3-6-2020 Antique Auction 1:00 PM

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Auction: Friday, March 6th, 2020 at 1:00 PM
Preview: Thursday, March 5th, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM, 9:00 AM Day of Sale


  • 12:55 Opening Announcements
  • 1:00 General Toys, Lunchboxes, G.I. Joes
  • 1:10 General Antiques, Bottles, Quilts, and Silver Plate
  • 1:20 Vintage Concert TShirt, Photographs, Model Cars, and Texaco Banks
  • 1:40 Modern Lighting, Vintage Fashions, and Related
  • 1:50 Featured Magazines and Books
  • 2:00 Fiesta Dinnerware China Collection
  • 2:10 1950’s Kitchenware and Glass Collection
  • 2:20 Featured Depression Glass Collection
  • 2:30 Featured Elegant Heisey and Cambridge Glass Collection
  • 2:50 Fine Dinnerware China Collection
  • 3:00 Featured Fine Jewelry Catalog Session
  • 3:20 Uncataloged Jewelry Session
  • 3:30 Featured Small Advertising Country Store Related Collection
  • 3:45 Vintage Vinyl Record Collection
  • 4:00 Country Antiques, Hook Rugs, Automobile Lights and Related
  • 4:15 Featured Tobacco Collection, Signs, Tins, Cutters, and Related
  • 4:45 General Antiques, Life Magazines, and Related
  • 5:00 Stamp Collection
  • 5:05 General Antiques, Quilts, Pocket Knives, Sterling Silver
  • 5:30 Featured Stone Casting Molds and General Antiques
  • 6:00 Featured Furniture, Fine Art, Lighting, and Clocks
  • 7:00 All Remaining Categories


Nice Selection to Include: Formal Mahogany Flip Top Game Table, William and Mary Style Drop Leaf Table, Modern Design Oak Open Bookcase, Twin Pedestal Oval Library Table, Two Drawer Painted Desk, Matching Pair Mid Century Modern Design Butterfly Back Arm Chairs, Painted Low Boy Dresser, French Country Painted Two Piece Hutch, Pair of Italian Gold Guilt Arm Chairs, Mid Century Modern Egyptian Revival Console Table with Six Winged Seated Sphinx, Massive Carved Classical Entrance Hall Tree, Country Distress Painted Wardrobe, Louis XV Shaped Three Drawer Executives Desk, Pine Pegged Sixteen Pane Cupboard, Pine Pegged Harvest Table, Woven Wire Planter, Fancy Wicker Chair, Walnut Victorian Round Parlor Table, Mahogany Center Table with Carved Faces, Italian Wrought Iron Plant Stand, Pair of Thanes End Tables, Formal Mahogany Flip Top Game Table, Mid Century Modern Nesting Tables, Five Piece French Style Twin Bedroom Suit, Country Wrought Iron Wooden Top Table, Four Drawer Mahogany Chest, Pair of Three Drawer Mahogany Chest, Matching Set of Six Shield Back Dinning Chairs, Pair of Wicker Chairs with Drawer Pull Out Stool, Two Part Oak Drawers and Storage Cabinets, French One Drawer Cabinet, Brass Hat Rack, Three Drawer Dressing Vanity, Electric Lounge Chair by N Seat Model 11540, Pair of Upholstered Tub Chairs, Formal Chippendale Style Camel Back Sofa, Oak Youth Rocker, Antique Oak Dinning Room Table with Six Chairs, Kitchen Two Door Pantry Cupboard, Bar Stool, Oak Larkin Desk with Mirror, Outstanding Asian Carved Mantle with Dragons, French Gold Guilt Love Seat and Side Chair, Flat Top Trunks, Mid Century Modern Chairs and Small Tables, Dressing Stool, Formal Mahogany Low Round Coffee Table, 1930’s Porcelain Top Kitchen Table, Pressed Steel 1930’s Medical Instrument Cabinet, Formal Cedar Chest, Country Pie Safe Cupboard, Bent Wood Chairs, Country Painted Tables, Watch for Updates

Fine Art:

Nice Selection of Fine Art to Include: Pair of Chinese Floral Prints, Textured Print on Board Orchids in Vase, Chinese Painting on Silk Huntress on Horseback Signed V. Kim, Painting on Paper Dragons Battling in Ocean Signed Lana, Chinese Painting on Silk Eagle Soaring over Ocean Signed by Artist,


Nice Selection to Include: 1920’s Carmel and Blue Slag Glass Palm Tree Overlay Electric Table Lamp, Chinese Porcelain Red Rose on Yellow Converted Vase, Japanese Pottery Converted Urn, Chinese Lotus Flower and Bird Converted Porcelain Ginger Jar, Japanese Porcelain Converted Vase, Victorian Flow Blue Vase, French Victorian Oil Lamp, Royal Bonn Converted Portrait Vase, Japanese Porcelain Fish Vase Converted, Victorian Milk Glass Vase Converted, Pair of Japanese Art Pottery Figurial Bird Lamps, Large Collection of Mid 20th Century Designer Lamps to Include Mirror Base, Blue Satan, Mercury Glass, and Italian Style, Antique Miniature Oil Lamps to Include Greek Key, Drapery, Cosmos, Capodemonte Boquet Lamp, Modern Desk Lamps, and Other

