8-23-2019 Antique Auction 1:00 PM

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Auction: Friday, August 23rd, 2019 at 1:00 PM
Preview: Thursday, August 22nd, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM, 9:00 AM Day of Sale


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Fine Art;

When My Baby Smiles At Me 1948 Poster measures 39” height, 25.25” width, Betty Grable & Dan Dailey, Lobby Card 1953 Girl Next Door Staring Dan Dailey, June Haver, Dennis Day, Poster measures 34.5” height, 13.5” width, Lobby Card 1950 Call Me Mister starring Betty Grable & Dan Dailey poster measures 21.5” height x 13.5” width, Watercolor signed showing woman cooking, 7th hall Pebble beach by Crystal Skelley signed and dated 1992, Watercolor tree scene, Framed Textile showing various animals in tree, OOC Swiss Alp scene by Keith Russell 1968, Watercolor signed R.L Peiffer showing forest scene, Multiple Mirrors, Vertical 3 Dimensional art pieces showing whooping cranes, 21.5” x 8” signed on bottom, Oriental 4 piece divider, 72” height x 17.5” width, showing fish carved by seashells and water scenes, OOC Young girl with flowers signed Harrison, OOB signed P Dobic woman in dress with flowers, Watch for updates…

Fine Lighting;

Watch for updates…

Fine Dinnerware, China & Crystal;

(62) pieces Royal Doulton pattern Burgundy to include: Cups and saucers, platter, dinner, salad, small plates, (8) pieces Cuthbertson Christmas tree pattern to include: bowls, platter with napkins, (8) pieces Federal Syracuse to include: bowls, (6) pieces Victorian Garden to include: bowls, (47) pieces Wedgwood Stardust to include: cups and saucers, dinner plates, salad plates, and smaller plates, (42) pieces Royal Doulton Southdown pattern to include: dinner plates, cups and saucers, bowls, salad plates and smaller plates, (8) pieces Castleton showing flowers to include: cups and saucers, (88) pieces Johnson Brothers The Old Mill to include: covered Tureen, Platters, under plates, Dinner plates, coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, demitasse and under plates, bowls, smaller plates, (89) pieces Narumi Japan to include: cups and saucers, platters, Dinner plates, salad plates, small bowls, covered tureen, gravy, cream and sugar, smaller plates, Halls Teapots, (28) pieces of Hall China to include: teapots, servers, water pots, covered casserole, and other… (3) pieces AL-KA Baravia Perle pattern to include: teapot, creamer and sugar, (30) pieces of Cape Cod, Tiffany Delft bowl made for Tiffany, Large Tureen with under plate and ladle made in Italy, Wood & Son Blue nose 2 dish, Italian cat bowl, (8) pieces miniature cumbersome Christmas tree, (2) pieces Wedgwood ice Rose dishes, Oriental Dish, Bulldog Advertising Bulldog bottling, (3) piece canister set, Flower, sugar, and Tea made by metlocks, Bailey Banks and Bittle Cups and Saucers, (6) Rosenthal Vienna Plates, misc. Chinese, Regent Flow blue small plate, Hand Painted Nipon plate, (11) Haviland Limoges pieces, Wedgwood ashtray, (2) Pieces Galding, (2) pieces Royal Copenhagen Saucers, (7) pieces Haviland Limoges Cups and Saucers, (3) Alabaster small bowls, A Mottahedeh under plate showing drum design, Miniature Limoges China, (19) pieces Meissen to include cups and saucers, Watch for updates…

Vintage Ladies & Men’s Fashion;

Long dresses paisley patterns, Shang Hai Rex long dress with jacket, Long dress unmarked showing floral pattern, White Floral Long dress, Red floral long dress, Yellow Floral Long dress marked Yong Seng Dress makers Penang Road Shanghai, Green Long Dress showing snowflakes, Childs jacket with pants made by Mei Lung, Floral Pattern Long Dress made in Shanghai, Long Dress showing flore di li shanghai rex, Ralph Lauren Champs Xlarge Hawaiian Shirt, Nicole Miller Xlarge Hawaiian Champagne bottle shirt, Tabasco showing playing cards large, DF Clothing X Large showing dogs playing poker, Genuine Hawaiian Island Connection Honolulu shirt, Paradise Pal Honolulu Large made in Hawaii, Nicole Miller showing sports related x large, Hawaiian Style Island Republic showing exotic birds size large, Kahala Hawaiian Island Made in Hawaii size large, X large flag shirt, Paradise Coves showing Bamboo Leaves large, Watch for updates…

