4-12-2019 Antique Auction 1:00 PM

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Auction: Friday, April 12th, 2019 at 1:00 PM
Preview: Thursday, April 11th, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM, 9:00 AM Day of Sale

Auctioneers Announcement:

Mebane Antique Auction Gallery is very proud and honored to be representing the heirs of the Melrose Mansion of Reidsville North Carolina. The Mansion was built for Hugh Reid Scott in 1910. There will be multiple sale date sessions for this important North Carolina discovery. April 12th beginning at 1:00 PM will be Session Nine and will include ….. Coming soon…. We would like to invite all collectors of North Carolina History to attend. Please monitor our weekly sales for general uncataloged material. Early spring of 2019 there will be a Featured Cataloged Session with over 400 lots of investment quality material dating from late 18th century through the 20th century collected by this important North Carolina family.
Thank you, Jon Lambert


  • 12:55 – Opening Announcement
  • 1:00 – Early American Pattern Glass
  • 1:15 – Harley Hearts, Toys and Related
  • 1:30 – Carpenter Tool Chest, Small Farm Bell, General Antiques
  • 1:45 – Hull Art Pottery Collection and General Antiques
  • 2:00 – Fine Dinnerware China and Crystal
  • 2:30 – Stamp and First Day Cover Collection
  • 2:35 – Military, Saddles, and Related
  • 2:45 – William Mangum Art Collection
  • 3:00 – Featured Vintage Radios, Vintage Vinyl and Related
  • 3:15 – Ammunition Collection and Related
  • 3:30 – NC Art Pottery Catalog Session
  • 3:45 – Uncataloged NC Pottery and Related
  • 4:00 – Featured Baseball Card Collection
  • 4:05 – Featured Jewlery Catalog Session, and Uncataloged
  • 4:30 – General Antiques, Country Store, and Related
  • 5:00 – Featured Fine Antiques, Clocks, Statues, Book Ends, and Lighting
  • 5:30 – Featured Garden Statuary, Planters, and Related
  • 6:00 – Featured Furniture, Fine Art, Wedding Dresses
  • 6:30 – General Electric Vintage Refrigerator
  • 6:35 – All Remaining Categories, Furniture, and Related


Nice selection to include; Early 20th century American oak dining room sideboard with beautiful center shield form beveled edge mirror flank by 2 vertical oval mirrors serpentine front with applied carvings throughout, Late 19th century American carved mahogany two door bookcase with nude maidens, Formal Jasper block front secretary bookcase, Matching pair Victorian carved balloon back parlor chairs, Matching set of 6 Victorian style French dining room chairs, Childs oak pie safe, Martha Washington style sewing cabinet, Nesting set of 3 tables by Mersman, Formal mahogany Statton 7 drawer lingerie with Queen Anne feet, Victorian Walnut marble top fern stands, Pair of Victorian style marble top fern stands, Pair of Oxford NC Pine country handmade benches, Walnut Victorian Library chair, Walnut Victorian oval marble top parlor table, Paint decorated 3 leg round table, Small mahogany plant stand, Important Victorian Oak Gothic pedestal, Solid oak display pedestal, Victorian iron plant stand, Oak towel bar rack, Small counter top pine coroner cupboard, Antique dome top trunk, Antique spool trundle bed, mahogany full size poster bed, matching set of 6 Victorian cottage chairs, Mid 19th century Granville county NC walnut dropleaf gate leg table, Walnut pegged low table, Mid 20th century two door cabinet, Pine bench, maple dropleaf dining table with lazy Susan, Handmade cedar wardrobe, late 29th century 4 drawer chest, William and Mary style dropleaf table, Small oak end table, Jacobean Style 1920s dining room china cabinet, Jacobean style 1920s dining Room table with matching chairs, Early 20th century 4 drawer dining room server, Victorian marble top 3 drawer chest, Walnut Victorian 2 over 3 chest, Victorian 2 over 4 dresser with mirror, Early 20th century pine country court cupboard, Early 20th century pine pegged country table, Mid 19th century pegged Oxford NC Dropleaf table, Early 20th century pole hat rack , 19th century Walnut 4 drawer chest, Early 20th century mahogany dining room tea cart, Small dome top trunk with tray, Thomas Day school rocker with removable set, Late 19th century country handmade round breakfast table, Small dressing table, 4 country open bookcase shelves, Pair of flower blossom press metal garden/patio chairs, Naim French 3 drawer night stand with slide tray, Formal mahogany Chippendale style 5ft sofa table, Matching Victorian his/hers parlor chairs, Mid 19th century rocker, Mid 19th century dropleaf table, Mid century modern Lane cedar chest with drawer, baby cradle, Nesting set of 3 French tables, with green leather top, Walnut Victorian 4 drawer marble top chest, Victorian French needle point seat parlor chair, Formal mahogany Queen Anne style dropleaf end table, Formal mahogany Queen Anne style fern stand, Formal mahogany half table with drawer and matching mirror, Pair of Mid 20th century Craftique of Mebane NC Pembroke tables, Formal mahogany dressing bench, Mid 19th century SC 6 tin country pie safe, Two Drawer Sewing Stand, Early Painted bench, Watch For Updates…