Fine Elegant Crystal Glass Collection:

Important collection from the Brooks family Efland NC. Attention Cambridge Rosepoint collectors and dealers over 115 ps. To include: #3500 tall stems, cocktail stems, rare flat water tumblers, ice bucket with handle, center piece bowls with under plates, cruet, candle holders, rare #500 cordials, 3-part divided relish, compote, 8 inch plates, #3500 footed juice stems and other, Over 50 pcs of Heisey to include: Zeuse stems, Orchid, Ridgeleigh, etched candy dishes, Plantation and others, large collection of Fostoria to include 63 matching pieces of Meadow Rose, American pattern, Duncan Miller, Caribbean punch bowl, under plate, cups and ladle, Duncan Miller Sandwich glass to include: Ice lip pitcher, goblets and rare green devil egg plate, 29 pieces of Imperial Candlewick to include: cake stand, goblets, divided relish, covered candy dish, 22 pieces of Fostoria Navarre, 37 pieces of Tiffin crystal , 25 pieces Candlelight stemware, 51 matching pieces of Chantilly stemware, (6) Cambridge Elaine stemware, 37 matching pieces of Tiffin pattern June to include: candle holders, stemware and plates, (6) Heather 9 ounce goblets, (5) Fostoria stems, Fostoria Willow Meare stemware, 10 Cambridge Wildflower stems, Rare Fostoria Midnight 2 quart jug, Wildflower center piece bowl, Cambridge Caprice and much, much more.

Depression Glass Collection:

Large Selection from the Brooks Collection to Include: 24 Piece Green Block Optic Plates, Pink Atom Candy Dish, Pink Royal Lace Juice Tumblers, Sharon Cabbage Rose Pink Tumblers, 17 Pieces of Yellow Basket, 8 Pieces Pink Miss America, Doric Green Plates, Florentine Poppy Platter and Gravy Boat, Pink Doric, Pink Cherry Blossom Vegetable Bowl, Child’s Cherry Blossom Blue Delphite, Royal Lace Crystal Pitcher, Over 50 Pieces of Royal Ruby, Moonstone, Block Optic Ice Bucket, Horseshoe Sugar Bowl, Doric Cake Plate, Pink Mayfair Open Rose Dinner Plates, Candy dish, Oval Vegetables, Pink Atom Platters, Plates and Saucers, Amber Patrician Spoke, 37 Pieces of Patrician Spoke Amber to Include Dinner Plates, Platters, Cream Soups, Cracker Jar with Lid, Watch for Updates

1950’s Kitchen & Cookware Related:

6 pcs. Hall’s ovenware for GE refrigerator dishes and covered bowls, 6 pcs. Hall’s Poppy custard and serving bowl, Pyrex bowls, covered refrigerator dishes, 4 pcs. Universal Cambridge Oven proof pitchers and covered jars, 9 pcs. Milk glass spice jars, various pot and pans to include: Le Creuset, Scantal, Silit, Silithern frying pan in red, commercial aluminum cookware,

Fiesta Original Colors Dinnerware Collection:

(4) 8 1/2 inch vegetable serving bowls to include colors: turquoise, yellow, light green, (14) 9 1/2 dinner plates to include colors: turquoise, old ivory, light green, rose, yellow, and chartreuse, (2) 9 3/4 inch yellow salad bowls, (3) 5 1/2 cereal bowl to include colors: turquoise and light green, 7 1/2 Cobalt 2 handles covered casserole, Mixing bowls 11 inch yellow, 10″ yellow, (2) 7 1/2 old ivory, 6 inch light green, (6) 12 inch dinner plates to include, light green old ivory and yellow, (3) 14 inch chop plates to include colors: old ivory and rose, 7 3/4 bb plates to include light green, turquoise, old ivory, cobalt blue, yellow, (6) 13 inch chop plates to include, old ivory, light green, yellow, (2) 15 inch chop plate to include rose and old ivory, Rare 8 inch red casserole bottom only, (4) 6 3/4 medium green saucers and cup, (3) 12 3/4 oval platters to include colors light green and turquoise, 10 3/4 turquoise utility platter, (4) Gray boats to include colors turquoise, red, yellow, olive green, (2) bulb candlesticks colors to include: cobalt blue , (5) 3 inch coffee mugs colors to include: old ivory, gray, yellow and turquoise, (3) 4 1/2 inch tumblers colors to include: red and turquoise, (2 ) 6 inch turquoise low bowls, (2) 3 inch coffee mug, 3 1/2 lemonade tumbler, fiesta ivory stick creamer, (2) Kitchen Kraft canister stack bowls, KPM tureen with putto finial,