Garden Statuary;

17” height, 51” length, Approx. 13.5” depth concrete pig bench showing some original paint otherwise shows nice weathered look, Pan on pedestal, (2) pieces, Pedestal dimension’s 25” height, 14”x14”, Statue measures 37” height, figural statue, Pair of Cherubs one measuring 24” height, 21” length, 13” depth, The other measures, 24” height, 21” width, 13.5” depth, showing nice weathered look, 49” length Architectural Carved wood Spanish galleon mermaid, Watch for updates…

Musical Instruments;

Alto Saxophone Martin Handcraft? Elkhart Indiana, marked on back Martin Low pitch Serial number 64933 with mouth piece, Mouth Piece is marked Gale Hollywood 4 M and other accessories, Recorders to include: Yamaha and other, Conn Trumpet with (2) Mouth Pieces, Conn No. 4 mouth pieces, Trumpet Serial No. P85870 in case Watch for updates…

Military Collection;

1940 Fighting Axe with Sheath LC-14B, Cattaraugus 2250 Commando Fighting knife with sheath, Iraq AK-47 Bayonet, WWII Mark 1 Kbar with Sheeth, Mid century US M8A1 Bayonet, US FH M1 Garand Bayonet, Vietnam Era AK-47 Bayonet Soviet Made, WWII Ariska Bayonet Type 30 with scabbard, US M7 Bayonet, (4) Leather Pouch Powder Flask, (1) Metal Powder Flask, German WWII Helmet Luftschutz with Liner the liner is marked 56, Marksman metals sharpshooters rifle, Pistol, Sharpshooter scuba divers in box, Aircraft Maintenance in box, Pamphlet with French Title talking about Westpoint, Onion Skin letter copies from 1945 190th ordinance depot New York, Misc. Military Photographs, Collection of (80) Masonic and other Fraternal orders to include: D Of A, Moose, and other, Georg Kubrick German Uniform and Jacket, American Jacket size 40L Corporal stripes and pants, 36L Eisenhower Ike Style with pants, Jacket showing eagle holding anchor, Foreign Military showing crosswords with crown jacket and pants, Winter Coat showing arm holding sword and eagle with crown, Winter Jacket showing buttons with 3 crowns, Winter Jacket showing crown on buttons, Winter Jacket showing anchor on buttons, Winter jacket showing flame buttons, Foreign coat with epilates long, American Jacket buttons have eagle, Winter coat with brass buttons, Master Sergeants Shirt, Navy showing one stripe, Navy showing 2 stripes, Navy Pants and coat, Police Stakeout patch on jacket, Philadelphia police Sargent with pants, Large Collection of Military Prints to include: Yardlong US Navy, Aviation Cadets No. 84 some identified people, Rainbow Division Veterans Second Annual Convention 1921, Home Coming of Troops Santa Malta, Pre WWI Group Photo, Yardlong showing multiple companies, Yardlong 33rd infantry Ft. Clayton April 1927, Framed New york Herald Vienna Demands immediate Separate Peace Army edition, Military Ammunition in clips, Military Pouches with clips, WWII Nazi Helmet, Flight Cap, Weapon Carrying pouch, Leggings, Caps, and other, Marine Dress Jacket in blue with pants Sergeant with two Stripes & Cap, Various insignias, Military Trunk, Ammunition to include: 1962 Match 30 Cal., Various Primers, 22 Cal., 30 Cal. Pistol Primers, .222 Cases only, Sierra .22 Cal. Bullets, Sierra 30. Cal. Bullets, Remington 222 cases only, Federal 222 Cases only, Winchester 12 Gauge Ranger Box showing bird dog, Hornaday .30 Cal. Bullets, Misc. Reloading Primers, bullets and cases, Misc. game calls including duck and other, US Army Fatigue Jacket size small, Watch for updates…

