6-8-2018 Antique Auction 1:00 PM

Auction: Friday, June 8th, 2018 at 1:00 PM
Preview: Thursday June 7th, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM, 9:00 AM Day of Sale


Outstanding selection, Deaccessioned by the North Carolina Mansion Governors Committee To Include: Outstanding pair of Queen Anne Style mahogany His and Her Armchairs; Formal Mahogany Queen and Style oval coffee table; Early 20th Century mahogany Twin Pedestal Oval library table; Mid Century Modern Walnut oval end table; Late 19th Century Matching pair of Solid Mahogany Sleigh beds by “Irving and Casson-Ah Davenport Co. Boston and New York”; (3) piece matching Berkey and Gay bedroom suite from servants third floor bedroom; (3) Solid mahogany dining chairs; (6) Antique wicker chairs; Mahogany Spinet desk; Formal Queen Anne Style Winged back chair; Formal Queen Anne Style Wing backed chair with Asian Motif; American Oak Lowboy; Other Furniture to include: Formal Mahogany Queen Anne Style Hugh Chest entertainment center; American Oak 2 over 2 Dresser; Fancy Brass Quilt Stand; Walnut Victorian East Lake wash stand; Walnut Handmade Southern work table with drawer; Mahogany (3) Tiered table; Oak Dressing Mirror; Large Flat top Trunk; Solid Oak Curio Cabinet with Beveled Glass; Stick and Ball Oak Rocker; Victorian inlay rocking chair; Oak Flat wall cupboard; Dome top trunk; Oak Dresser with Mirror; Ball and Claw Organ Stool; Oak side by side Secretary book case with mirror; Mahogany leaded glass secretary bookcase; Pair of Mahogany pembroke end tables; 1950’s kitchen cupboard; Watch for updates…

Fine Art:

Outstanding selection of North Carolina penciled signed and numbered prints to include; Phillip Philbeck titled Warm Hearts #17/950; Harry Jarman titled Country Blue #56/350; John Furches titled Blue Ridge Snow Fall #31/90 artist proof; John Obolewicz titled Special Delivery artist proof #32/100; Harry Jarman titled Country Colors Remarqued edition #22/35; Harry Jarman titled Lace Reflections Remarqued #22/35; David Doss titled Four Oaks #292/700; Dempsey Essick titled Carolina Heritage #1114/300; Dempsey Essick titles Roxies Touch #1444/1499; David Doss titled Wash Day #303/950; Other art to include; original painting, mid century modern art, matching pair of OOC landscapes “Cedar Rock” by D. Nance; Watch for updates…


Outstanding selection of Victorian miniature pattern glass oil lamps; to include, Handy in ice blue, green and crystal; Rare little butter cup cobalt finger; RARE Time Indicating Lamp, Grand-Vals Perfect, with original milk glass shade; Little buttercup finger in Amber; RARE Ice blue twinkle with stars; RARE banner improved three piece milk glass; Shield and Star; White Opalescent polka dot; Bullseye finger; Cobalt 1873 finger; Green Bullseye; Milk glass Greek key; Inverted thumb print finger; Coolidge drape Cobalt; Milk glass basket weave; Beaded heart, Roman key with shade; Large green beaded heart; Amber hobnail; Cranberry satin; Other lighting to include; 1940’s GWTW style, nice selection of electric table lamps; watch for updates…

Fine Dinnerware, China, and Crystal:

Nice Selection to Include: (39) pieces of Royal Coppenhagen Denmark to include: Cups, Saucers, Dinner Plates, Salad Plates; (15) pieces of Deruta made in Italy, to include: (12) Plates, (1) larger plate, and (2) Bowls; (32) pieces of Noritake marked “The Bosmia” (made in Japan) to include: Cups, and Various Size plates; (17) pieces of Royal Coppenhagen Denmark marked on bottom REX to include: plates, saucers, and cups;