Fine Art:

Large Collection of William Mangum’s Art pieces to include: “Neighbors” pencil signed by William Mangum, Professionally Matted and Framed, “American Pride” pencil signed by William Mangum Professionally Framed and Matted, Limited Edition titled “Homecoming” No. 71/400 pencil signed by William Mangum Professionally Framed and Matted, Limited Edition titled “Guilford Depot” No. 518/750 signed bottom right and left by William Mangum Professionally Framed and Matted, Limited Edition titled “Heart of the Piedmont” painting is of High Point North Carolina No. 166/750 signed by William Mangum, “Winters Arrival” pencil signed on matte by William Mangum This is A Biltmore Scene Professionally Framed and Matted, (3) “Unexpected Antiques 2002 Antique and Arts Festival” pencil signed by William Mangum (1) is Professionally Framed, matted and signed (2) are just prints, Limited Edition titled “Change the World” No. 21/400 by William Mangum Professionally framed and matted, Limited Edition titled “Visions of Greensboro” marked under title A Centennial Celebration commissioned by the Greensboro News and Record 1890-1990 No. 260/896 Professionally Framed and Matted, Limited Edition titled “Bread of Life” by William Mangum No.171/750, Limited Edition titled “Trinity” pencil signed by William Mangum No. 61/550, Limited Edition Titled “Heading Home” No. 7/400 pencil signed by William Mangum Issued in 2002, Limited Edition titled “Bank’s Channel” No. 7/950 Issued in 2002 pencil signed by William Mangum, Limited Edition titled “New Passage” No. 66/400 Pencil signed by William Mangum, Limited Edition titled “Reaching Out” No. 142/800 Issued in 1999 pencil signed by William Mangum, Limited Edition titled “Rivers Edge” No. 399/950 pencil signed by William Mangum, “American Way” pencil signed by William Mangum, Limited Edition titled “Sharing Hand” No. 7/400 pencil signed by William Mangum issued in 2002, Limited Edition titled “Helping Hand” pencil signed by William Mangum issued in 1993 No. 618/850, Limited Edition titled “Sang a Joyful Song” Pencil signed by William Mangum No. 7/750 issued 1999, “Jefferson Valley” pencil signed by William Mangum, “Deck the Halls” pencil signed by William Mangum, (2) “Bread of Life” Pencil signed by William Mangum issued 1997, Limited Edition titled “Hope in Front of Me” issued 2016 No.22/400 Pencil signed by William Mangum, Limited Edition titled “Visions of Greensboro” marked under title A Centennial Celebration commissioned by the Greensboro News and Record 1890-1990 No. 259/896, Limited Edition titled “Early Winter” issued in 1995 No. 193/600, Limited Edition titled “Shared Blessings” pencil signed by William Mangum issued in 1997 No. 343/850, Limited Edition titled “The First Snow at Mabry Mill” pencil signed by William Mangum 700/1250 issued in 2001, Limited Edition “Curt’s Decoys” singed lower right Curt S. Signed Lower left William Mangum No. 7/850 issued 1999, Limited Edition “Greensboro The Gate City” pencil signed by William Mangum No. 24/1250 issued in 1998, Limited Edition titled “Winter Shadows” pencil signed by William Mangum No. 24/30 Artist Proof issued in 1993, Limited Edition titled “Remembrance” pencil signed by William Mangum No. 249/750 issued in 1993, Limited Edition Titled “The Climb” No. 25/400 issued in 2012, Limited Edition titled “Eternal Hope” issued 2014 No.18/400 pencil signed by William Mangum, Limited Edition titled “Deer Creek Hideaway issued in 2013 Pencil signed by William Mangum No.12/400 , Limited Edition titled “St. Mary’s Church” pencil signed by William Mangum No. 53/750 Issued in 1996, Limited Edition titled “Hopeful Journey” pencil signed by William Mangum No.7/400 issued in 2013, Limited Edition titled “Postman’s Gift” pencil signed by William Mangum No. 60/950, (5) “Garden Party” Pencil signed by William Mangum, (6) “Holiday Retreat” Pencil Signed by William Mangum, Other Fine Art to include: Framed Roman scene with two ladies and man playing a harp, Matching Pair of frame “Home of Heron”, (3) Piece Framed Roman Scenes with dancing women and man riding chariot, Framed Bubble glass lake, garden and mountain scene, Framed picture of house in the country side sitting on a lake, Framed Picture of wealthy men sitting at dining table eating with a dog, Framed Sketch of “Scene at the Pennsylvania Avenue Entrance to the Capitol Grounds at Washington On the Daily Adjournment of Congress sketched by F. Dielman, Late 19th century oil on canvas by bullock Oxford NC still life of grapes, Important 1866 Lincoln and his family by S.B. Waugh engraved by Sartain outstanding condition displayed in walnut frame, Milton Hull Napoleon with his staff, Framed 19th century needle points, Charles Frace African Lion, Victorian print of women feeding deer and birds, Other Victorian Prints, Limited Edition titled”March Snow” pencil signed by Stephen Sebastian No. 114/500 issued in 1983, “Winters Touch” Pencil signed by Stephen Sebastian, Limited Edition titled “Field to Market” pencil signed by Dwight O Chandler No. 63/200 Issued 1989, Large Collection of Limited Editions titled “Northwest High School” By L.J. Shutt issued 1990 there are (95) prints, Large Collection of Regency House Art Inc. to include: Portfolio of (5) prints of Big Cats including: “Margay” “Cougar” “Lynx” “Bobcat” and “Leopard head” pencil signed by Guy Coheleach, Portfolio of (1) print of titled “Tiger Head” pencil signed by Guy Coheleach, Portfolio of (1) titled “Clouded Leopard” pencil signed by Guy Coheleach, Portfolio of (1) titled “Golden Eagle” pencil signed by Guy Coheleach, Portfolio of (1) titled “Jungle Jaguar” pencil signed by Guy Coheleach, Portfolio of (1) titled “Bicentennial Eagle” pencil signed by Guy Coheleach, Large Collection of Frame House Gallery to include: Limited Edition of “Secretariat” signed by Henry Koehler, Limited Edition titled “The Golden Eagle” signed by Charles Frace, Limited Edition titled “Yearling” signed by Richard Younger, Limited Edition titled “Raccoon” pencil signed by Charles Frace, Limited Edition titled “Jaguar” pencil signed by Richard Younger, Limited Edition titled “Tiger” pencil signed by Charles Frace, Limited Edition titled “Giant Panda” pencil signed by Charles Frace, Print titled “Tiger Cub” by Charles Frace, Watch For Updates…