Knife Collection;

Remington Circle brand 2 blade bone handle, Case Red Bone, Robinson 2 blade, Mid Eastern Style knifes, Modern knifes, Dagger with brass handle, Greek Copy, Pakistan unusual style, Chinese Showing Lion head and lion cubs, Gota Style with sheath, Pakistan with sheath, (3) Pakistan style, Dragon handle 3 sizes made in China, Antique Style Middle Eastern Showing dragon on blade, Middle Eastern Antique Blade, Large double sided blade antique, Possibly African selection of spearheads, some with shafts and other… Dead Walker in box, “Fancy Box cutter” in pouch, Scorpion marked Dagger in sheath, Cut master two blade, and other misc. knives to include keychain, Alaska Cheese Cutter, Soligen Germany Original Bowey knife, Cattaraugus Folding Machete, and other.. NASA Photographs of Lunar Rovers and Apollo 8 launch, Apollo 14 on moon, Watch for updates…

Fine Porcelain Figurine Boxes;

The Wizard Of Oz 1998 Turner Entertainment to include: Glenda, The Tin Man, Dorothy & Toto, Cowardly Lion, & The Wicked Witch, Pewter The Wizard Of Oz to include; Glenda, The Scarecrow, & The Wicked Witch, Mrs. Piggy in bathtub marked TM Henson, 1999 Rudolf with Santa, Bulldog, Animal Cracker container with animal inside, Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs from PBH, Teddy Bear In Bed, 1998 Christmas Mickey Mouse, Another Variation of Christmas Mickey, Mickey 1998, Mickey with Christmas Tree, No. 9 Train, Titanic, Pluto with bone from Mid west, (4) Dalmatians from The Hundred and One Dalmatians, No. 4 Limited Edition granny, Dairy Queen PHB Ice Cream Cone, Bearly Finished Limited Edition AA5619 Coca Cola Bear Holding bottle, Coca Cola Bottle, Cigar marked Mid west inside, Madeline by Cannon Falls with Dog, Department 56 Elephant, PHB Pig with corn, Perry Borrelli Peacock, (2) Different variations of Peacock, (2) variations of humming birds, Face pots made in England of Dog marked inside It’s a Collie, Its Roundup time, Limoges China Style pill box, Mid West Bunch of Grapes & Bottle, Book titled God Bless You, Christmas Carol Mr. Christmas Music box from 2009 (in working condition when cataloged), (13) Different Classic Pooh Bears marker Mid West to include: Fishing, Im Sorry, Eating, In Honey Pot with hang tag, It’s a boy!, Snowman with hang tag, Thank you, Welcome, Pooh & Piglet, Pooh Good Luck, Birthday Party, and other…, Watch for updates…

Cameras and Related;

Rochester Optical Co. Victor Premo Senior Folding View style Camera Leather case mahogany wood shows 1898 Pat. Date, Graflex Stereo Graphic in case, Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A, Schneider Range Finder in Case, Vivitar Lens in case, Kodak Compure Lens for enlarger, misc. camera accessories, Carton 7X35 in case, Watch for updates…

Sterling Silver, Silver Plate & Pewter;

(91) pieces Reed & Barton Select Stainless, Watch for updates…

Asian and Related;

Watch for updates…

Modern Leather Bound Medical Book Library;