North Carolina Pottery:

large rainbow pottery green glaze basket; Ben Owen salt glaze jug two line mark; Ben Owen salt glaze vase two line mark; pair of Jugtown salt glaze candle sticks; Ben Owen III black glaze egg vase; Ben Owen orange glaze candle sticks; turn and burn salt glaze and cobalt pitcher; CB Craven cream pitcher; Westmo0re salt glaze ring jug; Westmoore slip decorated charger; redware half gallon milk crock; ML Owens salt glaze milk crock with lid; 1 gallon NC salt glaze jug; 1 gallon NC salt glaze jug; 1 gallon NC Albany glaze jug; Western NC alkaline glaze with blue rutile; Charles Lisk pitcher decorated by Carolina Cameo; (4) piece Ben Owen frog skin canister set; Ben Owen frog skin egg vase; Shelton pottery center bowl; Jugtown frog skin mug; selection of Wayman and JB Cole Pottery; 1934 Pisgah forest vase; 25 pieces Wayman Cole yellow glaze; Neolia Cole crimson red Rebecca pitcher; Westmoore salt glaze wall pocket; Westmoore salt glaze mugs; selection of Ken Poole Seagrove pottery; Jugtown orange glaze to include: candlesticks bowls, bean pot; Vernon Owen salt glaze jug with stopper and matching (10) cups; Westmoore Moravian collection David Ferrell slip decorated cookie jar; Westmoore Moravian collection jar; Seagrove egg cups; Teague pottery ring jug; selection of Westmoore Moravian collection slip decorated plates; turn and burn salt glaze; Walter and Dot almond Seagrove pottery; CB Craven mottled glaze pitcher; Ben Owen III mini salt glaze jug; redware bunt pan; Dover Pottery vase; BB Craig sugar jar; Hickory Hill batter pitcher; early redware dirt dish; Westmoore grease lamp; Jugtown chamber stick; Jugtown pine cone pie plate; Billy Hussey salt glaze mug; Billy Hussey miniatures; North State green glaze bean pot; Jugtown frog skin bowl; Jugtown pine cone vase and covered jar; selection of Jugtown and Ben Owen dirt dishes; Dover Pottery bowl; large selection of Ben Owen mugs; selection of Jugtown salt glaze cups; ML Owens decorated salt glaze bean pots; Westmoore salt glaze cobalt blue crock; ER Kennerly salt glaze cups; selection of Red Eye gravy glaze; NC 2 gallon milk crock; NC pottery strawberry pot; 2 gallon Westmoore slip decorated pitcher; Western NC alkaline glaze crock; rainbow split handle center piece; Joe Owens figural animal; Jugtown hot plates; selection of NC utilitarian ware to include: crocks, jugs, lids, ect.;

Duck Decoys:

nice selection to include: Point Pleasant NJ AJ Birdsall, (2) litho duck lanterns; 1980 Captain Harry Goules Virginia Beach Collection painted drake; hand carved and painted Blue Bill Drake ; Captain Harry Goules shore bird on stand; hand carved and painted shore bird marked A.D.; Captain Harry Goules 1991 carved and painted drake hen; hand carved and painted