Sterling Silver and Silver Plate:

Nice Selection to Include: Two Priesner Sterling Silver Number 10 Goblets, Sterling Silver 5 1/2 Number 7867 Bowl, JE Caldwell and Co Sterling Tomato Server, Sterling Webster Napkin Holder Monogramed, Wallace Sterling Number 2127 Bowl with Embossed Strawberries, Large Wallace Sterling Bowl Number 7746 Monogramed, Large 5 Piece Silver Plate Three Lily Center Piece Epergne, Rogers Sterling Rimmed Glass Plate, and Other

Country Store and Advertising:

1940’s Original Coca Cola Cooler with Original Lid, Rare 1951 Pepsi Cola Ice Cold Electric Clock, Southern Co-Operative Foundry Rome GA Cast Iron Parlor Stove, Porcelain Service Station Hanging Lights, Motor Oil Cans, Candy Store Cash Register, Furnace Oil Can, Rare Coffee Tins, Cigarette Lighters, Collection of Antique Tins to Include: Rocky Mountain Tea, Ginger, Rare Number 76 Pocket Carbide Container, X-Ray Stove Polish, DuPont Blasting Caps, Bakers Cocoa, Rare The Champ Pomade with Art work of Boxer, Medicine Tins, Pocket Watch Tins, X-LAX, Trade Card Album, Johnsons Baby Powder, Cambridge Dinner Light Up Clock, Electrolux Bank Refrigerators, Esso Height Chart, Gulf Oil Tin, Lock-ease Gulf Oil, Wolf Head Bank, Nescafe Sample Tin, Simons Liver Regulator Almanac Early 1900, Granny Metcalps, Dr. Thatcher’s Almanacs 1905 and 1906, Ramon’s Weather Almanac 1910, Safety First Dr. Pierces Family Medicine Pamphlet, Spicers Book of Fun Facts, and Other Almanacs, Singer Sewing Machine Instructions, Cincinnati Reds 1948 Roster, Kleenex Tissue Samples, Fieldcrest Pins and Tie Tacks, VWA Atlanta 1939, Planters Tin Cups, 100th Anniversary Insurance Group Newark New Jersey with Original Box, Cresolone Kerosene Bottle, Commercial National Bank Piggy Bank, Cottolene Tin Top, Texaco Lighter Fluid, Gulf PAC Tin Sealed, Wheel Barrow Bank, Esso Tiger Frames, Amaco Bridge Score Books, Coca Cola Wallet, Royal Baking Powder Tin, Rizla Cigarette Paper in Case, Coca Cola Playing Cards, Sunoco Playing Cards, Marshal Field and Company 5 Year Calendar Paperweight 1920’s, Cast Iron Clover Donut Form, Letter Openers Insurance, Levin Brothers Plumbing Burlington NC, Match Book Covers, Advertising Pens and Pencils to Include: Pender Auto Parts Mebane NC Variations, Jesse Jones Hotdogs, Piedmont Airlines, Overnight Trucking, Princess Cruses, Heating and Air Mebane NC, Robertson’s Sinclair High Point NC, and Other, Atlanta Automotive, Napa, Quaker State, Custom Mowing and Bailing, Camel, Napa Charlotte, Dotson Insurance Group, Calcite Quarry, Bear Alignment, Aaspannuth Trainers, F Clayton Snavely, Steven Haas and Sons, Lebanon Fertilizers, Pheasant Hill Gun Club, Palnyra Bologna, Richards Men and Boy Store, Windsor Service, Lebanon Concrete, Brandt, and Other, NAPA/Pender Screwdrivers, FORD Motor Wrenches, Morton Salts Toppers for Pencils, Shot Glasses to Include: Calvert and Variations, Long Nickers Drug Store, Dr. J J Kerr, Phospho-Soda, Sunny Brook Whiskey, Fulton Whiskey Myers and Co Distillers Covington KY USA, John M O’Neil Druggist, The Malva Medicine Co Cleveland Ohio, Coronet Candy Scoops, Gould Drug Store, Hewing’s Pharmacy, and Other, Jumbo Jars to Include: 4 Oz No Lid, 10 1/2 Oz No Lid, 1Lb with Lid, (3) 2Lbs with Lids, 5 1/2 Oz No Lid, 10 1/2 Oz No Lid, 2Lbs Bale Handle, 4 1/2 Oz No Lid, 5 1/2 Oz No Lid, 1Lb No Lid, 10 1/2 Oz No Lid, 5 1/2 Oz No Lid, (2) 10 1/2 Oz No Lid, 3 1/2 Oz No Lid, Bucher Drug Store Glass Scoop, Horlicks with Lid, Minute Man Gun Blue Glass, J. C. Higgins Shotgun Cleaning Patches, Cast Iron Miniature Washboard, Selection of Calendars 1940’s and 1950’s, Heinz Pickle Tie Pin, Esso Tamper, Maryland Casualty Co Pocket Mirror, Rogers Soda and Sweet Water Pocket Mirror, CF Hall Motor Co Round Thermometer, Hillsborough Virginia VFW Button Back, Gulf Friction Tape in Box, Master Mix Feeds Bucket Shaped Bakelite Ashtrays, Community Shop Cone, Lyles Chevrolet Key Chain, Hot Point Measurer Aluminum, Kelly Heavy Duty Tire Ashtray, Tire Advertising Ashtray, NC 69 Miniature Tag, Hall Motor Pocket Knife, Devil Construction Supply Co Level, Chinese Tags, and Other

