Upcoming Events; Jukebox Collection

Mebane Antique Auction Gallery recently signed the contract to sell one of the biggest jukebox collections we have ever encountered. A 40+ year collection from the Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, NC to include over 30 jukeboxes;1930s-1950s Rock-ola, Wurlitzer, Seaburg, Mills, Aireon, AMI, UMC, and Others. We also have a massive amount of parts and accessories to include; art deco jukebox speakers, tabletop, speakers, selectors, Bakelite Wall-o-Matic, and much much more!!! Keep watching the site for future updates and sale dates.111 DSC_0024 DSC_0023DSC_0028 DSC_0022

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Events; Jukebox Collection”

  1. Hi .
    I am a proud owner of a Ami singing towers jukebox but some parts is missing . Do you have some parts ? S pecial push button parts . Also interested in a whole box in ANY condition .

  2. Good afternoon. I wanted to check if there might be a Mills Dance Master in the collection. I am trying to find an amplifier for the Dance master. The part number is MCP-1644. Let me know if either are available in the collection. If there are any other parts (motors, pick-up, cut-out box, etc.) for a Dance Master, I would consider picking them up as spares.

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