19 inches jointed composition Shirley Temple with original white dress, socks, and shoes, 12 inch jointed composition cowgirl Shirley Temple with original leather chaps, shirt, shoes, and celluloid button; matching pair of 17 inch jointed composition cowboy and cowgirl with original clothes, hat, and lasso; 12 inch Barbie Allan doll mint in original box; original paper work, clothing, sandals, and wrist tag; 22 inch jointed composition Shirley Temple with original dress, socks, shoes, and celluloid button; 12.5 inch Shirley Temple Doll by Ideal with original box and clothing; 29 inch composition boy doll with original leather cap; 18 inch Madame Alexander jointed composition walking doll with original clothing; 22 inch Lenci felt doll Bobby in original fitted box with COA Model BB 259/999 1984, appears to be all original with baseball bat; 26 inch Lenci felt doll with original paper work, fitted, case, clothes, COA hang tag 706393; 15 inch boy baby doll composition head, cloth body, sleepy eyes; 27 inch Puppenkinder No. 30000666 with original paper work, appears to be all original with dress; 24 inch Puppenkinder black girl doll named Fatou No. 30000444, appears to be all original with dress and bows; 26 inch J. Turner Royal House Christie Doll 1981, appears to be original with socks, shoes, and dress; 17 inch Steiff Piroschka in original box, with hang tag, dress, and teddy bear lapel; 7.5 inch plastic sleep eyes grune doll, appears to be original felt clothing; 18 inch liz taylor Cleopatra doll, appears to be original clothing and shoes; 12 inch jointed vinyl Shirley temple doll with white dress, shoes, and bow; 9 inch Eskimo fur doll with carved bone face; 34 inch jointed vinyl Shirley temple doll; appears to be all original with dress, hat, shoes, and two pin back buttons; 15 inch Kathe Kurse German doll in original box with hang tag and original clothing; 22 inch Alexander composition head, original dress, shoes; 12 inch Steiff blonde mohair jointed teddy bear, original box, original hang tag; 15 inch Fisher Price My Friend Mikey, original box and clothing; 16 inch porcelain head, signed Limoges with Victorian lady’s dress and hat; 1983 10 inch Dolly Parton doll with original box and clothing; pair of 8 inch Jinny bride and groom doll with original box, clothing, and cake; 11 inch Barbie oriental No. 3262 in original box; 10 inch Barbie Eskimo No. 3898 in original box; 21 inch Ideal Shirley Temple, limited edition porcelain doll with original box, clothing, in glass display case; 11 inch Madame Alexander Rhett Butler No. 1380 original box; 17 inch Vinyl Shirley Temple doll in original clothing; 29 inch Dutch Lady felt face doll appears to be original with original clothing; 17 inch vinyl jointed little girl doll with white dress and pig tails; 10 inch American Indian handmade doll with hand woven textile clothing; 9 inch plastic Spanish made doll in original clothing; 9 inch Hawaiian Makaleka appears to be all original with original clothing; 14 inch Madame Alexander composition jointed girl doll with white dress; 14 inch Madame Alexander composition jointed blonde hair and white dress; 15 inch Madame Alexander composition jointed , blonde hair and green dress; 18 inch 1950s hard plastic walker doll, original dress and hair bows; 36 inch vinyl jointed Shirley temple doll, in polk a dot dress, appears to be original; (2) Shirley Temple stand up and cheer porcelain dolls; Effanbee 12 inch 1055 boy doll in original box with clothing; 11 inch Effanbee no. 1101 dolls of the world, American and England with original clothing and box; 10 inch Effanbee 1178 Red Riding Hood original box and clothing; 10 inch Effanbee Hansel and Grettle original box and clothes; 10 inch Effanbee Alice in Wonderland;10 inch Effanbee 1189 Snow White original box and clothing; 10 inch Effanbee Jack and Jill original box and clothes; 10 inch Effanbee 1188 Mother Hubbard original box and clothes; 10 inch Effanbee 1192 Pinocchio original box and clothes; 10 inch Effanbee 1177 Little Bo Peep original box and clothes; 18 inch Effanbee 49-32096 original box and clothing; 18 inch Effanbee 4101 Patsy original box and clothing; 15 inch Effanbee snow angel original box and clothes; 20 inch Ideal Shirley Temple original box and clothes; 23 inch vinyl jointed Rosey O Neil by Jeso; 12 inch vinyl jointed Japanese Geisha with original box; 1985 Cabbage Patch Kid in original box; 12 inch 24878 Joyce doll original box; 15 inch vinyl jointed Shirley Temple by Ideal 1125 in original box;

Toys and Related:

15 inch Steiff Teddy Bear; W. Britain London lead tumbrel cart with original box; (3) tumbrel carts and surrey; selection of Britain lead solider and civilian figures; 1949 Yakety Yak chattering teeth; 10 and 12 cent super man comics; talking view master gift pack; tin litho graniteware tea set; blue depression Play time glass dishes in box; cast iron Crown doll stove; We Willy Winky Shirley Temple pocket mirror; Shirley Temple handkerchief; 1956; 10 inch tin litho bunny abc plate; Walt Disney school bus lunch box; enamel ware child tea set; 1920s style doll stroller; pressman Chiquita toy dishes green aggot, Miss Petite tin litho tea set in original box; Mirrow aluminum child’s tea set in original box; selection of vintage board games; Dough Boy cap pistol caps; Shirley temple cob alt blue breakfast set; M&Ms hot rod candy dispenser; M&Ms make a splash dispenser; Mickey Mouse 60 years gumball dispenser; die cast Budweiser NASCAR by ERTL; large selection of M&M figural candy dispensers; collection of lunch boxes to include: Barbie Rockers, Duck Tales, Pound Puppies, Care Bears, ET, Night Rider, GI Joe, Scooby Doo, Muppet Show, Disney World, Roy Rogers, Holly Hobby, Superman, Strawberry Shortcake, , Snoopy, Betsy, Clark, Pac Man, Peanuts, Garfield, Yankee Doodle, Raggedy Anne, Goober and Ghost Chasers, Bee Gees, McDonalds; Vintage Hot Wheels Collection; Star Wars Halloween mask, vintage cap guns, big little books, misc. children’s books;