The First (38) printed by The Classics of Neurology & Neurosurgery Library, each book is copy No. 368 out of 1000 from the Library of NG Khye Weng. Dated from the 1980’s, all are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted, to include: The Morbid Anatomy of The Human Brain by Robert Hooper, (3) Volumes Lectures on the Diseases of the Nervous System by Charcot, (2) Volumes of Selected Writings of John Hughlings Jackson, The Functions Of The Brain by David Ferrier, The Chemical Constitution of the Brain by Thudichum dirt on cover, Diseases of the Nervous System by Samuel Wilks, (3) Volumes of Neurology by S.A. Kinnier Wilson, The Works of Robert Whytt, Pathology of Cerebral Hemorrhage by Bouchard, Idea of A New Anatomy of the Brain by Bell, The Nervous System of the Human body by Charles Bell, Surgical Diseases of the Spinal Cord and its Membranes by Elsberg, Tumors of the Spinal Cord by Charles A Elsberg, The Brain by Walter E Dandy, The Pituitary Body by Harvey Cushing, Meningioma’s By Cushing & Eisenhardt, The Nervous System and its Diseases by Mills, A Treatise on Nervous Diseases by John Cooke, Recollections of My Life by Ramon & Cajal, Tics & Their Treatment by Meige & Feindel, The Integrative Action of the Nervous System by Sherrington, Spurzheim On The Anatomy Of The Brain, Anatomical & Physiological Commentaries by Herbert Mayo, Intracranial Tumors by Byrom Bramwell, Cerebral & Angiography by Almeida Lima, Cerebral Palsies of Children on Chorea by William Osler, Tumors of the Nervus Acusticus by Cushing, A Treatise on Apoplexy by Lidell, Lectures on the Nervous System by Hall, Lectures On Diseases of the Spinal Cord by Pierre Marie, Morbid Anatomy of The Brain by Andrew Marshal, The Cerebral Convolutions of Man by Alexander Ecker, Next Numbered Series; Printed by The Classics of Medicine Library dating from the 1970’s, all No. 4061 to include: The Causes and Effects if The Variolae Vaccinae by Edward Jenner, Restoring A Lost Nose by J.C. Carpue, Cellular Pathology by Rudolph Varchow, The Diseases of Infancy & Childhood by L. Emmitt Holt, William Harvey De Motu Codris, The Works Of Thomas Sydenham M.D., A Treatise on The Diseases Of The Chest by R.T.H. Laennec, An Account of The Foxglove by William Withering, Diseases Of The Mind by Benjamin Rush, Diseases of The Nervous System By W.R. Gowers, Diseases of the Eyes by Antonio Scarpa has water damage on edges and cover, Orthopaedia by Nicolas Andry, Next Unnumbered Series; Printed by The Classics Of Medicine Library to include: The Genuine Works Of Hippocrates, The Aphorisms of Hippocrates, Medicina Magica, A Treatise on Insanity by E. Esquirol, Medical Ethics by Thomas Percival, The Digestive Glands by J.P. Palov, The Cannon of Medicine of Avicenna, The Extant works of Aretaeus, The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine by Veith, A Treatise on The Heart by Lower, The Roentgen in Medicine and Surgery by Francis H Williams, The History And Cure of Diseases by William Heberden MD, it shows damage on edges and chipping throughout, On Chloroform And Other Anesthetics by John Snow MD, The Diseases of Children and their Remedies by Nicholas Rosen Von Rosenstein, Christianismi Restitutio And Other Writings, Organic Diseases of The Heart and Great Vessels by Corvisart & Percussion of The Chest by Aunebrugger, The Brain And Spinal Cord by Horsley, The Mechanics of the Digestive Track by Alveres, Treatise on The Scurvy, by James Lind, A Practical Treatise on Venereal Disease by Philippee Ricord, Dementia Praecox Manic Depressive Insanity & Paranoia, The Human Heart by Peacock, The Apologie and Teatuse of Ambroisa Pare, De Circulatione Sanguinis William Harvey, The Himan Gravid Uterus, Diseases of The Supra-Renal Capsules, Essays on the Anatomy of Expression in Painting by Charles Bell, (2) Volumes The Collective Papers of Joseph Lister, The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus, Boerhaave’s Aphorisms, De Medicinia Celsus, Religio Medici Damaged cover, Aequanimitas With Other Addresses, The Whole Course of Chirurgerie by Peter Lowe, Tropical Diseases by Manson, The Wisdom Of The Body by Cannon, Pinel On insanity, (3) Volumes of The Seats and Causes of Disease by Morgagni, Experimental Medicine by Claude Bernard, Gastric Juice and the Physiology of Digestion by William Beaumont, William Oslers Collected Papers on the Cardiovascular System, Medicial Education in the USA & Canada by Flexner, Principle Diseases of the Interior Valley of North America By Daniel Drake, Bartlett On Fevers of the United Stated, Diseases of the Heart by James Mackenzie, The Pituitary Body by Harvey Cushing, Four Treatises Selected Writings by Paracelsus, The Etiology of Childbed Fever by Ignac Semmelweis, The Natural History of The Human Teeth by John Hunter, A Treatise on the Blood Inflammation and Gun-Shot Wounds John Hunter, Anatomy Descriptive and Surgical by Henry Gray F.R.S. Other Modern Leather Bound Books; to include: The Golden Bough by Frazer printed by Collier, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde by Robert Lewis Stevenson printed by The Peebles Classic Library, The Life of Samuel Johnson by James Boswell, The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas printed by International Collectors Library, Of Human Bondage, Showboat by Edea Furburt, Shilling Baronetage 1888, Fine Leather Bound Antique Books; to include: (2) Volumes of Picturesque America Printed by Appleton 1874, Between the Oceans And The Lakes by Mott printed 1899, Watch for updates…