Important Tobacco Advertising Collection:

Outstanding Discovery From Eastern North Carolina to Include: RJR Tobacco Cutters, STAR Tobacco Cutter, Browns Mule Cutter, Pride of the West Wooden Store Container, Messmate Box Label, Collection of Tobacco Felts Including Sports, Large Collection of Rare Cigar Boxes, Blood Hound Tobacco Box, Uncle Joe Cigar Box, P. Lorillard Box Label with George Washington, Snuff Fan, Box Openers, Collection of Lighters, Wings Cigarettes Sign, The Derby Label, Rare Sir Walter Raleigh Cigarette Display Lighter, My Virginia Wooden Box, Reynolds Natural Leaf Box, Rare Tobacco Pipes, Catcher 5 Cent Sign, Early Turkish Trophies Cigarettes Cardboard Sign, Avalon Cigarette Sign, Tobacco Pocket Tins, Blood Hound Tobacco Box, Smiling Tom Tobacco Box, Phillip Morris Items, Over 1,000 Unopened of Vintage Cigarettes to Include: Standard, Salesman Samples, and Other Unusual Packs and Brands, Humidors, Ashtrays, Paper Roller Displays, Wooden Store Indian, Hundreds of Other Promotion Items to Include Joe Camel Shirts, Belt Buckles, Pocket Knives and Other, Collection of Tobacco Cards, Albums of Trade Cards and Related, Cigar Band Collection, Cloth Pouches,

Toys, Dolls and Related:

Vintage Nintendo Entertainment System Complete with Power Sound and Video Cables and Splitter Two Controller and Gun Controller and Two Game Cartridges Super Mario Bros with Duck Hunt and World Games All in Original Box in Outstanding Condition, Over 20 Mostly Match box Vehicles in Original Official Matchbox Collector’s Case No 41, The Six Million Dollar Man 1974 Vintage Lunch Box, 1978 Superman Lunch Box, Child’s Medic Toy, Rare Nylint Wide World of Sports ABC Tractor and Trailer TV Studio, Bugs Bunny Portable 45 Rpm Record Player, Collection of Children’s 45 RPM Records to Include Dinner with Drac, Mickey Mouse Related, Flintstones, Santa Claus and Other, Fisher Price Mobil TV Unit with Camera, Gay Toys NASA Space Shuttle, Fisher Price Sea Explorer Boat, Max Machine Command Base Remote with The Max Machine 1977 Van, Johnny Tarheal Machine Gun, Misc. Plastic Army Toys, Kellogg’s Tray, Stallion Plastic, Snoopy Bank, Disney Authorized Disney World Mickey, Collection of Soakes, Rawling’s Size Large Redskins NFL Style Helmet, Tiger with Cub, Hohner Busy Box Infants Toy, Children’s Books to Include: Charlie Brown, Flintstones, Donald Duck, and Other, Over 10 model car in box to include: mustang, Chevy challenge, Willis jeep and corvettes ad other, over 10 partially assembled parts and accessories, Tudor sports car racecar set in box, Texaco airplane banks in box to include: 1922 Sesquiplane,1930 Model R Mystery Ship, Douglas DC 3C Gooney, 1927 Ford Tri-Motored Monoplane, 1936 Keystone Loening Commuter and others, Texaco Eaglet in box, Shell Bellanca Syrocket, Press-steel airplane, Tootsietoy war ships, toy wagon says green arrow, A large collection of toys to include: Walt Disney Pinocchio and variations, Sleeping Beauty and variations, Donald Duck, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Hoppy Long Cassidy, Jamar Speciality to include: Beautiful Dreamer, Rudolph the Red Nose Deer, Horses, Pumpkin, Bird of the National, United States, Wild Animal map, Walt Disney Disneyland Frontier Land Puzzle, Walt Disney’s Fantasy Land Puzzle, Donald Duck Puzzle, Sleeping Beauty Puzzles, Pinocchio Puzzles, Whitman Horse Puzzle, Beautiful Dreamer JayMar Puzzle, Hoppalong Cassidy with Horse Puzzle, Tom and Jerry Puzzle, Child with Puppy, Rudolph the Red Nose Puzzle, and Other