Quilts and Coverlets:

two piece blue, red, and white home spun coverlet; two piece red white and black, home spun coverlet with fringe edge; red white and Carolina blue home spun coverlet, antique applique log cabin quilt, antique applique maple leaf summer time quilt; applique grand mothers flower garden;

Sterling Silver and Silver Plate:

sterling silver to include: pair of three light candelabras, reed and barton salt and peppers, (5) grape fruit spoons; gold wash bowl ladles; large selection of shaped bowl spoons, selection of pastry knives and olive forks; selection of sterling handled knives; six sterling banded knives; Crown weighted candle holders; English silver footed master salt; S. Kirk Repousse knives; sterling lidded salt shakers; large selection of silver plate to include: bowls, flatware, Victorian brides baskets, caster set;

Coins and Currency:

Nice Selection to include: 1864, $10 CSA Note; 1863, $3 State of NC Note; 1861, $2 State of North Carolina Note; 1862, $1 State of NC Note; Different Variations; 1862, 25 cent State of NC Note; 1862, 50 cent State of NC Note; 1860’s, 75 cent State of SC Note; 1862, 50 cent State of NC With Ship; 1862, 10 cent State of NC Note, Man Plowing Field; 1863, 5 cent state of NC With State Seal; 1863, 10 cent State of NC Beehive art work; 1863, 50 cent CSA Note; Watch for updates…

Jewelry and Related:

14k gold lady’s ring with blue stone; selection of sterling silver necklaces; hand painted cameo; assortment of sterling silver rings and earrings; large assortment of estate costume jewelry; 14 pcs. of German rhinestone jewelry;

Vintage Electronics and Vintage Vinyl:

Pink Floyd The Piper at the Gates of Dawn Tower Record; Zombies, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Rascals, Fifth Dimension, Sonny and Cher, Beatles, Foreigner, Little River Band, Peter Brown, Them Doobie Brother, Stevie Wonder, Leonard Skynnard; 1940s TV Magnifier in Stand; 1940s Zenith bakelite 6D510, 1940s Airline bakelite

General Antiques:

Victorian silver plate coffee pot, large selection of cobalt blue glass, ironstone china, set of ruby etched stems, antique sheet music, selection of antique photographs, dags, stereoscope card and viewer; three flower basket door stops; coin silver; early cutlery; flat iron collection; fluting iron; Weller pottery; farberware stems; prince albert cremp cut tobacco can; President Truman invitation; folk art crucifix; post card collection; set of poly chrome soup bowls; carved wooden shore birds; pottery bust of Benito Jurez; Royal Doulton Dickens ware plate; German toby mug; Venetian center piece bowl; Tiffany & Co. teddy bear plate; Lenox china; art nouveau collar box; 1920s circus photograph; Victorian photo album; German bisque boy and girl figures; art deco German shepherd book ends; ruby cut to clear vases; WWII silk pillow case; antique varmint traps; antique tackle box full; iron tomahawk; large selection of ammunition; copper apple butter kettle; collection of antique paper weights; sleeping lion bookends; Ansonia rosewood clock; No. 801 washboard; art deco Emerson electric fan; Wagner waffle iron; vintage violin with case; pair of prism Girandoles; silver plate plateau; French mantle clock porcelain dial with carved dolphins; large selection of Asian porcelain; huge estate collection of American Indian artifacts to include: arrowheads, beadwork, bird points, pottery shards, and other; collection of hand carved duck decoys and shore birds; Salzmann and Siegalman Sherry Wine jug; collection of carved powder horns; Pittsburgh paint glass bank; 1876 centennial expo glass slipper with impressed Indian head in base; (11) piece Cambridge tallyho set; studio art glass vase signed Larry Clark; Venetian art glass vase; Ventian art glass flamingo; cut crystal vase; blue and white slawt glaze water pitcher; Austrian hand painted pillar vase; 15 pcs. Duruta pottery; collection of (8) End of the Day Victorian art glass baskets; Ventian ribbon glass basket with raspberry prunt; Victorian vaseline baskets; Victorian overshot glass shell platter with matching tumblers; End of the Day glass vase; hand painted lancasters sons handpainnted pitcher; German coralline tumbler; pair of Fiesta pitchers; Victorian peach blown vase; English double case thorn vase; crackle glass, over shot pitcher, Czech art glass vases; Carlsbad fish set; composition Dagas dance sculpture; huge selection of estate pipes: Kaywoodie, Dr. Grabow, Italian, English, tavern pipes new in box; EAPG butter dishes; sterling overlay glass; selection of estate kitchen cookware; Waterford crystal salt and pepper shakers; pin back button collection; large collection of china cups and saucers; large assortment of fine porcelain and dinnerware china; selection of art pottery; large selection of costume jewelry; large set of Halls Jewel Tea; large assortment of antique baby dolls and accessories; collection of hardy boys books and sugar creek gang; blue and white salt glaze grazing cow pitcher; vapo cresoline lamp in box; cranberry swirl barbers bottle; carved German music box; 17 pcs. pink depression glass; American Sweetheart pink drepssion berry set; Imperial Rose centerpiece bowl; Kaiser collector plate box; Whitehouse Apple vinegar graduated set of four; selection of blue and white agateware; Daisy No. 20 glass churn; (2) Wagner Ware magnalite roasters; duck on nest; large selection of pottery; collection of glass insulators; agateware cream can; native american sweet grass coiled basket; large selection of irish cider jugs; collection of English pottery ink bottles; selection of cast iron; southern biscuit works Richmond shipping crate; copper broiler; selection of cut glass; selection of fine cut crystal; Victorian bed warmer; wooden shaft golf clubs;

Antique Pocket Watch Catalog Session:

  • Lot 1. Elgin Size 12; 7 Jewel Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 25601568, running
  • Lot 2. Waltham Size 12; 15 Jewel Golf Filled Case; Serial No. 19214147
  • Lot 3. Waltham Eight Day Car Clock; 7 Jewels;
  • Lot 4. Elgin Size 12; 7 Jewel Nickel Case; Serial No. 24334631
  • Lot 5. Elgin Size 12; 17 Jewel Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 23017438
  • Lot 6. Swiss Watch 10 Jewels Silver Case;
  • Lot 7. Elgin Size D 7 Jewel Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 12097465
  • Lot 8. Waltham Size 18; 15 Jewel Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 10822935
  • Lot 9. Rockford Size 16; 15 Jewel Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 730764
  • Lot 10. Waltham Size 16; 7 Jewel Nickel Case; Serial No. 14546790
  • Lot 11. Size 16; 10 Jewel Silver Case with Chain;
  • Lot 12. Key Wind 15 Jewel Silver Case;
  • Lot 13. Elgin Size 12; 7 Jewel Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 33118411
  • Lot 14. Alpine 11 Jewel Car Clock; Serial No. 48382
  • Lot 15. Illinois Size 18; 11 Jewel Nickel Case; Serial No. 601953
  • Lot 16. Waltham Size 18; 15 Jewel Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 18557973
  • Lot 17. New York Standard Size 18; 7 Jewel Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 1579616
  • Lot 18. Waltham Size 6; 15 Jewel Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 8739689; Running
  • Lot 19. Swiss Fake Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 634712; Running
  • Lot 20. Illinois Size 16; 17 Jewel Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 1525715; Running
  • Lot 21. Elgin Size D; 11 Jewel Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 11344947; Running
  • Lot 22. Waltham Size 12; 19 Jewel; “Riverside” Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 17100445; Running
  • Lot 23. Elgin Size 12; 7 Jewel Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 29246241
  • Lot 24. South Bend Size 12; 17 Jewel Model 411 Gold Filled Case; Serial No. 637275
  • Lot 25. (5) Gold Filled Watch Cases; Size 16-18;
  • Lot 26. (11) Men’s Wrist Watches: to include: Bulova, Benrus, Mido, Cotton, Elgin, Baronet, Wittnauer, Waltham
  • Lot 27. (6) Gold Filled Watch Cases; size 12-18;
  • Lot 28. (7) Dials: to include: Elgin, Hamilton, Illinois Watch Co. and other;
  • Lot 29. (10) Waltham Watch Movements: size D- 18;
  • Lot 30. (4) Silver Watch Cases; size 18;
  • Lot 31. (14) Wrist Watches: to include: Holmar, Gruen, Bulova, Endura, Carlisle, Wittnauer, and other;
  • Lot 32. (8) Wrist Watches: to include: Seiko, Bulova, Hamilton, Tissot
  • Lot 33. (5) Nickel Watch Cases; size 16-18;
  • Lot 34. (7) Clock Pendulums/Weights
  • Lot 35. (9) Watch Movements; sizes D-16; to include: Hampden, Illinois Watch Co., Champion, Trainmen Special, New York Standard,
  • Lot 36. (11) Dials: to include: Elgin, Waltham, Standard, Hampden, and other;
  • Lot 37. (5) Elgin Watch Movements; sizes D-16;
  • Lot 38. Gold Filled Scrap Lot; to include: (4) watch cases, and (1) watch band;
  • Lot 39. (6) Elgin Watch Movements; sizes 12- 18;
  • Lot 40. (17) Gold Filled Wrist Watches; to include: Bulova, Elgin, Hamilton, Waltham, Gruen, and other;
  • Lot 41. (6) Nickel Watch Cases; sizes 16-18
  • Lot 42. (6) Gold Filled Cases; sizes D-18;
  • Lot 43. (6) Elgin Watch Movements; sizes D-16;
  • Lot 44. (13) Pieces Gold Filled: to include: watch cases and parts;
  • Lot 45. (6) Watch Movements;