Fine Lighting Collection:

Outstanding collection of lighting dating from the Victorian era through Mid 20th century to include; Pair of 24in height milk glass gothic arches ceiling hanging fixtures, 14in height nautical hanging fixture, 3 18in art deco milk glass hanging ceiling fixtures with art work, Victorian brass hanging fixture with milk glass umbrella shade, 1930s green jadeite electric floor, 12in art deco peacock reverse painted on glass cylinder ceiling hanging fixture, 36in gothic electric wall sconce torch, Rare 1920s electric floor lamp with 4 claw feet fern and leaf pattern with original paint, 10in slag glass panel hanging lantern, 14.5in height Amber mantle luster with prisms, 19th century girandole 3 piece candle lamp set, 14in height green art glass candle mantle luster with 2 rose of cut glass prisms, End of the day art glass art deco ball shade, Small hand painted bed side lamp, 28in height statue lamp, 1920s 14in height Arabian warrior on horseback lamp, Pair of rare rams horn candle wall sconce, 26in height marble base with hand painted shade, 30in Italian reeded column marble base, Important collection of Antique cut glass prisms in many sizes shapes and color, Early 20th century American lamp bases, Victorian decorated crystal shades, Pair point candle stick, pattern glass oil lamps, Gone with the wind rose pattern converted lamp, Victorian hanging lamps, Pair of Large Cut glass table lamps with Prisms signed by maker, Watch For Updates…

Fine Dinnerware China and Crystal:

Nice selecting to include; 14 pieces matching Ashling Waterford crystal to include; 8 7in height goblets, 3 5.5in goblets, 3 3.25in whiskeys, 20 matching pieces of Lenox holiday platinum, 10 matching pieces of H & C Limoges France chocolate set with rare serving tray, over 60matching pieces of fine etched roses stem ware, 34 matching pieces Ridgeway Ironstone Staffordshire Canterbury to include; coffee pot, creamer and sugar, covered butter dish, cups and saucers, dinner plates, and soup bowls, Waterford crystal star candle holder, Fostoria coin glass candle stick, 16.5in in height Lenox Florentine & Pearl vase, 16in Lenox vase, 22 pieces matching Imperial by Lenox P-338, Over 60 matching pieces Syracuse china pattern is Medici, Wedgewood china, Over 25 pieces Noritake pattern Doral #2591, Libby Liberty bell eagle stems #308, Candle wick crystal goblets and tumblers, Tiffin Franciscan crystal stemware, Blank #3114 etched stemware, Franciscan apple china, Cambridge multicolor chrome cocktail stems, Green cameo depression glass, Fostoria American, Green Fire king, S-Quire Ceramics California figurines, 8 Waterford Glenmore 6 oz. wine glasses, Lead crystal egg, Frosted eagle statue, Royal Worcester patter is Dorchester, Royal Albert, Wedgewood Masonic & Eastern Star Greensboro NC plate, 37 matching pieces of gold trim Chinese dinnerware, 24 matching pieces of Yorkshire, 11 matching pieces Lamberton ivory pattern is spring garden, Watch For Updates…

Vintage Baseball Card Collection:

Important estate discovery, all cards will be sold as 1 lot; to include 302 original baseball cards displayed in (2) Binders, baseball cards dates from 1964 – 1966, Highlights include; Mickey Mantel, Pete Rose, Brooks Robinson, Roger Maris, Carly Yastrzemski, Hank Aaron, Willy Mays, Sandy Koufax, Dan Drysdale, Jim Hunter, Gaylord Perry, Willie Kirkland, Johns Brigs, Willy Davis, Yogi Berra, Bob Uecker, All cards appear to be in original and outstanding condition with sharp corners, Watch For Updates…

US and World Stamp and First Day Cover Collection:

Nice selection to include; Stamps; to include; #1 collection Oct. 4th 1948 firemen’s stamps first day of issue souvenir program Dover Delaware, Postage stamp catalog with definitive and commemorative issues dated 1870-1962, US Postage stamp album with commemorative blocks of 4 1943-1955, Postage stamp album includes plate number blocks dated 1958-1964, First Day Covers; to include; 1945-1970 binder united nations, (2) Binder of US first day covers 1953- 1961, (20) additional first day covers, #2 collection Over 20 folders of commemorative to include US and World Watch For Updates…

Sterling Silver and Silver Plate:

Nice selection to include; Pair of 3 lite Duchin candle holders weighted, P. S. Co weighted compote, N.S. weighted compote, Whiting weighted candle sticks, Pair of revere weighted candle holders, Pair of Gorham serving spoons, Collection of 11 Towle sterling silver Christmas ornaments, 6 Heirloom sterling silver spoons and forks, Watch For Updates….

Toys, Dolls and Related:

Metal Tonka Bulldozer, Metal U.S. Air force Mobile Radar Willys Jeep, Metal Tonka Bulldozer with scoop and backhoe, Brown Metal Hydraulic Dump truck, Metal Tonka Toys Mound Minn Red and Blue Dump truck, Metal International Orange Dump Truck, Orange Metal Tonka Road Grader “State Highway department” label, Metal Red International Tractor and plow, Metal Tonka Toys red mixer truck, Tonka Turbo Diesel Jointed Front End Loader, NY-Lint Toys Lineman truck and trailer Ready Kilowatt decal, Peggy Jane boat by J. Chein, toy tractors mechanical banks, Model cars, Building blocks, collection of GI Joe figures, and other, Watch For Updates…

Country Store and Advertising:

Important collection to include; Early 20th century matching pair 24in height drug store apothecary show jars displayed in stand, complete set of 20 1940s original coca cola cardboard hangers with art work of airplanes, Counter top showcase, Original 1950s motorboat style coca cola syrup dispenser, 1950s Andrews 1 cent coin operated 5 selections candy machine on stand, Coca Cola radio, Coors light neo sign, planters peanut jar, Fruit jars, Chemung water bottle, Holton olive oil tin, Key wind coffee tin, Fritos tin, Middle east stop sign, Match book collection, 1930s ruby glass exit globe, 25 cent coin operated chewing gum machine, utility cart, and other, Watch For Updates…

Ladies Fashions:

Ophidia Gucci medium shoulder bag, Multi-Colored skirt and Jacket, Larry Levine over coat, Furs Alixandre hook and eye closure shawl jacket white fur it is lined on interior, Caravelle Designer Fine Fur and Fashions white fur jacket it is Satin lined on interior, Made Expressly for Barr & Beards Inc. hook and eye closure satin lined, Pure white wool knit cape with button closure and satin liner, Ivey- Taylor Co. Raleigh fur cape with pockets and satin lined interior with pockets , Suede coat with fur collar satin lined on interior with pockets, Jean’s The Shop of Individuality button closure satin lined long over coat, Geoffrey Beene for Gallant longer jacket possibly jacket liner, L.T.D by Roberta cap sleeve pleated dress with lace collar, Minx Modes black pleated sleeveless little black dress, Black Colonial style knee length dress, Velvet Blue quarter sleeve knee length dress, Men’s Clothing code authority black suit with pinstripe down outside of pant leg, Double breasted black suit, Montaldo’s sleeveless gown with beading on neckline, Jasmine hand woven silk Ivory ball gown wedding gown, with cap sleeves, v-neckline and embroidery and beading throughout dress also has long train, Silk Mermaid wedding gown with plunging neckline and long sleeves long train attached, White wedding dress with fitted bodice there is beadwork on bodice and sleeves, very large puff sleeves ball gown style with shorter train and white and beaded Tiara, Watch for updates…

Country Antiques and Pottery:

Nice selection to include; 20 gallon 2 handle early stoneware water cooler jug, oak spilt baskets, child’s oak pie safe cupboard, Deer horns, 19th century oak split woven baskets, Western NC milk crock, 2 gallon crock redware, 5 gallon churn, 5 gallon salt glaze churn, 4 gallon western NC jug, 1 gallon salt glaze crock, Western NC crocks and churns, Coffee mills, Hen nesting houses, Virginia Crock with blue, Cast iron stew pots, Country chest, Nice selection of mid west pottery jugs, milk pitchers, and related, Milk bottles, Wagon wheel, Farm bell, Rare antique porcelain sign titled Smith’s Holsum bread sign, and other, watch for updates…

Pocket Knifes and Related:

Nice Chip away Cutlery Hunting knife inbox with sheath NOS, Hen & Rooster made in Spain hunting knife with stag handle NOS, Frost Cutlery Hunting style knife in original box with stag handles NOS, Bear and Bull Cutlery Pongress pattern stock 4 blade machined and turned NOS Condition, Bear and Bull Cutlery 2 blade premier edition Very nice condition NOS, Frost Cutlery Barlow Style two blade 40th Anniversary NOS, Ocoee River Cutlery 3 blade abalone handles NOS in Original box, Ocoee River Cutlery 3 blade Abalone handles NOS, WWII Bayonet US M881 in Sheath, Wooden Handle Hunting Knife, Small KBAR Hunting style in sheath Model 1226, also Str. Razors, Military Style hunting knife In sheath with stone,

Melrose Collection;

Nice selection to include; Victorian Italian Spelter statues, Majolica ewer, Pottery pig, Silver plate candle sticks by Forbes, Pair of German carters ink bottles, Items of local interest, pattern glass, napoleon bell, Sterling silver pin tray and brushes, Victorian cranberry glass, Bronze Indian, post cards, travel guides, Calendars, Boy scout hunting equipment, Books, Home spun coverlet, Textiles and related, photographs, Butterfly collection, and other, Watch For Updates…

Vintage Doorstops and Bookends:

Nice selection Bookends; to include; Scotty dogs, Pair of theater lady holding mask, Pair of figural art deco eagles signed Frankart, Pair of Spanish Galleon with bronze finish, pair of cast iron puppy dogs, Pair of bronze Disk throwers, Pair of bronze flower in palm fingers, pair of winged lions, Pair of cast iron Spanish galleon ships, Pair of heavy bronze women and man at doorway, Pair of flagship single painted Spanish galleon, and other, Doorstops; to include; Cast iron figural frog with open hands, Solid bronze frog, Cast iron bulldog, Cast iron Robert E. Lee figure, and other, Watch For Updates…

Antique Door Locks and Handle Collection:

Large selection to include; dating from the late 19th and early 20th century; White porcelain doorknob sets with locks, Victorian brass doorknobs and lock sets, Large door handles and nice selection of brass door knockers, Watch For Updates…

Vintage Catlin and Bakelite Collection:

Large selection of 1930s yellow and red handle kitchen utensils, flatware, and related, scotty dog 3 part dish, ice cream scope, Green and yellow flatware set, Rare General electric orange Catlin electric clock and much more, Watch For Updates…

Garden Statuary and Related;

Nice selection to include; Late 19th century matching pair 31in in height garden Urns, 39.5in in height ten arm adjustable planter, Important 35.5in in height, cast winged dragon garden urn planter, Cast iron capital, farm bell on stand, Rare 1950s matching pair press steel flower chairs, pair of low patio tables, Watch For Updates…

Antique Clocks:

Nice selection to include; Mauth German carriage clock, Swiza sheffild ladies desk clock, 19th century rosewood wall calendar school house, German French style desk, French time only Victorian, French Victorian time and strike with dog statue, Rare General electric orange Catlin electric clock, Watch For Updates…

Books and Magazines:

