tip print, Triptych fox hunting scene with horseshoes and whip, late 19th century young girl with cows by the stream, M. Clairmont 1893 pastel of fowls, duck & fish prints, bird dog prints, music room prints, Newton A. Wells rose print, 1904 sheep print, Spanish American war battle scenes, collection of outstanding Victorian prints, Triptych The Raffle, early American Indian prints, (2) Gibb Crockett Political cartoons, Watch For Updates…


Important collection of Victorian Pattern Glass Lamps, to include: Quarter block finger, AVA Footed finger, Chester footed finger, Eyebrow Footed Finger, Bullseye Finger, Quarter Block Footed Finger, Carlisle Stand #1, Small Flowered Tulip Stand, Heart and Thumbprint, Cosmos Miniature, Mammoth with rose base finger, Rare Match Holder Footed Hobstar, Mellon Stand, Desterling Stand, Rib and Plumb Stand, Nosegay Finger, Lomax finger with date of 1870, Ditz Eureka dated 1914 in Mint condition, Large Mahogany Wood Candle Sticks, Miniature Bullseye, Arts & Crafts Slag Glass Electric Table, Three Light Hanging Chandelier, Pair of 5′ height (9) candle arms with brass finish, Set of (5) matching colonial style brass colonial candle sticks, Crystal and amber Victorian oil converted, 1920’s Frosted Satin glass art deco style electric, Shanklin Brass Carbide Mining lamp, Pair of Formal French Porcelain Electric, Pair of old Paris style porcelain, pair of 14″ height frosted etched vanity lamps with prisms, pair of open twist brass candle sticks, pair of 29″ height French Female figural electric with bronze finish, 30″ height Italian brass mounted with green swirl stoned style mounts, Polished brass desk, Pair of 6.5″ English oak twist candle sticks, Pair of Antique English telescope style candle sticks, Cigar box converted desk lamp, antique Boston sandwich whale oil lamp, Boston Sandwich clambroth flint glass candlestick, Victorian Dunbar oil lamp, Modern Art deco desk lamp, and others, collection of pattern glass oil lamps, (2) Vintage Red Sireen lamps appear to be nautical, Watch For Updates…


Nice Selection to include: Matching pair of early 20th century New haven tall case clocks, German style open well wall clock weight driven, Ansonia black mantel 8 day time and strike with lion heads, Watch For Updates…

Home Entertainment Electronics:

Samsung Smart TV in excellent condition 49″ diagonal and 42.75″ width, 24″ height, screen is intact and in working condition. Includes remote, 35″ length LG Sound Bar 300 Watt with wireless woofer HDMI Sound sync wireless and Bluetooth connection abilities, Manufactured July 2016, 12.5″ height 33 Watt 60 hertz LG Sub woofer, Altec Lansing Computer Speaker System 7.75″ x 12.25″ large speaker and two mini speakers, Bose Sound link Color II in original box complete with charging accessory, standing measures 5.25″ is in good condition, (3) Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (3rd Generation) Tablets, HQ Flying Erase Head VHS Recorder, Polaroid 9″ Tablet & DVD Player in Box, Watch For Updates…

Fine Dinnerware China and Crystal:

Nice Selection to include: Crown Ducal Florentine Pattern Rosalie to include: Chop plate, cake plate, tea pot, Lenox, pattern number 3033/P471, (29) matching pieces of Romantic England Holy Trinity Church Red Transfer ware, to include Dinner plates cups and saucers, berry bowls, (8) Matching Johnson Brothers Staffordshire Bouquet Dinner plates, (48) matching pieces of Homer Laughlin Virginia Rose, to include dinner plates, soup bowls, cups and saucers, oval platter, oval vegetable bowl, (43) matching pieces of Theodore Haviland Limoges France to include: dinner plates, salad plates, cups and saucers, soup bowls, platters, covered vegetables, Theodore Haviland Rosalinde, Over (60) pieces of Poppy Trail by Metlox Pattern number 875, Crown Staffordshire for Tiffany and Co. Cream Soup bowl with under-plate, (60) pieces of Castleton chine pattern is Sunnyvale to include: Dinnerware plates, luncheon plates salad plates cups and saucers, gravy boats, Wedgewood covered tureen, Mottahedeh, Bailey Banks and Biddle , T&V Limoges, Fine Crystal Vases, Fine Cut Crystal Decanters, Pattern Glass Punch Bowl, Elegant Crystal Candle Holders, Art Deco Candle Sticks, Early Pattern Glass Covered Compote, Pattern Glass Goblets, Duncan Miller Opalescent, Johnson Brothers England Cream Soups, (12) Winterling Bavaria Cups and saucers, D&B Germany, and other; rose point crystal ice bucket, Nice Selection of Castleton pattern number A19, Watch For Updates…