Home Entertainment;

Sharp Smart TV Model No. LC43U830U with remote working when cataloged, Techniques SLPD888 in box, Watch for updates…

Clocks & Related;

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Toy & Train Collection;

Muscle Machine 67 Nova with No. 3, Elite No. 24 in box, Action Elite No. 91 KC Attwood in box, Elite in box, Rusty Wallace No. 2, No. 24 Dub city Police car, No. 20 Bass pro shops in box, Elite No. 42 Miniature in box, No. 10 Johnny Benson in box, The Boss No. 4 indi style, No. 29 Action in display case, Nextale 2004 Season in box, Race fans Kevin Harvick No. 21 in box, Kevin Harvick No. 29 GM Goodrich, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Bud weiser in box, Jeff Gordon No. 24 in box, Action Rusty Wallace No. 2 Miller lite in box, BMW Z3 Roadster, No. 10 in box, No. 3 Dale Earnhardt Sr., No. 29 in box, Dale Earnhardt Sr. Collection of Marbles, Steam Tractor unmarked, tray lots of misc. toys and railroad related, Western Stable including accessories and (6) Horses, (1) Horse with saddle and other, Lionel Trains, The Lionel Waiting Room, Log Loader, Lionel Coal Elevator with bag of coal, No. 158 light switch, No. 2810 Crane on boxcar, 2817 Caboose, 2812 Flat car, 2820 Flatcar with spotlights, 3461 Flatcar, 3811 Flatcar, 3469 Dump car, 6456 Leigh high Valley box, X6454 Box car, 6457 Caboose, X3664 New York Central Box Car with man inside, 6462 NYC Car, 6465 Sunoco Gas car, 6081 engine with Tender, 226E Locomotive with 226W Tender, Misc. Track Transformers Boxes and Books all Lionel, Pair of Dolls marked from Lancaster County where we Amish work and play 5” height, World Wide Doll Club Italian Doll in dress, World Wide Doll Rodderdamn Dutch Style Doll, Pair of wooden dolls from Germany, all in original boxes, Italian Doll in box, Doll with hat in original box, World Wide Doll Club Italian Doll in box, Pair of Black Fabric dolls in box, Wooden Pinocchio Character, Oriental style Korean Doll, Israeli Doll women sewing, Israeli Doll man holding scroll and other misc. dolls from around the world, Lumar US Army Truck, Structco Green and Red Dump Truck, Red and Blue Dump truck, Adams Travel Loader, Irish Mail Vehicle, Old El Paso Tractor Trailer, Composite Sedan 1930’s, (8) Byers Choice Christmas Carolers, Early Snare Drum, Watch for updates…

Rugs & Carpets;

Watch for updates…

Railroad & Related;

(2) Variations Plate marked Strasburg Railroad Americans Oldest Short Line, Sesquicentennial Plate and other, Watch for updates…

Country Store & Related;