1850 Protestantism and Catholicity, 1881 Life and Labors by W.B. Wellons, 1879 School History of North Carolina by Moore, 1888 printed in Raleigh Sketches of Prominent Living North Carolinians, 1848 History of The Girondists French Revolution, 19th Century History of the Reformation, 1918 Little Black Rabbit, 1929 Grange Manual, Heads of Families 1790 Census state of North Carolina reprint, Heads of Families 1790 Census State of Virginia reprint, Heads of Families 1790 Census State of Maryland reprint, The Presidents of the United States from 1906 signed and numbered copy No. 3838, Magazines to include: Tray lot of Life Magazines, The Literary Digest, Path Finder, Progressive Farmer and other…

Military and Related:

Nice selection to include; Rare WWII German Pin marked Radwj with photograph, WWII era medals (9) to include; (2) WWII victory, (2) American campaign, Middle eastern campaign, Army of occupation, European African campaign, (2) Good Conduct, Box of uniform buttons and pins including lieutenant insignia, 1939 Nazi Maltese cross with ribbon and crossed swords, WWII era lighter with German helmet, US war saving certificate with 1923 5 dollar stamp, Nazi party insignia in oval with heads of grain, Rare Whitehouse Police button, Leather saddles and saddle bags, Watch For Updates…

Vintage Vinyl;

33 and a 3rd Vinyl LP to include: Rock and Roll: Beatles, Country Joe, Elvin Bishop, Leon Russell, Ricky Lee Jones, Fair Port Convention, Collection of Rolling Stone LP’s, The Band, Linda Ronstadt, Ban Morrison, and other.. Bob Marley, The Moody Blues, Joe Cocker, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Rascals , Chuck Berry, The Turtles, Simon and Garfunkel, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Uncle Walt, Flat and Scrubs, Bette Midler, Tina Turner, Steve Winwood, Bob Dylan, Tom Rush, Janice Ian, Big Brother and the Holding Company, The Righteous brothers, Melanie, The Outlaws, Elvis Costello, James Taylor, Dave Mason, Jimmy Cliff, Four Tops, John Prine, Patty La belle, Jr. Walker, Bob Dylan, Rare 1950’s Bruno Walter Beethoven’s 9 Symphonies Complete with booklet 6 Eye Grey Columbia Labels, Beach Music: Chicago, Alice Cooper, John Lennon, The Dells, Joe Cochran, the Mamas and The Papas, Other to include: Jazz, Disco, Soul, Classical, and other, Country Records: Dolly Parton, Kevin Burke, and other… 45 RPM to include: Picture sleeves to include: Donovan, CCR, Two Monkees , The Guess Who, The Rolling Stones, and Chubby Checker, and other to include: The Beatles, The Birds, The Rolling Stones, George Harrison, Fantana, Syndicate of Sound, The Kingsman, and other… LP’s from the Melrose estate to include: Christmas, Classical, Sealed America the Beautiful, Box Sets some are sealed, Glen Miller, and other…

Vintage Radio Collection:

1970’s Sharp Model 3s111R TV Mid Century Modern Red Plastic Case,1930’s Emerson Model 108 Tombstone Bakelite Cabinet with Correct Bakelite Back, 1930’s Emerson Model 109 Bakelite Mantle Radio complete with original Bakelite back, 1940’s Emerson Model 509 Bakelite Tabletop with handle complete with Bakelite back, 1947 Emerson Bakelite 4 Knobs complete, 1941 Or 1947 Airline model 64BR1501A complete with metal back, 1950’s Emerson model 718 clock radio complete, 1950 Olympic model 440 bakelite case complete, 1950’s Regal Model 1877 portable ACDC with handle complete, 1953 Zenith model M403 Portable Maroon plastic complete, Unusual Crown Super Midget Portable radio model PR530 Tube Radio with original box also complete, 1950’s Westinghouse Clock Radio Model H645T-6, 1950’s RCA Model 3×535 Maroon Plastic, 1950’s Arvin Model 840T In green metal cabinet complete, 1950’s Emerson 547A Swirled Plastic Case Complete, Montclair Made in Japan Green and White Plastic, 1930’s Philco Model 60 Cathedral Complete with Note Restored by Stan Walkins 1991, Early 1930’s Detrola Cathedral 4 Tube set with brass Escutcheon model number is not known, 1940’s Emerson Table top in Ingraham cabinet looks to be complete, very unusual. 1992 Coca Cola Vending Machine Style AM-FM Novelty Radio in original box, 20th Century Plaster RCA Nipper, Tubes to include: Rare Western Electric by General Electric 393A Tubes, From Carter Estate: Tray of Loctal Tubes from the e1940’s and two smaller containers of tubes to include: No.80, 6L6, and others including miniature all tested by the late Mr. Carter. Tray lot of Misc. Wire perfect for radio work, Tray Lot Collection of Heath kit Manuals to include tube tester, digital Items, O/Scope, Hamm Gear and other… Collection of radio related books to include: Radios of the Mid Century Hard back, Crystal Detector book, Novelty Radio Book, Zenith Trans-Oceanic Book, The Philco Reference 1928-1942, Another Novelty Radio book, Reprint Electrical Experimenter and other.. 1940’s Pathe floor model radio photograph very unusual with records, Watch for updates…