Vintage Vinyl Record Album Collection:

Rare Riverside Reel to Reel Tape Number RT7-19 Kenny Doram Jazz Contrast in Stereo, Pink Floyd Ummagumma on Harvest Label, Pink Floyd Animals LP, 9 Rush LP’s and Other, Outstanding collection in very good condition to include: Multiple Elvis Pressley albums, Multiple Tom Paxton albums, Multiple Joan Armatrading, Multiple Pete Seeger, Multiple The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Pure Prairie League albums, The Weavers albums, The Kingston Trio, Manfred Mann’s Earthband , Chad Mitchell Trio, Ian and Sylvia, The RoofTops Singers, Rare Elektra Folk Scene, Gordon Lightfoot, Loverboy, The Alan Parson’s Project , Animotion , Lenelovich, Gypsy, Jennifer Warners, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Multiple Rick Wakeman , Tonie Brown, Jerry Harrison, Paul Simon, the Simon Sisters, Cardinal, Family Singers, The Boone Town Rats, Michael Parks, First Edition, Missing Persons, Danny O’Keefe, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Kris Kristofferson, Kris and Rita, Capers and Carson, Shawn Phillips, Pete Townsend, Gene Pitney, David Mason Collection, Livingston Taylor, Rare Bread and Roses, Gary Lewis, The Brass Ring, Kate Wolfe, Kasenextz-Katz Super Circus.

Books and Related:

A selection of German language books medical related, Egyptian book in German, Musical Instruments thru the ages, books on Savannah, 7 volumes 1840’s Goethe Works in German, 7 vols. 1901 Schaller’s Works in German, 2 vols. Wilhelm Butch, 1918 3 vols. Sexualpthologie, 2 vols. 1926 handbook Fur Sexualwirssenschaften, 2 vols. 1921 Hollandische Malerei, German Roman Tour book, German cartoon books and others, Early school books, The Human Eye, Continental Merck Manual, 20th Century books on medicine and drugs, Modern novel German and English, Soft back edition of Radio Golden Age, Large selection of magazines to include 1882 and 1883 copies of the The Continent in America, selection of Life Magazines, (3) 1936 Fortune Magazines, Hawaii related magazines to include: Christmas in Hawaii U.S. Military from the December 25th 1941, 1930’s As the Camera See’s it multiple volumes, (3) copies of the Mentor 1922 & 1926, 19 copies Barred from Paradise, 1910 Program Geo. M. Cohan’s Theatre Broadway and 43rd Street, 1951 Metropolitan play bills, 20 Play bills to include: Along Fifth Avenue, High Button Shoes, Two on the Aisle, As the Girls Go, For the New Century, Pal Joey, For the Same S. Shubert Theatre, For the Ziegfield Theatre, The Broahurst Theatre, John Loves Mary, Annie Get Your Gun, Ethel Barrymore Theatre, Cort Theatre, Finian’s Rainbow, Guy’s and Dolls, Newer St. James Theatre and Majestic, Center Theatre Rockefeller Center Howdy Mr. Ice, 1947 Stadium Concerts Review New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, 1935 Punch, 1914 The Theatre, 1925 Travel, 1940’s Steelpier Atlanta City pamphlet, Boston Plymouth Theatre, Woods Theatre, Mercury Car pamphlet, Album of Modern Airplanes from Wings Cigarette, 1917 White Cross Electric Vibratory Technique with cool fold out chart, 1931 The Literary Digest, Frank Leslies’ Illustrated Jan 5th 1861, Leslie’s Illustrated Nov 14th 1863, 15 Copies of Scientific America Magazines to Include Dates April 13th 1850, July 13th 1850, Oct 19th 1850, June 29th 1850, Nov 16th 1850, Nov 23rd 1850, Aug 10th 1850, Aug 24th 1850, Aug 17th 1850, Jan 11th 1851, April 26th 1873, Sep 17th 1881, Oct 2nd 1880, Sep 20th 1884, and May 13th 1893, Harpers Weekly’s June 14th 1873 and Aug 3rd 1879, Illustrated London News July 24th 1915 and May 22nd 1948, Diamond Intelligencer Dec 20th 1831 and Nov 30th 1831, Historic Views of Gettysburg Pennsylvania, Ladies Home Journal to Include 16 Copies From Feb 1903, July 1903, May 1904, Oct 1904, March 1918, March 1919, Aug 1905, Aug 1904, March 1900, May 1901, July 1905, Nov 1918, Sept 1904, Feb 1904, May 1903, and Other

Vintage Fashions:

Brenna & the Blacktones rock band shirt, Stones 94-95 tour , Bass Mountain Blue Grass Festival 2000, Bocephus Hank Williams Jr., Allman brothers, Promotion concert, Steve Miller band, Nin, Elton John, Skulls and Cross bones, Black label, Camel and other adverting T-shirts, Dennis Basso Women’s Denim faux full collar, Dennis Basso Suede 1X jacket with faux fur collar, Denim & Co. faux fur lined jacket, Ladies Faux fur jacket, J. Hilary Cloth black and white jacket, made in china Kimono,