Toys, Dolls, and related:

Rare cast iron Huber toy tractor, battery op Mr. Fox the magician, Bunny rabbit pull toy by Fisher Price # 757, Structo dump truck, black beauty horse bank, arcade cast iron car, U.S. Army Toys, Rare 1960’s Barbie Doll with Accessories, Rare Elenee Tin Litho Donkey pull toy, Richmond press steel truck, Buddy L. Air Force supply truck Dunwell Grain haller truck, Falcon Building Lumber wooden block toy set in box, Baseball cards, Tom Thumb push – button cash register, Carlyle & Co. Brown teddy bear, Carlyle & Co. white teddy bear with 1922 on scarf, Carlyle & Co. Panda teddy bear, Sentry Hardware Lockheed Vega 5B first edition toy plane, Vintage Vehicle 1932 Ford Panel Delivery Truck, Nascar Jeff Gordon dated collectible ornament, Matchbox Sky buster Navy plane, Matchbox Sky buster MG – 129 plane, Precision Series Tonkin replicas collectible Diecast replica in 1:53 scale, Justice League sonic zoom electronic Superman figure, Tonkin Replicas collectible scale models, Hallmark Kiddie Car Classic 1941 Steelcraft by Murray, Hallmark Galleries Kiddie Car Classic Limited Edition Dragnet, Hallmark Galleries Kiddie Car Classic Limited Edition Atomic Missile, Butterfly the flying dog, Mickey Mouse clock, Light Field Gun in excellent condition in box, Rare Falcon Building Lumber in excellent condition, Full toy Elephant, Full toy dog, whined p bear, Big Bang Cannon Mint in box, Match Box toys, Cast Iron tractor, Farm Trailer, Toy Banks, Childs Leather Boxing gloves, Early bisque Figurine, Toy boat, Baby Carriage, Charlie Weaver battery toy, Watch For Updates…

North Carolina Art Pottery:

Nice Selection to include: 9.5″ height North State Pottery Sanford NC Double dip glaze Jardiniere with applied ring handles, 9.5″ height basket, Jugtown ware cobalt blue decorated bowl, Gaar Pottery Cartersville Ga. Cider Jug, North State Pottery 3 handled vase, Green over blue Glaze Pitcher, North State Pottery Lidded Caster roll, Early Jug town decorated Pitcher, Rare 18″ height two handle vase with rainbow pottery Sanford NC Stamp, Jugtown Mirror Black Glaze Bowl, Aberson 2009 Pottery Festival pitcher, Raven pottery, Turn and Burn Pottery, Ben Owen Master potter, Early Jugtown, C.C. Cole, Jugtown vase with blue decorations, and others, Watch For Updates…

Vintage Radios, Electronics and Related:

Rare 1940’s clipper ship portable radio chassis 6B03, 1930’s Westinghouse wood table top four knob set, Vintage Sony WatchmanModel # FD-20A with case and universal AC/DC power cord. Powers up and shows static,Casio WK1800 Synthesizer keyboard on floor stand with chair, floor pedal as many functions are working, Lowrey Model SS10 Speaker in working condition with Vtech microphone on stand and some accessories, Cassette Tapes, CD Collection, Bose model AWR1-1W wave radio with remote in working condition, Tektronix model 531A Oscilloscope complete with all tubes, Triplet model 1210A tube tester, Daven Attenuator, Gessy 20R power supply, B&K model 177 BTVM, Philco G8004 generator, Singer power factor meter in case, 1930’s supreme model 571 generator, 1950’s RCA radio phone model CRMP3A-5, US Military frequency meter model USM159A, sensitive research, pair of Poly Ranger universal 88 meter, Tektronix model 453A scope SS, Heathkit model 10-14 scope, Heathkit impedance bridge, Philco model 770 RF generator, Outstanding Grunow tombstone short wave superheterodyne type #6C appears to be excellent and original and in working condition, RCA Victor Short wave, 1920s RCA radiola model 18 with tubes, Watch For Updates…

Depression Glass:

(28) pieces of Original pink Sharron Cabbage Rose, Iris and herring bone tumblers, Poinsettia Green Pitcher, Green Cherry Blossom Plate, Florentine Poppy Plates, Manhattan Ash tray, Green Swirl, Blue Royal Lace bowl, Watch For Updates…

Virginia Stoneware and Pottery:

Solomon Bell stoneware jug, 2 quart was seal jar, early redware storage jar, beautiful 2 gallon jug with drips, Virginia Valley crocks and jugs, W.H. Lehew crock with blue, Watch For Updates…

Virginia Licenses Tags:

1929, (2) 1962, (4) 1966, (2) 1968, (3) 1969, 1970, (2) 1978, City tags to include: 1962 Culpeper County 1490, 1962 Culpeper County 1491, 1955 Culpeper County 4779, 1955 Culpeper county 1476, Watch For Updates…

Books, Magazines, Maps and related:

Nice selection of The Illustrated London News Saturday May 31, 1862, Saturday June 21, 1862, Saturday December 9, 1854, Saturday May 3, 1862, The Seat Of War panoramic view war map issued by The Financial Times, Saturday May 10, 1862, The Penny Illustrated paper London Saturday July 15, 1871, Saturday August 13, 1870, Saturday October 15, 1870, Map of Paris with the latest improvements 1855, Picture map of the Baltic Sea, The Graphic Saturday November 20, 1880, Watch For Updates…


Nice selection to include: 2′ 7″ x 11′ 9″ Romania Kilim handmade wool, 3 x 5 Romania Kilim handmade wool, 3 x 5 Axminster Belgium machine made wool, 4′ 4″ x 6′ 4″ Axminster Belgium machine made wool, 3 x 5 Axminster Belgium machine made wool, Watch For Updates…

Carnival Glass:

Nice Selection to include: Northwood Plain Jane Pie Crust edge bowl, Fenton Dragon and Lotus bowl, Honey Comb Bowl, Raindrops Peach Opalescent Bowl, Persian Garden Bon Bon bowl, Rare Blackberry Interior footed Rose bowl, Collection of (15) Imperial Christmas Plates, Watch for updates….

Country Store and Advertising and Bottle Collection:

original Rare 1905 Coca-Cola pocket mirror, Whitehead & Hoag Jefferson club pure rye whiskey pocket mirror, (12) Richfield rust resistor tins, Pure Guardian motor oil can, bottle collection, Heckerman tin, Buffalo Lithia water bottle, Tripure water bottle, gold and himble scotch whiskey bottle, horseshoe medicine bottle, rare US cook stove dryer, Lufkin tool display sign, Herbrand tool display sign, original Maytag washing machine oil can, Mac truck mascot, White Porcelain Service Station lamp, Kerosene Cans, Pepsi Cola “Hits the Spot” serving tray, Lucky Strike Flat Fifty’s tin, Coca Cola Bottle Thermometer, Planters Peanut Jar, Glass Straw Holder, Country Store Scoop, Receipt Holder, Watch For Updates…

Railroad Items:

Nice Selection to include: Oil cans, Rare Tall Globe Lantern with embossed shade R.F.&P.-WS Lantern, Adlake Pennsylvania Railroad Red globe lantern, Unusual red globe lantern, Rare cast iron furnace lamp #2, C&O Railroad Lock key, and others, Watch For Updates…

Blue and White Salt Glaze:

Nice Selection to include: Apricot Pitcher, Swan in reef Pitcher, butterfly in circle pitcher, grape vine in lattice pitcher, grazing cows pitcher, dark blue grape vine in lattice pitcher, wild rose pitcher, Apricot pitcher, Blue sponge ware mixing bowl large and small, shaving mug, and other, Watch for updates…

Copper Cookware:

Nice Selection to include: 9.5″ height Oval handmade copper teapot with dovetail construction on bottom, 12″ height copper and brass tea kettle with dove tail construction signed on bottom “S&S WB #8″, 10.5″ height brass and copper dove tail construction tea pot with acorn finial, 9.5″ height copper and brass dove tail construction tea pot, 8.5″ height copper and brass tea pot, 7.5″ height copper and brass dove tail construction tea pot, 7.5” height copper and brass tea kettle dovetail construction marked “S&S WB”, Collection of miniature copper cookware, Watch for updates…