Early American Pattern Glass Collection:

Nice selection to include; Heartly open compote, Honeycomb flint glass compote, Jewel and Tassel compote, Collection of other compotes, 6 covered butter dishes, collection of crystal goblets, Collection of salt sellers, Butterfly mug, Children’s breakfast set, and other, Watch For Updates…


3ft x 5ft Karastan Kirman hand made wool, Watch For Updates…

Modern Ammunition:

To include; (400) Ak-47 bullets 7.62 x 39 mm, (605) 17gr V-max, (360) 223 bullets Remington, (306) 12 gauge shot gun shells, 410 shot gun shells, (60) 30-06, (147) 30-30 win, 243- win, (145) 45 colt, (220) 410 handgun, (1150) .38 special, (300) 22-250 rem, (100) 9mm luger, and other, Watch For Updates…

Vintage Home Appliances:

Nice selection to include; Outstanding original white 1950s General Electric refrigerator BH-7-A in working condition, Watch For Updates…

General Antiques:

Nice selection to include; Early Inlayed Decanter Set in fitted box, Chest board, Vintage Star Wars and rock posters, Vintage watches, Fire bucket, Photo post cards, silver plate collection, Fire king jadeite, pair of formal mahogany knife boxes, Important book collection, Small farm bell, Victorian Gold plated umbrella, Wash bowl, 2 antique leather saddles, Antique leather saddle bag, Steiff animal collection, Smoking pipes, Chrome airplane cigarette lighter, Straight razors, Cork screws, Antique locks, Marblehead Massachusetts License plat attachment historic Yachting center, Depression glass, Roseville art pottery collection, hat pin holders, Art glass, Collection of cranberry class, pickle caster, candle molds, late 19th century carpenters tool chest with tools, riding helmets, Harley Davison parts, Christmas collection, Pyrex nesting set of bowls, Remington typewriter, Wagner cookware, Fenton art glass, Fenton Burmese, Favorite stove eye, Cast iron frying pans, Crystal statues, Pair point candle sticks, Vintage cameras, Victorian Porcelain cottage scene silver plated pitcher, Milk glass, Hummel figurines, Large selection of rare hull art pottery, Duck decoys, sharks tooth collection, brass front scales, Life magazines, Interrex Blowup portable canoe, Selection of gas heaters to include: Barlers Ideal, Aladdin, Reznor, Wesix, and others… Selection of early Seltzer bottles to include: Star Bottling works, John Morgan, Castle Hill Beer Bronx New York, Ansonia Beverages, and others… Vintage Fire works to include: Blackjack, Air bottle rockets, Selection of Towle Painted 1 Door Cabinet, Pitcher, Watering Can, and other.. Replogle World Globe, Large Selection of Vintage Perfume bottles, Vintage Pivot Pool game, Vintage Electronic Battleship, Vintage Christmas Decor to include: Penetray Color Wheel, Watch For Updates…

Fine Vintage Jewlery Catalog Session:

  • Lot 1. – 14K Yellow Gold Necklace19in in length has working clasp displayed in original box condition excellent
  • Lot 2. – 14K gold necklace and pendant 18in chain with jade pendant, has working clasp Overall condition appears to be excellent and original displayed in original box,
  • Lot 3. – 14K gold necklace with pendant 17in necklace, pendant has small ruby stone, working clasp, overall condition is excellent and original, displayed in original box,
  • Lot 4. – 14K gold necklace and pendant by Krementz overall condition is excellent,
  • Lot 5. – 14K yellow gold Seeland ladies wrist watch,
  • Lot 6. – Sterling Silver necklace and pendant
  • Lot 7. – Sterling Silver bead necklace by van Dell overall condition is excellent and original, displayed in original box,
  • Lot 8. – Pair of sterling silver clip on earrings
  • Lot 9. – Vintage costume jewelry to include; Rhine stone necklace, Florenza jeweled box, Coro Rhine stone pin, Lisner, Marboux, Rhine stone bracelet, gold fill bracelet and other,
  • Lot 10. – Vintage Ready Kilowatt Collection to include; pins and tie clip displayed on original advertising folder,
  • Lot 11. – Jade beaded necklace