Nice Selection to Include: Japanese S Trademark Time and Strike Wall Regulator, Japanese Eight Day Time and Strike Wall Regulator, Japanese CM Trademark Time and Strike School House Wall Regulator A, Electric Light Up Cambridge Diner Clock, French Style Gubelin Shelf Clock, Seth Thomas Eight Day Time and Strike Mantle Clock, Watch for Updates

Pocket Knives:

Imperial Swiss blade, Butter ball advertising, Ducks unlimited, Roberson bone handled-three blade pocket eze, Boker USA 2 blade bone handle, Unusual Swiss Army Knife, Schrade Uncle Henry lock back with box, Knife adverting box openers, John Primbley congress bone handle, Hammer band celluloid handles, Merimade, Elinox Swiss army, Gentleman’s knife with chain and other miscellaneous modern knives.

Fine Dinnerware China:

147 pcs. F. Van Hauten C. Bonn S.S. Frank Haviland Paris-Limoges china to include: dinner plates, various platters, tureens, gravy boat, vegetable bowls, bread and butters, lidded casseroles compote, salad plates, covered oval tureen, relish dishes, cups and saucers, 63 pcs. Copeland Spode Chinese Rose to include: various platters, cream soups, gravy boats, creamer & sugar, rectangular relish, dinner plates, salad plates, Tea pot, covered casserole and others, 81 pcs. Spode Gainsborough china to include: tea and coffee pot, creamer and sugar, demi cups and saucers, bowls, platters salt & pepper egg coddlers and other, 22 pcs. Johnson Brothers Winchester to include: oval platter, dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, square luncheon, oval bowls and other, 84 pcs. Eschenbach #w3721 pattern china to include: dinner plates, salad plates, cup & saucer sets, covered vegetable, coffee pot, tea pot, serving bowls and serving patters, 16 pieces Wedgewood calendar plates 1970’s-1990’s plus the 2000 Millennium plate, Byzantium Cauldon England flow blue plates, T.J. & J. Mayer Oregon Chinese porcelain flow blue plate, Belzoni E.W. & S. green transferware hunting scene plate, (3) Adams winter scene plate different variations, 7 pieces and painted Noritake /Nippon swan on lake hand painted to include: condiments and spoon rack, Royal Albert Old Country Rose vases and plates, A. Lanternier Limoge France cake set, 5pc place set of Spode Trade winds Blue, Victor England blue & white double spout tea pot, 31 pieces Allentown’s blue willow plates and bowls, 14 pcs. Wedgewood Columbia cups and saucers and bread and butter plates, Thomas art deco plates, 8 pieces Warren Kimble by Lenox barnyard animal salad plates, 6 pcs Spode Strawberry, Blue Delft, A. Schenreuther fish plates, 13 pcs. Meissen cross sword mark rose plates,

Fine Jewelry Catalog Session:

  • Lot 1. 14K Gold Amethyst Bracelet, 6.20 Grams
  • Lot 2. 14K Gold CZ Bracelet, 10.74 Grams
  • Lot 3. 14K Gold Turquoise Bracelet, 8.4 Grams
  • Lot 4. 14K Gold Garnet Earrings, 3.59 Grams
  • Lot 5. 14K White Gold Cluster Ring, Size 7.25, 3.06 Grams
  • Lot 6. Judith Ripka .925 Sterling Bracelet, 47.67 Grams
  • Lot 7. Judith Ripka .925 Sterling Charm Bracelet, 50.76 Grams
  • Lot 8. Judith Ripka .925 Sterling Charm Bracelet, 46.34 Grams
  • Lot 9. Vintage S. Kirk & Son .925 Sterling Bracelet, 37.61 Grams
  • Lot 10. Vintage German .800 Silver Charm Bracelet, 37.89 Grams
  • Lot 11. 14K Gold Hamilton Lady’s Wrist Watch
  • Lot 12. Vintage Egyptian Scarab Tiger Eye Necklace with Matching Earrings
  • Lot 13. Vintage Egyptian Scarab Style Bracelet, Pin, and Pendant Set
  • Lot 14. Vintage Egyptian Scarab Style Bracelet and Watch Collection
  • Lot 15. Vintage Egyptian Style Pin and Earring Collection
  • Lot 16. Vintage Egyptian Style Necklace Collection
  • Lot 17. Vintage Weiss Pin and Earring Set
  • Lot 18. Vintage Israel .925 Sterling Bracelet, 22.35 Grams
  • Lot 19. Vintage Mexico Modern Designer .925 Sterling Bracelet, 37.77 Grams
  • Lot 20. Vintage Roman Design Silver Bracelet, 71.45 Grams
  • Lot 21. Vintage .925 Sterling Mexico Earrings, 14.12 Grams
  • Lot 22. Vintage .925 Sterling Clip On Earring, 22.24 Grams
  • Lot 23. Vintage Mexico .925 Sterling Pin, 30.62 Grams
  • Lot 24. Vintage Simon Seebag .925 Sterling Pin Missing Stone, 43.28 Grams
  • Lot 25. Vintage Designer Necklace Chocker .925 Sterling, 74 Grams
  • Lot 26. Vintage Modern Design .925 Sterling Necklace, 17 Grams
  • Lot 27. Chinese .925 Sterling Over Glass Ring, Size 6, 15.95 Grams
  • Lot 28. Avi Soffer Designer .925 Sterling Ring, Size 7.5, 7.6 Grams
  • Lot 29. Vintage .925 Sterling Designer Ring, Size 8.5, 3.25 Grams
  • Lot 30. Vintage Virsano .925 Sterling Flower Clip On Earrings Two Tone, 23.47 Grams
  • Lot 31. Vintage Gold Tone .925 Sterling Clip On Earrings, 28.57 Grams
  • Lot 32. Bat Ami .925 Sterling Two Tone Earrings, 26.12 Grams
  • Lot 33. Vintage Thailand .925 Sterling Designer Necklace, 87 Grams
  • Lot 34. .925 Sterling Designer Ring, Size 5.25, 5.41 Grams
  • Lot 35. Vintage .925 Sterling Designer Ring, Size 6.25, 9.24 Grams
  • Lot 36. .925 Sterling Designer Clip On Earrings, 18.21 Grams
  • Lot 37. Vintage Sweden .925 Sterling Clip On Earrings, 5.84 Grams
  • Lot 38. Bat Ami Designer .925 Sterling Pin, 14.16 Grams
  • Lot 39. Thailand .925 Sterling Giraffe Pin, 7.97 Grams
  • Lot 40. Bat Ami .925 Sterling Two Tone Cherub Pin, 31.84 Grams

Uncataloged Jewelry, Watches and Related:

Large Collection From Pilot Mountain NC to Include: Over 1,000 Pieces of Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Pins, Pendants, Rings, Watches, Rarities to Include Gold Mounted Hair Necklace, Victorian Stick Pins, Thimbles, Bookmarks, Buttons, Compacts, Cigarette Cases, Pocket Watches, Baby Rattlers, Beads, Pearls, Coral Style, Lady’s Desk Clock, Comb Case, Tie Tacks, Tip Tray, Silver Plate Frame, Sterling Relate Jewelry, Vintage Cigarette Lighters, Tokens, Quartz Crystal, Jewelry Boxes, Victorian Cameos, Service Pins, Rhinestones, Clay, Carved Bone, Charm Bracelets, Crosses, Glass, Tubs Full of Jewelry, Watch for Updates

Fine Textile Linens and Quilts:

Collection of Lady’s Silk Related Items to Include Scarfs, Fur, Hats, and Other, Children’s Clothing, Dollies, Hand Stitched Seat Covers, and Large Collection of Linens to Include Sheets, Table Cloths, Pillow Cases, New in Package King Size Sheets, Towels, and Other

Military and Boy Scouts:

WW2 helmet with liner, backpack, Navy size 17 1/2 shirt with corporal patch, US Navy patches, Dog tags, military related post cards, photos of military personnel, Navy first Aid Training Course book, WWII silks, Boy Scout canteen, handbook, Wolfe Cub Scout book, Bear Cub book, First Aide, Girl scout handbook, belt, 1986 Camp Segal patch, Cub scout handkerchief and other,

General Antiques:

Stamp Collection to Include: Very Nice Foreign and American Collection Includes Many Foreign Stamps and American First Day Covers Also Rare First Day Covers, Pathe Victrola Missing Turn Table Cabinet with Horn, Fruit Jar Collection Various Sizes, Nine Fruit Jars and Containers Filled with Marbles, Schrade Old Timer in Box, Hunting Knives with Sheaths, K BAR Folding Knife, Military Style Knife with Compass, Old Timer Lock Backs, Barlow Knives, Craftsman Knives, Case XX USA with Dots Two Blade Yellow Handle Knife in Holder, Case Toothpick, Imperial Knives, Tomahawk Knife, and Other Knives in Original Boxes, Commercial Rolls of Christmas Wrapping Paper, Pair of Rotary Phones in Black, Several Aluminum Garden Statuary Molds in Shapes of Animals, King Kong Bank, Battery Op Chime Monkey, Battery Op Drinking Cat, Key Wind Drinking Gorilla, Cowboy on Horse Western Hero, Atlas Chambers Tractor, (2) Military Hubley Two Rotor Helicopter, Truck Demon Corvette Friction Toy, Tonka Pickup Truck, Fireball Friction Corvette, Jaguar Tomiyama Tin Litho Friction, USA Made Model Railroad Crossing Signs, Lionel No 1045 Flag Man, Lionel Water Tower, Lionel No 394 Beacon, Lionel Type 1033 Transformer, Misc. Photographs, Modern Reproduction of Antique Style High Powered Light bulb, Pepsi Collector Series Tweedy Bird Tumblers, Chipmunk Glasses, Smurf Glasses, Peanuts Glasses, Speedy Gonzales Glasses, and Other, Modern 20th Century Magazines, Modern Decorator Lamps, Stands, Tables, and Misc. Ceramics, Large selection of late 1980’s Topp’s Baseball cards, Turnback the clock Baseball cards, Early baseball cards to include: Alvin Dark, Bobby Filler, Luw Boudreau, Nippy Jones, 1981 Dunross and other Dunross, Fleer from 1980’s and others, 1934 Chicago World’s Fair Souvenir Book, 1910 The Stark Yearbook with Color Pictures, Black Americana Bitin by Alligator Cast Iron, Salt and Pepper Black Americana, Pair Salt and Pepper Black Americana, Various Assortment of Salt and Pepper Shakers, Occupied Japan Gnome Match Holder, Occupied Japan Plaques, Miniature Washboard Wood, Modern Tone Childs Cups Two Colors, Howdy Doody Book, Brownie Scout Handbook, Blondi and Popeye Paint Set Tins, Baby Doll, Cataline Hair Bows, Alligator Pliers, Sterling Pendant, Duck Key Ring, Cloisonne Items, Jugtown Cup, Cambridge 1985 Convention Cup in Amber, Paper Weight Shape of Spinning Top, Paper Weight Sunday School Board Philadelphia, Misc. Spoons some Advertising, Small Cigarette Cutter, Misc Hair Combs and Costume Jewelry, Tire Gauge, Misc. Postcards, Baby Doll, Misc. Sheet Music, Hymm Book, Cooking Related Papers, Misc. Postcards Including Military, Travel Related, and Baseball, Dick Fosbury Autograph Willie Banks Olympian Autographs Inventor Of Fosbury Flop, Son Bolt Ticket 1999, Almond Brothers Ticket 2004, Signature of Tom Rush 2009 Folk Singer, 1930’s Band Photograph, Early High School Basketball Photo, Ty Cobb Photo, Jean Harlow Photo Modern, and Other. Political Collection to Include: Album Dedicated to Jimmy Carter, Signed Bill Clinton and Al Gore Political Inauguration, Can of Billy Beer, Ashtray Plains GA, Regan for President Pamphlets and Stickers, Lets Make America Great Again Reagan 1980 Pamphlet, Other Political to Include: Early Press Release of Political Election in South Carolina, Strum Thurmond Signed Letter, One Thousand Dollar Fake Note, Autograph Picture of Strom Thurmond, Kerry Edwards Bumper Sticker, Re-Elect Nixon Pamphlet, Senator Edward Kennedy Bumper Sticker and Other 1980, Ford Sticker, Tom Smith Governor, Dick Riley For Governor, Formal Picture of Edward Kennedy, Ravenel for US Senate Letter Heads South Carolina, Many Carter/Mondale Stickers, Pin Backs for Nixon, Bush, Carter, Mondale, Wallace, Humphrey, Nixon Agnew, McGovern, Shirley Chisholm For President, Time Magazine August 7th 1972 The Eagleton Affair, Inauguration for Governor Elect Riley and Lt. Stevenson 1979 and 1982, Goldwater in 64 Pin Back, Vote Republican Vote Democrat Holographic with Pin Back Missing, Godwin and Other Non Political Buttons to Include: Anti Smoking, Hogs are Beautiful, I Have a Right to Smoke and Other Various Pin Backs, Gulf Sinclair and Ford 5 Gallon Oil Cans, Sunnen Honing Oil Can, Pioneer Motor Oil Can, Approved Safety Lights and Reflectors with Lights and Other, Car Head Lights, Taillights and Other, Gumball Machine, Three Advertising Wooden Crates Warwick, Dad’s, and Cliquot, Indian Head Black Top Dressing, Sunoco Outboard Motor Oil Can, Fire Stove Accessories, Duck Riding Toy, Adjustable Coblers Modified Boot Form, Chicken Coop, Handmade Small Bench, Collection of Hemmings Motor News Magazines, Chicken Feeders, Coffee Grinder, Bayonet, Military Helmet No Liner, Gas Station Light Fixture, Water Pump, Sausage Stuffer, Five Point Grapple Hook, Radio Tubes: Collection of Radio Tubes to Include Over 20 NIB 7C5, 7F8, 6J5GT, K49C, 12J5, Selection of One Bolt Tubes for 1930’s Radios, and Other, 1960’s Zenith Plastic Radio, Eight Volumes Writer’s Troubleshoot Manuals, Watch For Updates