Ball Masons Jar, Masons Improved, The Ball Jar, Cohansey with Lid, Old Cabin Whiskey Bottle, Magnus Mohawk Liquid Bottle with Durham Tag, Poison Bottle, J.W. Fitch Bottle, Ball Fruit Jar, Blue Milk Bottle, (2) Shenandoah’s Pride quart, Chestnut Farms Washington DC quart, Chestnut Farms Chevy Chase, LB Smith, Chevy Chase, Chevy Chase Shaped bottle, Chestnut Farms Chevy Chase ACL Seal test, Clemet Dairy Rochester NY, Wooden Crates, Milk Containers, Metal bucket with bail, Various Kerosene & Oil cans, Wax Seal Stoneware container EB Taylor Richmond Va., Cast Iron Cover, Black Powder/Smokeless powder, 13 ounce Unique Tin Litho, Dupont Rifle Powder, AL 7 Shot gun powder, Dupont Smokless, Hercules Red Dot 8 pound container, Hercules 16 Oz. Green dot, Blue Ribbon tin litho, Fiberstok Red Vertical Filling stand, 21” height, 27” width, 14” depth, Brown & white jug, Amber jug, Large early calipers, Amber Liquor bottle, Misc. Vanity Bottles, Large Trunks, Small Loom in box by Nilec Quebec Providence Canada N-2-15-67, Watch for updates…

Antique Telephone Telegraph Insulator Collection;

Over (100) Insulators to include: Brown Stoneware to include: Thomas Brown Ceramic, Brown Ceramic with the letter B, Thomas, Pinco-T, Letter B, Brown & White, Brown, Indlay 182, Whites 604, Brown, No. 12, Cook, Multiples/Various Sizes & Shapes marked B, Oddity attached to metal base, White Stoneware to include: Thomas, Union Made, PP Union Made, Large White Cylinder, Medium Sized White Cylinder PP757220 White and Grey, White with B, PP 1323, PP 1959, ITE Brown and White, Yellow, Glass to include: Mickey Mouse by Hemingray No. 60, Kerr No. 2 Clear glass, Hemingray No. 9 Green, Hemingray No. 40 Green, Hemingray No. 9 Green, Brookfield, Hemingray Double Petticoat, Armstrong CSC, Kerr No. 2, Brookfield New, Brookfield New York, HG Co. Pat. May 2nd 1893 petticoat, Hemingray No. 12, Hemingray No. 43, Hemingray No. 512, Hemingray No. 72, Brookfield New York, Hemingray No. 9,Hemingray No. 12, Hemingray No. 43, White Whitall Tatum CB No. 1, Hemingray No. 17, and others to include: spacers, and other ceramic line items, Watch for updates…

General Antiques;

Capodimonte to include: (4) Circular framed signed, (2) vertical framed signed, (2) Flower form hanging baskets, (28) Variations flower forms, (1) Lidded Vase, Other General; Simplex Time Clock, Abercrombie & Fitch bakelite salt and pepper shaker, AO Co. Ear and nose doctors examination equipment in cases, smoking pipes, Dr. Graybo in white, Breyer, Dunhill Pipe shell No. 6202 in box, Native American Chief Meerschaum in Case, (3) Early Images in Gutta Percha Cases, Bessler enlarger, Early Rat Tail hinge 30.25: length, Early hand forged Strap hinge, Colonial man and woman marked Borghese on bottom, Andrea 7893 pattern number, Girl with goose, 7893 Pattern Boy with lamb and cat figural, Novelino Ostrich No.. 1664/9500, Pair of Parakeets in tree, Andrea Canary, Santa Clause in White, Santa Clause with Police and Fireman, Music box with girl and cat, Herend Angel, Staffordshire Flower form, Greek Men Wrestling, Oriental Mud Man, Nao Pair of Swans, Composite Oriental Woman, Moreno Style Doctor, Doctor marked N on bottom figural, African Style wooden bird, Native with Spear figural, Oriental Woman Figural, Stone dragon, Stafordshire Style lion, Country Artist Chimpanzee O4673 , Varsottini Vartagnan 1970 Cavelier, Vino Wine Container of man American Eagle Standing on drum figural liquor bottle, Sheet Music, My Blue heaven, The Flapper Life, The Meaning Bay, Lovin Sam, Sweet Mama, Eddie in Blackface, Ruby Valley, Al Josen and other including tray lot of music, Fireplace bumper, Misc. Silver plate in trays, Oak Desk organizer, Watch for updates…