Melrose Reidsville NC; This Collection will be starting at 1:00

Early 20th century country store counter table 36″ height, 117.5″ length, 29″ in depth, made of southern pine, has beautiful turned legs with cut nail construction, has a dry painted surface, Pair of Victorian Carved Parlor Chairs, Pair of Rockingham County NC country ladderback chairs, fishing items, sewing and related, pair of oak bentwood chairs, toy chest, travel paper, oak keg, carved mahogany rocker, painted tin trays, Haymon Pickle company Louisville Kentucky Jug, Oak Two Drawer Index File cabinet, champion oyster knifes, silver plated flatware, Esso Salt and pepper shakers, water colors, Japanese art, 8 gallon crock, 6 gallon churn, Rare Reidsville NC Tobacco Basket, Ammunition boxes, Collection of Bow and Arrows, 5 gallon marshal pottery crock, antique fishing net, antique leather baseball glove and baseballs, Voit Soccer ball, Winchester Shot, History of North Carolina in Four Volumes, Antique Tennis Racquets, Boat Oar, Golf Clubs, Garden and Lawn tools, Fine Linens, Record Cabinets, Bird Cages, Three part Dressing stand, and other box lot items, Watch for updates…

Le Creuset Cookware:

Large selection of vintage “Volcanic Orange ” to include: Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish with lid and a 7.25″ Diameter stamped on underside of lid “B, Le Creuset made in France”, Small Skillet measuring from top to handle 10.25″, marked on bottom “Le Creuset France”, Stick pan 9″ length from top to handle, diameter 5.5″, the handle is hollow, lid is marked “14, Le Creuset France,” Rectangular Roasting Dish measuring 6.75″ length, 5.75″ diameter, marked on bottom “11-31 Le Creuset” with original sticker on bottom, Canister measuring 6″ height 5″ diameter marked on bottom “1004 Le Creuset” no lid, Cast iron skillet 13.5″ length from top to handle 9.5″ diameter, Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish 11.5″ from handle to handle, 9″ diameter, marked on bottom, and marked on lid “D Le Creuset Made in France”, Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish 12.25″ from handle to handle, 9.75″ diameter, marked on lid “E Le Creuset Made in France”, Large Crock pot with lid stamped “10”, 15″ from handle to handle, 10.25″ diameter, Overall in excellent condition. Watch For Updates…

Home Goods and Kitchenware:

New multicolor Cuisinart (10) pc knife set to include: 8″ chef, 8″ slicer, 7″ santoku, 6.5″ utility, 3.5″ parer all with blade guards, Amazon basics cutlery block set with (10) pcs, Harris Teeter cutlery block set with (8) pcs, Watch For Updates…

Garden Statuary:

Nice Selection To Include: Antique stone fruit urn, Pair of matching stone fruit in urns, Mushroom with elf, Cast iron rabbit, stone squirrel, molded composition young boy with dog, and others, Watch For Updates…

Antique Walking Canes & Umbrellas:

Nice selection from the Victorian era to include: sterling silver handle engraved, sterling silver and rosewood gentleman’s cane, hand carved bamboo style cane, fold out cane/seat, collection of outstanding umbrellas to include: sterling overlay, other natural form wood walking canes, and others, Watch For Updates…

Comic Book Collection:

Outstanding selection of Classic Illustrated 15 cent comic books, to include: 1-3, 13, 17,26, 31, 35, 39, 41, 47, 50, 51, (2) 54, 57, 64, 68, 70, 75, 76, 83, 89, 90, 95, 96, 100, 101, 105, 106, 117, 121, 122, 125, (2) 128, 130, 132, 133, 135, 136, 139,144, 147, 149, 151, 153, 161, includes Classic Illustrated Special Issue 35 cent, Collection of The World Around Us 25 cent comic books, to include: The FBI, Magic, High Adventure, Ghosts, Pirates, Flight, overall all in excellent and original condition, Watch For Updates…

Country Antiques and Related:

Nice Selection to include: 13.5″ Southern hand woven oak split basket, 8.5″ height southern paint decorated oak split woven basket, 10″ height oak split woven basket with green paint, New England Miniature 6″ Churn with lid, 5″ double dipped glaze jam jar, Donaghho Co. Parkersburg West Virginia Wax Seal Jar, Miniature Red Ware Jars, Mixing bowls, Rare Wagnerware Sidney Cast Iron #0 Tea Kettle with lid, 5.5″ Tin ware watering can, Mid 19th Century Paint Decorated tin document box, (2) Tin Ware document boxes, Tin ware match safe, Tin ware scoop, Tin ware boxes, wooden cow butter mold, swan butter mold, and other rare miniature butter molds, Country Childs arm chair, Deer hide covered trunk, Country footstool, US cook stove drier by E.B. Fashrney Waynesboro, PA, country benches & furniture, collection of crocks & jugs, wooden sifter, wooden churn, tinware boiler, milking stool, butter molds, wooden peck/ half peck measure, granite ware, foot stools, Wooden Churn, Butter mold, wooden spoons, Large antique wooden churn, Casey Brothers stenciled half gallon jug, stoneware jugs, Albany glazed buggy jug, Watch for updates…