Pocket Knife Session:

  • Lot 1. United Cutlery native American style with bead work and leather
  • Lot 2. Silver Stag horn handled leather scabbard
  • Lot 3. Eagle single blade, stag handles
  • Lot 4. (2) American blade stag handles
  • Lot 5. (2) American Eagle lock backs
  • Lot 6. Kissing Crane stag handles
  • Lot 7. (2) Knives; metal handles, Shoes and Tennessee Homecoming
  • Lot 8. Case red bone two blade modern
  • Lot 9. (2) Knives; Boker congress pattern black and red
  • Lot 10. (3) Knives; (2) Minks stag handles, (1) Pakistan
  • Lot 11. United Boker four blade congress pearl handles
  • Lot 12. (4) Knives; (4) early style folding
  • Lot 13. (3) Gentlemen’s Pipe Knives
  • Lot 14. (3) Barlow including Russell
  • Lot 15. Whitetail Cutlery two blade bone handles in original tin
  • Lot 16. (4) Early Folding Knives
  • Lot 17. (2) Early wooden handled
  • Lot 18. (6) Misc. Knives: metal and wood
  • Lot 19. (2) Hunting in sheaths
  • Lot 20. (3) Case cutlery knives
  • Lot 21. Russell Green River skinning in sheath
  • Lot 22. (3) Misc. hunting style
  • Lot 23. (2) Modern hunting style in sheath
  • Lot 24. Eagle two blade Barlow bone handle
  • Lot 25. American lock back Whittler pearl like handles
  • Lot 26. Case two blade pearl handles
  • Lot 27. (2) Knives: Al Brand, Boker red bone
  • Lot 28. Space Shuttle pearl like handles
  • Lot 29. (2) Early style handles
  • Lot 30. Boker two blade razor
  • Lot 31. (3) Knives: pearl handle, gentlemen, and other
  • Lot 32. Swiss Army camping
  • Lot 33. Bone handle Damascus blade with sheath
  • Lot 34. Russell and English skinning
  • Lot 35. Bag of misc. handle material
  • Lot 36. Case Leather sheaths, stone, and cloth
  • Lot 37. (6) Misc. leather sheaths
  • Lot 38. Eagle trapper bone handles
  • Lot 39. Large bag of misc. handle material: bone, wood, sharpening stones, and other
  • Lot 40. (9) Knife Display Cases;
  • Lot 41. Vintage Winchester Barlow bone handles
  • Lot 42. (14) Misc. Knives: Case, Imperial, Camel Cigarettes, and other
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