Fine Catalog Jewelry Session;

Lot 1. German Silver Ladies Compact; monogrammed, Provenance;
Lot 2. English Silver Cigarette Case; hallmark C.C.; 90 grams
Lot 3. African Sterling Silver Belt Buckle; marked sterling, 60 grams;
Lot 4. Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet; marked sterling;
Lot 5. Ladies Bracelet Lot; (4) to include:
Lot 6. Ladies Mesh Purse; unmarked, blue stone clasp;
Lot 7. Whiting & Davis Co. Ladies Mesh Coin Purse; monogrammed 10.31.23;
Lot 8. 14K Yellow gold Ladies Necklace; 8 grams; clasp marked Italy 14K;
Lot 9. Unmarked Yellow Gold Diamond Channel Ring; size 7.75; missing one stone; 2 grams;
Lot 10.10K White Gold Bar Pin with Diamond Chips; pink square stone in middle; 3 grams;
Lot 11.Waltham Ladies Pendant Watch; size 10; serial # 12990938; displayed in J. Boss gold plated case; not running;
Lot 12.Pair of Hand Painted Brooches; (2) marked on back Limoges France;
Lot 13.Vintage Ladies Ring Collection; (5) to include: cluster ring, aqua marine stone, jadeite like stone, pearl, metal worked;
Lot 14.10K Yellow Gold Necklace with Cross Pendant;
Lot 15.14K Yellow Gold Clasp Asian Carved Blue Lapis Pendant Necklace;
Lot 16.Sterling Ladies Jade-like Stone Pendant Necklace;
Lot 17.Sterling Silver with Gold Overlay Bracelet; 16 grams;
Lot 18.Vintage Sterling Silver Card case; engraved with floral pattern; holders marked Hello Bill Amfc.co sterling; in working condition;
Lot 19.Men’s Lapis Ring; marked sterling; size 9.5;
Lot 20.10K Yellow Gold Cuff Links; (5) pcs monogrammed M; 8 grams;
Lot 21.Cuff Link Lot; (7) pairs & (3) misc.;
Lot 22.Vintage Jewelry Lot; Genova pocket watch, cuff links, broaches, pins;
Lot 23.Vintage Belt Buckle & Watch Lot; (77) pcs total; Native American belt buckle, modern belt buckle, Lance pocket watch, Commemorative Series pocket watch, Wittnauer watch face, modern ladies watch, watch chain;
Lot 24.Vintage Jewelry Lot; to include: necklaces, pins, earrings, & an unusual rhinestone hair piece;
Lot 25.Contemporary Panther Pins; (2) to include: one with rhinestone, one with black enamel; overall good condition;
Lot 26.10K Gold 1952 Brosville High School Class Ring; 8.59 grams;
Lot 27.Antique & Modern Bangle Bracelet Lot; to include: modern rhinestone and emerald style hinged bracelet & vintage engraved cuff bracelet marked 1/20 10K gold filled, Dunn Bros;
Lot 28.14K Pearl Necklace; 24in length; working clasp; overall outstanding condition;
Lot 29.Fossil Ladies Watch; rhinestones around face, number ES-2616 111010;
Lot 30.Vintage Ebel Men’s Wristwatch; marked Ebel Swiss made #22813 735;

Pocket Watch Catalog Session;

Lot 1. 1917 Elgin 20 Jewel;
Lot 2. 1892 American Waltham;
Lot 3. Remontoir 10 Rubies;
Lot 4. H.I. Tobias Liverpool 15 Jewel;
Lot 5. 1924 Elgin 17 Jewel;
Lot 6. 1919 Hampden 17 Jewel;
Lot 7. 1919 American Watham Watch Co. 15 Jewel
Lot 8. Hamilton 17 Jewel;
Lot 9. 1899 Hamilton 17 Jewel;
Lot 10. 1905 Seth Thomas 7 Jewel;
Lot 11. 1905 Waltham 17 Jewel;
Lot 12. F.Sagane Pocket Watch;

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