Ladies Fashion:

Nice Selection including (26) scarves, designers to include: Glentex, Sally Gee, Cejon, Polo, Gucci, Preston & York, and more, Ladies purses (6) to include designers from: Ralph Lauren, Rosetti, Red by Marc Ecko, and two monogramed Purses marked AYS, (15) belts to include designers from: Ralph Lauren, Etienne Aigner, and Anne Klein, (1) Louis Vuitton Paris Wallet, Fur throw, Green Cotton Throw, Black fleece throw, black cotton throw, Triminghams Bermuda Custom Handbag made in Bermuda with monogram AYS on bag, early wool bathing suit, vintage corsets, Watch For Updates…

Christmas Ornaments:

Important collection of high-end ornaments to include: Waterford collection to include: – Avoca Christmas red ball in box, Pineapple cut onion red in box, Pineapple cut onion in box, Ashbourne ball in box, (4) calling birds in box, musical Christmas wreath in box, sealed box of (4) Celtic knot ball set, gold decorated ball, double sided Santa ornament, Jack in the box Santa, Jack in the box nutcracker, other designer ornaments to include: selection of light up crystal plastic orbs, (6) musical hand painted ornaments new in box, birdhouse with cardinal, pinecone, (16) new candle lights, (6) Mr. Christmas musical ornaments, Madonna glass, teddy bear, Santa balloon, decorated crystal, ballet glass, ornament decorated wreath, candy cane ornaments, Mr. Christmas sparkling scene, Mr. Christmas porcelain box, Merck old world ornament in box, collection of Macy’s holiday lane ornaments in boxes, (3) light up candle style displays, Alaska made ornaments, rocking horse banks, candle cappers, misc. Christmas textiles, misc. Christmas bags, ballet style ornaments, collection of Christopher Radko ornaments, and many more. Coca-Cola Shh! The Christmas Story Comes To Life animated Santa in original box, Coca-Cola Trimming The Tree animated Santa in original box, 1983 Duncan Royal Soda Pop Santa in original box, Watch For Updates…

Musical Instruments:

King model 600 Trumpet serial # 6629991 in case with Benge 7C mouthpiece, Casio WK1800 Synthesizer keyboard on floor stand with chair, floor pedal as many functions are working, 6 string acoustic guitar, The Golden Glockenspiel in box, lap guitar or autoharp, Watch For Updates…

Cartoon Glasses:

(14) Hardees Flintstones 30th Anniversary “The Blessed Event” Edition, (143) Hardees Flintstones 30th Anniversary “Little Bamm-Bamm” Edition, (79) Hardees Flintstones 30th Anniversary “Going to the Drive-In” Edition, (27) Pepsi Cola Warner Bros 1973 “Pepe’ Le Pew” Edition, All appear to be excellent some appear to be New Old Stock, Watch For Updates…

Sterling Silver Collection:

Nice Selection to include: (4) piece matching international solid sterling tea set the total weight is 3643 grams, candle sticks, salt and pepper shakers, tooth pick holder, (2) Lunt mugs total weight 122 grams, Gorham oval dish total weight is 120 grams, Solid sterling silver eye glass case, napkin rings, sterling lidded dresser jars, dresser sets, souvenir spoons, sugar tongs, misc. forks, spoons, and butter servers, sterling handle only serving pieces, very fine sterling overlay crystal pitcher, sterling silver coaster, small matching set sterling flatware, sugar bowl, bud vases, candle snuffer, sterling silver pocket flask, and other, Watch For Updates…

WWII Bayonet Cataloged Session Beginning 3:40pm:

  • Lot 1. US Garand Bayonet by Pal 1942,
  • Lot 2. WWII US SA M 1910 dated 1914,
  • Lot 3. German WWII K – 98 Mouser,
  • Lot 4. Argentine Army, Ca. 1909 made by Weyers Berg, Solingen German
  • Lot 5. WWII German K- 98 Mouser,
  • Lot 6. German Model 1910 made by Alex Coppel, Brazilin Mouser,
  • Lot 7. British 1907, German WWII,
  • Lot 8. WWI US model 1905, dated 1913 MK 1,
  • Lot 9. WWII US M5 Bayonet M1 Garand,
  • Lot 10. WWII US Army Garand
  • Lot 11. US M1872 Trapdoor Springfield with scabbard,
  • Lot 12. British Enfield #4 Mark II,
  • Lot 13.WWII US Marked U.F.H. 1942 US
  • Lot 14. US WWII U.C.U.S. Mint condition
  • Lot 15. (2) US M-8 Scabbards
  • Lot 16. US Calvary Shovel Bayonet, and Bayonet

Ladies Wrist Watches:

Nice Selection of (58) modern ladies fashion designer watches to include: (24) Carolina with black gold red and white cuff bands, (9) Eikon with black and white cuff bands, (12) Geneva with white black brown gold and blue bands, Narmi, Rumors, Trendz, EG, Roman, (2) Skmei, Regency, (2) Xanadu with black bands with white and tortoise shell frames, and others unmarked, Watch For Updates…

Jewelry Catalog Session Beginning at 4:00pm:

  • Lot 1. 9.93ctw Smoky Quartz T savorite & Pink Sapphire Ring; Size 8, marked 925, gold wash, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 2. 8.30 ct Smoky Quartz Two-Tone Bold Ring; size 9.25, sterling silver, checkerboard cut smoky quartz, overall excellent condition gemstone surrounded by a 14K yellow gold plated bezel, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 3. Artisan Crafted Pear Shaped Onyx Filigree Ring; size 8.25, sterling, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 4. Mother of Pearl & Citrine Ring; size 8, sterling, golden tone, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 5. Carolyn Pollack Maine-ly Mauve Channel Inlay ring; size 9.25, sterling, pink & turquoise colors, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 6. Southwestern Kingman Turquoise Cluster Ring; size 8, sterling, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 7. Diamonique Sterling Marquise Ring; size 7, marked 925 CZ, 100-facet prong set, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 8. Cultured Freshwater Pearl Ring; size 8.25, marked 925, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 9. Two Toned Oval Cabochon Turquoise Ring; size 9, marked 925, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 10. Vicenza Drusty Quartz Ring; size 9, marked 925 Milor Italy, Rose tone, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 11. Judith Ripka Center Single Pearl Ring flanked by four yellow roses with sterling basket weave halo, Size 8, marked 925 Thailand, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 12. Woven Web Snake Skin Look Bracelet; marked 925 GC, overall excellent condition
  • Lot 13. Rope Chain Gold Wash Necklace & Clasp Bracelet; marked 925 Italy
  • Lot 14. Ruby Colored Stone Cross Pendant on three strand Sterling Chain; marked 925 Sri Lanka
  • Lot 15. Matching Set Black Bead Like Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings; to include: Necklace & Bracelet with one set of earrings matching, (2) other sets of matching earrings marked 925 RA, and one pendant with extra earring, marked sterling 925, overall excellent condition

Uncataloged Vintage Jewelry:

Important large discovery of 14k gold to include: watches, Large selection to include: Elgin pocket watches, 14K Gold pocket watch, 14K Gold Jewelry, 18K Jewelry 10K Gold Jewelry, Mid century sterling silver designer Victorian hair comb, fountain pen collection, Geneva deluxe wrist watch, Large Selection 1920-1950’s designer and costume jewelry, Watch For Updates…

General Antiques:

Large Selection to include: Antique leather suitcase, child’s stove, agate ware, singer sewing machine, clock statues, banks, wooden rolling pin, pot hooks, antique electric fans, large selection of silver plate, cotton scales, wooden handle utensils kitchen, wooden kitchen utensils, early leather books, dresser sets, Staffordshire figurines, Scottish decorator boxes, large selection of silver plate flatware, fireplace tools, brass planters, nice selection of handmade quilts and coverlets, antique locks, photographs, cast iron manning, cut glass, Maccoi pottery, Weller pottery, copper luster, leather handbags, Duncan Miller opalescent glass, pocket knifes, figurines, scales, 45RPM records, Iron Stone Tea leaf, Shading Mugs, Over (200) pieces silverplate flatware, over (50) box lots of goodies, Weller art pottery bowl, Fenton art glass, WWII German medals, Russian box, Phelps art pottery face, Victorian button collection, 1891 Red riding hood book, Watch For Update…

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