Large selection of uncataloged vintage costume jewelry:

coming soon…

North Carolina Art Pottery Catalog Session:

  • Lot 1. – McKay Pottery Face Jug; 11.25″ height, Crimson Red glaze with black glaze handle and spout, signed on bottom McKay Pottery Seagrove NC 2016, overall condition is excellent and original
  • Lot 2. – Jeff Young Pottery Tea Pot Face Jug; from bottom to top of handle measures 8.5″ height, Alkaline Glaze with handle and spout, overall condition is excellent and original
  • Lot 3. – Not Available
  • Lot 4. – Brian Wilson Face Jug; 8″ height, Watermelon Smile Alkaline Glaze with short spout and handle, signed on bottom Brian J Wilson, 6/14/2KS, overall condition is excellent and original
  • Lot 5. – Mike Craven Face Jug; 11″ height, Alkaline Glaze with short spout and handle with mustache, signed on bottom Mike Craven 2017, overall condition is excellent and original,
  • Lot 6. – Seagrove NC Face Jug; 8.75″ height, Blue & green glaze with dripping down face, signed on bottom, overall condition Is excellent and original
  • Lot 7. – North Cole Pottery Gallery Face Jug; 7.5″ height, White Glazed face jug with coloring in facial features, signed on bottom North Cole Pottery Sandy Cole 2008, overall condition is excellent and original,
  • Lot 8. – Mike Hanning Face Jug; from bottom to handle measures 9.5″ height, with Maroon glaze with brighter red dripping throughout, signed on bottom Mike Hanning, overall condition is excellent and original
  • Lot 9. – Randy Tobias Face Jug; 8″ height, Devil face jug, etched into back of jug “Randy Tobias Mebane NC” bright red horns and eyes, light brown alkaline glaze, overall condition is excellent and original
  • Lot 10. – Mike Williamson “Vinton” Face Jug; 7.25″ height, yellow and tan Alkaline glaze with big lips and three teeth, etched on back Mike Williamson AL. signed on bottom Mike Williamson 2016, overall condition is excellent and original
  • Lot 11. – Seth Phelps Cookie Jar Face Jug; 9.5″ height, Blue colored glaze with white teeth and pronounced chin, colored eyes, signed on bottom Seth Phelps 2007, overall condition is excellent and original
  • Lot 12. – Saggy Jug Pottery Face Jug; 9″ height, titled “Holy Cow” Multi Face Baseball game with baseball players and fans, scoreboard and game like food also on jug, signed on bottom Daey/YTB Saggy Jug Pottery, Overall condition is excellent and original
  • Lot 13. – Terry King Face Jug; 10″ height, Alkaline Glaze with China Teethe and green stripes glaze running down face, signed on side Terry King 6/25/05, etched on bottom Kings Pottery, Overall condition is excellent and original,
  • Lot 14. – Billy Joe Craven Face Jug; 10.5″ height, Alkaline glaze with tan spout and handle, Cap and smoking a cigar signed on bottom Billy Joe Craven, overall condition is excellent and original
  • Lot 15. – Stacy Lambert Face Jug; 5″ height, Multi Colored glaze, The Story tells of rescuing a puppy in a dumpster and giving the puppy a new home, it has multiple colors including the handle that is striped red and white, the front of the jug is yellow, and the back of the jug is lie green, it does have painted scenes throughout the Face Jug, Signed on bottom 9/12/2008 Stacy Lambert Seagrove NC, Overall condition is excellent and original,
  • Lot 16. – Otis Norris Chicken Jug; 10″ height, Chicken head protruding out of the jug, yellow glaze, signed on bottom Otis Norris, overall condition is excellent and original
  • Lot 17. – Kovack Pottery Face Jug; from bottom to handle measures 8.75″ height, Jug is titled Randy, Salt glaze with big teeth and blue eyes, signed on bottom Kovack Pottery Cskjp 2004, overall condition is excellent and original
  • Lot 18. – Wayne Hewell Face Jug; 5.75″ height, Marble swirl face jug with China teeth with pig nose, signed on bottom Wayne Hewell 2009, overall condition is excellent and original
  • Lot 19. – T. Lowery Face Jug; from bottom to handle measures 6.5″ height, Multi colored glaze including, black, yellow, and red drippings smoking a cigar with bulging eyes and a big nose, signed on bottom T. Lowery 2006, overall condition is excellent and original
  • Lot 20. – Labarga Face Jug; 9″ height, Jug is titled Turnback has a skull on backside, devil with horns, has blue glaze throughout with gills, signed on bottom Labarga No. 465, overall condition is excellent and original